I wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. I glanced over at my phone on the nightstand to see it was 11am. I stretched under the sheets, but am immediately alert when I hear the front door unlock. I left Theos room door open, so I could call him if needed. I jump from the bed and run to the door just to see it opening. I see a man about the same age as Theo walk in. He has blonde hair and green eyes. Those green eyes meet my brown eyes as soon as he steps in.

”Who the hell are you? ” He asked. ”Are you my roommate? ”

”No, that would be me, ” Theo answers.

Both the stranger and I turn to the couch where Theo is rubbing his eyes. ”Shes my sister. She helped me move in yesterday, and spent in the night cause it was so late, ” Theo explained.

”Oh, sorry about that, ” the stranger apologizes to me. ”Im Ryan. ”

”Emily. ”

”Im apart of the Hunters program. Im a werewolf, what about you two? ”

”Im a witch, and Theos a wizard, ” I explain. I see Theo get up from the couch fully rested from all the moving and driving yesterday.

”Are you two going to the ceremony at the end of the month? ” Asked Ryan.

I nod. A ceremony is held at the end of the month to celebrate the new students who got accepted into the program.

Seeing as how Im a third wheel, I tell Theo that Ill be Im shower before going back home. I don want to get in the middle of roommate bonding time.

I head to the shower after brushing my teeth. I don take long, and quickly dry off, lotion up, and get changed. Once finished, I take all my things and stuff it in my dufflebag.

I return to the living room to hug Theo goodbye. Ryans moving stuff into his room on the other side of the dorm, while Theo is moving around some boxes. When he sees me, he stops what hes doing and hugs me.

”Ill see in a few weeks? ” He grins.

”Absolutely, ” I nod.

”Then Ill see you and mom, ” he kisses me on the cheek, and I wave bye. I walk outside and stop in the parking lot before teleporting back to the mansion. Once back, I greet Aunt Cheryl and tell her about the campus and the ceremony at the end of the month.

As usual, she beams and tells me about a dress she picked out for me. I wanted to see it, but, unfortunately, it is a surprise.

I chuckle and go to my room to unpack my bag. Once that was done, I walk to the backyard. The forest is literally the whole background. Witches and wizards are one with nature because of our wican heritage. I head towards the forest and sit in the center of the it. I begin to meditate and clear my mind. Its going well until I feel that sensation again.

Its so weird. Ill have to ask Cheryl about it later. But for now, I meditate. A calm mind is needed to cast spells and maintain the magical balance within us.

A few hours later, and Im done meditating. I return to the mansion to see the housekeeper, Mr. Gillagin putting on her coat. I ask where hes going.

”Oh, Miss Emily, ” he smiles. ”Im going to store. Your aunt held a last minute meeting last night, and I didn get a chance to do the shopping this morning. ”

”Oh, don worry, ” I replied. ”I can do it. You have a lot to do here, and, if not, just take a break. ”

”No, dear, ” Mr. Gillagin refuses. ”You just got back surely you
e exhausted. ”

”I want to do it. I just spent the last few hours meditating in the forest, so I need a little exercise. ”

Mr. Gillagin gives a curt nod, then hands me a shopping list and a debit card. I tell him Ill be back in a couple of hours and head to the store.

When I reach the shopping center, I park the car at the back end of the lot, so I can leave easily. I turn off the ignition and exit my vehicle. Making sure it is locked and secure. I have a small electric car I got for my 16th birthday. Of course, I paid my parents back with my babysitting money, and they gladly accepted.

I grab a shopping cart and heading inside the store. I run through the list and get everything on it and then some. Cheryl has a lot of meetings that are last minute because of whats been going on. Apparently, there has been word of a necromancer reanimating the dead. Necromancy is when a witch or wizard practices the dark arts of raising the dead. It twists them, and they become consumed with dark energy.

There hasn been a necromancer for centuries but now…Cheryl has a lot of weight on her shoulders. Im trying to help her in every way I can, but she wants me to focus on my trials instead.

I don like it, but I have to accept it.

While lost in my thoughts, I fail to notice a worker coming out with a cart full of supplies. I slammed right into it with a loud crash. Some things fell of the workers cart.

I immediately apologize. ”Im so sorry! ”

The worker assures me that it was alright. But I still help him pick up his things. Suddenly, I hear a growl. I asked the worker if he heard something too. He said he didn , so I decided to brush it off.

Once I was finished helping the worker, I doubled checked my list and headed toward the checkout.

There, in the line, I felt the sensation again. Now, I was craving chocolate. Thankfully, there was some by the register. I reached over and grabbed a few of the extra-large bars before checking out my groceries.

I make my way to my car and pack up the groceries while munching on the chocolate. On the way home, I munch on it. The same thing when I get home too. By the time I reached the front door, I finished 3 out of 4 of them.

What the heck is wrong with me?

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