I was sitting in the study of my penthouse apartment on a conference call with my mother, father, and brothers. They were all giving me updates on the situation from other packs and species about the grave robbers as well as the disease that plagues the ones who were attacked by the reanimated bones.

Once the meeting ended, I get up from my seat and make my way to the couch. That is when I collapse into the cushions. Honestly, they can be such a handful.

I was the third prince of the Lycan kingdom. As Lycans, we reign over the werewolf rulers. It may not make sense, but it is how the moon goddess made it. It is said that when she made werewolves, there was a huge conflict between the first packs. Seeing this, she created the first Lycan, who became the governing ruler of the werewolves.

Werewolves soon became overseen by the royal alpha of their respective countries. The royal Lycans are in charge of all the royal packs and all others as well. We overrule any and all verdicts made by the royal packs. Its a bit complicated, but its how our world works.

As for me, I was the son of my mothers amore, my birth father. But, when I was seven, he had gotten really sick and passed away. After that, my mother married the king of Lycans because of her status. The king needed a queen after his amore died as well, so a selection was held, and my mother was the winner. Of course, I was taken with her as well.

It was there I met the man who became my stepfather along with my stepbrothers, Stephen and Alan. I wasn considered illegitimate but a member of the royal family. The reason? My birth father was my mothers amore, and my mother had to participate in the stupid competition. The two of them were grieving over the loss of their amores. Its rare for Lycans to find their amore, and to think that the world would be so cruel to take the two of them away like that.

But, I can really complain. My mother and the king became friends but only friends. They agreed that their hearts couldn take loving someone anymore. My brothers and I were raised equally despite the loss of royal blood in me. My childhood was filled with lectures, training, and sleepless nights. A mere child being thrust into the carnivorous life of royalty is like giving a rabbit to a lion.

It took a while for my brothers to get used to my mother and me. They thought she was there to replace their mother. But, after a while, they understood that no one take their mothers place. Since then, we have been friends. I don want to say that we
e best friends, but we
e not enemies either. I guess acquaintances would be a better word.

If you want to know where the Lycan palace is, then it is in the Bermuda Triangle. Thats right. The place where everything goes missing is the home of Lycan royalty. The whole
othing works in the Bermuda Triangle thing is actually a forcefield that allows only supernatural beings to enter. That is why humans cannot enter.

Unfortunately, Im not there. Im in the United States, Chicago to be precise. I volunteered to come here in order to investigate the recent actions of grave robbers. Numerous packs have been reporting that someone has been stealing the remains of their dead pack members. Since wolves burn their dead, the grave robbers tear up the packs in order to find some trace of the dead. Also, most of their injured had contracted a disease.

It is strange. The worst of it all is that this is not just a werewolf problem. It has been happening in the vampire lands as well as the fairies, nymphs, and witches. After the heads of each race had a meeting, they concluded that it was the work of a necromancer. The disease was the piece that made it all fit together. Whenever a necromancer is around, they summon the dead, and with that the dead carry with them a disease. When scratched or bitten, the disease begins to rot the injured from the inside out. Its not a pretty sight. Only the High Magus could cure them.

Apparently, the last time a necromancer was around was over 2,000 years ago. So, this situation has caught everyone off guard, especially the witches and wizards. They had made a cure using the magical energy of the High Magus, but it caused the High Magus to be weak and unable to fight against it. When the battle finally came, the High Magus died along with the necromancer.

No one knows how necromancers come to be, but they all suspect that they are born from witches and wizards since some are able to see the dead. When this news reached the Lycans, I volunteered to go and find out the cause as well as eliminate it. My stepfather sent out a decree that all races should help those affected by this threat. Each of the rulers agreed, so now, here I am.

Lying on a couch with very few clues to go on. Ive been keeping in touch with each race and visiting their lands to see what I could find. So far, the only thing that is absolute are that the grave robbers are only after the remains of the dead. They ignore everything else and only attack those who stand in their way of getting what they want. As such, I proposed that the High Magus send covens to each species to place protective shields around their burial grounds. Thankfully, they all agreed.

Its not a permanent solution, but its a solution nonetheless.

My eyes begin to grow heavy. I rub them, knowing that I still had a lot to do. But, the fact that I stayed up all night doesn help the sleepiness. I haven gotten much sleep period because of all the work Ive been doing. I guess a nap won hurt.

I let my tiredness take over as I let the darkness consume me.

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