I was counting down the days to Theos ceremony. I was so excited! My brother in spells was going to be a part of the Hunters Association! Aunt Cheryl was very proud, too. Right now, she and I are shopping for dresses in the local mall. The mall was pretty big, so finding the right dress is taking a long time. Wed already been to three stores, and nothing caught our eye. We did get some cute shoes that could go with any dress, but we didn find the one dress that suited us.

After having five bags worth of shoes, we took a break in the food court. I volunteered to get us some food, but Cheryl wanted to do it herself. We agreed on fried chicken, so while I sat with the bags, she went to get our food. I laid my head back on the metal chair, thinking about everything. There was so much on my mind. First, the bit with my trials to become the Magus heir, next the amore thing, and now, the issue of finding the perfect dress.

The trials stress me out enough because I don know when theyll happen. Ive researched the different trials. Apparently, they vary from heir to heir. I guess it was just an assumption that mine would be heart, mind, and will. Then again, most of the heirs mentioned that their trials did consist of those values. The trials are meant to test your virtues. Virtues that matter in the face of adversity and ruling.

Am I ready for something like that? I know this is something I chose but still. Can a person be afraid? I asked Aunt Cheryl about her trials. She said hers were like a maze. She had to find the right direction that led to the exit. Leave it to her to be cryptic. But she did say that trusting my heart would be the biggest test of them all. In all the trials, its noted that some of the heirs listened to their hearts.

The heart conquers the mind. Speaking of heart, the day I sensed that aura, my heart rate seems to increase every time I think about it. I wonder what they are like? My amore…he or she must be amazing. I mean, they will be super protective of me, and I will do the same to them. Will they have brown eyes like the chocolate bars I seem to love so much? Or will they have green eyes like emeralds, my birth month? The possibilities, as well as questions, are endless. I can wait to meet them!

Im not going to be like all those other mates to the supernatural. Fight against them or run away from them. Im actually excited to meet my amore. The only time I would go against them is to express my opinion, or when I know they are wrong. After all, Lycans are proud and their pride or, rather, ego is up the wazoo. Hopefully, my amore won be like that. If anything, the only issue I have to worry about is hiding my heritage. I don want anyone to know about my lineage. The necromancer problem takes top priority. Besides, until I pass my trials, I won inherit the sacred mark. Its like a birthmark, except you only get it when you pass all the tests. Its proof that you are fit to the High Magus.

I sighed. ”Im thinking about this too much. ”

”Thinking about what? ” asked Cheryl.

I sat up to see her placing the food on the table. Fried chicken with potato wedges and two fruit salads. She sat down, and we began to dig in.

”So, what were you meditating about? ” she asked, dipping her potato wedge in the ketchup dip.

”I wasn meditating, ” I replied, biting a piece of chicken.

”Sweetie, you were deep in thought, to me thats meditating. ”

I giggled. As always, shes able to read me so easily. I want to tell her, but I decide against it. ”Oh, just the dress, ” I rolled my eyes. ”Im worried we won find the right one. ”

She giggled. ”Don worry, honey, we will. But we can think on an empty stomach. ”

”Truer words have never been spoken, ” I bit down on a wing.

We continued our little chat until our stomachs were full. Then, we returned to our adventure of finding a dress. If worse came to worse, we would have to poof up a dress. Which isn a bad thing. Fortunately, after another two hours of shopping, we finally found the dresses that suited us. The color is so beautiful!

And I have to say, we looked divine! Especially, Cheryl, and I mean like bow chicka wow wow! I know shes still healing from missing Uncle, but I hope she finds someone soon. She deserves happiness.

By the time we got home, it was already sundown. I guess the dress shopping took up the whole day. Once inside, we unpacked our belongings and gave the dresses to the housekeeper. She knew how to handle dresses, so they were in good hands. The smile on her face when she saw them was priceless. She said she wanted pictures of us for her album.

I went up to my room for a shower and an early bedtime. I was so exhausted from all the walking around. I decided on a bath instead of a shower, so I filled the tub with hot water to ease my sore muscles. Then, I put a jasmine bath ball in the tub letting it spread across the water as I undressed. By the time I finished, the tub was already smelling good.

I carefully dipped my toe, followed by my foot, then my body I felt the water relax my muscles. I laid my head back against the edge of the tub as I soaked. After about an hour, I came out of the tub. I let it drain out while I dried myself. I quickly change into a shirt and a pair of pants. The last thing I need is to get a cold close to the ceremony.

I went to bed with a smile on my face eager for what fate has in store.

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