After I brought in the groceries, I made my way to Cheryls study. I burst through the door, and discover I just walked in on a meeting. Ten pairs of eyes turn to look at me, but I still stand there, munching on a chocolate bar. Cheryl notices my worried expression and calls for a ten-minute break.

Everyone agrees and exits her study for the kitchen. I close the door when its just Cheryl and me.

”Whats wrong, sweetie? ” she asks worriedly. Shes wearing a blue, business jumpsuit with gold hoop earrings and her wedding ring on a chain around her neck.

”I think Im losing my mind! ” I exclaim.

”Calm down, ” she eases. ”Take a deep breath. ”

I follow her instructions and then sit next to her on the couch. She tells me to explain everything from the beginning, and I do. From the moment that warm sensation hit me to the constant chocolate craving. I expected her to remain calm because that was her forte, but no, instead she starts squealing.

”Oh, Emily! ” she squeals, embracing me. ”Youve found your amore! ”

”My what? ” I grimace not liking the sound of that.

”Amore. Its a term used by Lycans when they find their mates. As a witch, you will start feeling warm and in need of comfort. Which is why you are eating and craving chocolate. Chocolate is the king of all comfort food, ” she explains.

Im silent. I don know what to say. Better yet, I don know how to react. Its been only a year since my rejection, and, now, I have another mate. Ive heard about Lycans and their possessiveness. They
e more protective and possessive than werewolves because they almost never find their amore. Some believe its a curse due to the Lycans immense power and immortality. Werewolves can easily find their mate within a few years of them turning 18. Meanwhile, a Lycans life is about finding their amore.

The ones that don try to find a partner to last their lifetime. Their hope is to find their amore before they become too attached to that partner. Or at the very least, they don want to get their hopes up.

”Emily? ” Cheryls voice breaks me from my thoughts.

What would happen if I give myself to this Lycan? I don want to feel the same hurt I felt when Zeke rejected me. I know its stupid, but no one wants to feel that pain twice. Imagine being a werewolf and living your entire life with that pain. Im a wimp.

”I don think I can handle another rejection, ” I mutter. ”I don know if I can give my heart to him or her or whoever they are. ”

”Emily, ” Cheryl starts, but I interrupt her.

”What if hes like Zeke? ” I stand and start to pace the room. ”What if he hates witches and decides to reject me? I mean, I don care if he does or doesn , but that pain is unbelievable! Its like being stabbed in the heart with so much force, and the pain just doesn stop. ”

I turn to face the window and cross my arms. ”Is it alright for me to open my heart, again? Maybe I should hide my scent or something. ”

I hear shuffling behind me then footsteps. A hand lightly grabs my arm, and I spin around to face Aunt Cheryl. The look in her eyes. Its painful.

”When I dated your father, I thought I was the happiest person in the world, ” she started. ”Admittedly, we had our good times and bad, and then eventually we broke up. My heart was broken, and like you, I thought I would never feel that way again. Then, I met Theodores father. He was such a handsome gentleman. He swept me off my feet. We got married and had the most beautiful little boy. ”

I start to see the tears in her eyes. ”That day…when…the agents came to the house, I didn know what to do, ” she choked. ”My world shattered all over again. I had to raise Theodore on my own while at the same time keeping to my duties as High Magus. I closed off my heart because I didn want to feel those emotions again. I didn want to feel that pain again. ”

She began playing with her ring. Her cheeks were stained with tears. ”Don make that mistake, ” she gasped between cries. ”Because if you do, then youll be missing out on what you could have. If you close off your heart then youll never be able to experience love again. And in the end, youll be left wondering why you didn take that risk. Youll be full of regret. ”

Im stunned into silence at my aunts words. Shes right. Chances are I will end up regretting closing my heart. What if I miss out on the right person? What if Im left feeling nothing but regret my whole life?

I decide to hug my aunt. Shes lost so much already, and here I am with my problems. She hugs me back, and I just squeeze harder. Ill give this Lycan a shot, but if they hurt me, then Ill give them hell.

Later on, I meditate in the woods. The grounds around the mansion are protected by runes, so no creatures with ill intentions can enter. I sit in the middle of a clearing in the woods. My legs were crossed and my eyes closed. I begin to focus on the parts of me that need to relax.

Witches need to meditate every once in a while. Its a way to get in touch with their peaceful side. Just as werewolves do things to calm their wolf down, witches meditate to calm their minds. Im going to be the next High Magus, so I need to be as calm and focused as I can.

Theres so much pressure on me that I worry about what will happen next. Given, the world is an unpredictable place, I just don want my aunt to suffer anymore. Her plan was to retire already, but now because of this necromancer issue, my ascension has been put off.

My mind begins to spin out of control when I think of all the dangers that await. The stress must have gotten to me because the moment I open my eyes, I see a bunch of decapitated trees.

”Whoops. ”

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