”Argh… ”

A precarious sob escaped his lips, which was accompanied by the slithering sound of the arrow that pierced through his heart. His trembling hands held the arrow in an attempt to pull it out, but the pain from the wound overpowered him.

He tried to keep his figure from falling as he took a few steps forward, barely clutching to the last bit of strength he could muster. But his knees betrayed him as he crumpled to the floor.

A low groan escaped through his cyanosed lips, soon followed by a bloody cough that soaked the ground beneath his knees, already painted with the dry stains of blood, in a mess of fresh crimson droplets.

He had no idea how long he stayed in the same position, trying hard to hear something, anything but he couldn . His forlorn figure was unable to hear any heartbeat in that deserted place except for his own, which too was slowing down with every passing moment.

He was kneeling on an earth marred with the lifeless bodies of multiple innocent and corrupted souls.

As far as his sight could see, no sign of life was left on that battlefield. He couldn even see a bird chirping in that ominous place. The smell of death lingering in the atmosphere was slowly suffocating his airways rendering him unable to breathe. He felt frozen in his place as if a serpentine was ever so slightly tightening its clutches on him, watching, waiting, to sink its sharp teeth deep inside his flesh the moment he decided to make a move.

Is this how it ends?

Lifting his golden eyes to the skies, the brutally wounded man let out a loud howl which was answered back by nothing but a mere swooshing of air.

Dead. They
e all dead.

He had lost all his comrades in that battle. No one from his army had managed to survive. He was the lone survivor of this hell, doomed to spend an eternity with the flashbacks of the horrors he had witnessed on this ground.

The sorrowful howls of appeal rose into the sky as he perceived the desperate call of his kind. Their broken cries resonated around his desolate palace like a symphony that echoed through his dying body, each wail causing him unbearable pain.

He could hear their howls from afar. He was the ruler above all the alphas, packs, and any other wolf creatures that threaded the surface of the earth.

Their call for help only means one thing. They were at war with the rogues. And their enemies were slaughtering them like animals.

For the rogues have infiltrated the land for an unknown reason, killing both werewolves and humans. They broke the promise he made to the first human king thousands of years ago that his kind would have nothing to do with them.

The Rogues had carefully thought out their plans. Their leader attacked the werewolf army by night.

The Rogues had discovered his secret lair due to a mole and used this to their advantage, managing to overpower them in their slumber.

Traces of sleep hadn even left his men when their eyes were forced to shut down permanently.

Half of them were dead by the time he managed to reach the middle of the battlefield. They were killed in their sleep.

As he halted to take a look at the decapitated bodies of his men, their intestines hanging low from their torn abdomens, his head went blank. They weren just murdered, their bodies were mutilated to the point that he couldn tell them apart.

He was known to be the most cool-headed person but that sight had done something to him. A deep rage that he had never experienced before suddenly erupted inside of him. That was the first time he had unleashed all his powers, facing a swarming army of rogues all on his own.

He had let his wolf run berserk with no intervention from his human side. He sliced every throat that came in his path. No wound was on his body. He could see nothing but red. Nothing was able to stop him. He was out to get blood.

After a while, as his beast calmed down, he realized that he had successfully managed to annihilate the army of the rogues.

They were all dead but their leader was nowhere to be seen.

Shouldve killed that bastard too.

His array of thoughts was cut short when a sudden object pierced through his body. He felt nothing but the cold sensation of metal piercing through his skin, leaving behind a deep wound.

He turned precariously in search of the bastard that perpetuated the act. But the only thing he saw was the vanishing figure that scrambled off into the dark.

The adrenaline was slowly leaving his system, his senses had started clearing. He could feel pain now, a lot of pain.

”Its time. ”

He could feel a pricking sensation crawling all over his body.

A moment later, his legs buckled beneath him, displacing several mots of dust as his huge frame fell like a log to the ground. He felt paralyzed, unable to move himself. His mind seemed to have lost all contact with the rest of his body.

He thought his life would flash before his eyes, one last time before hed have to close them for a long time but it never happened. His empty golden eyes could picture nothing instead of the gray skies hanging above his head. His mind was blank, almost as if it didn have a memory worth playing in his last moments.

His caged heart hadn allowed anyone to get too close to it. He had never experienced true happiness or bliss in his life, and thats how it was supposed to be. He was born with the moons crest after all, and in his world, kings weren supposed to have mates.

Currently, there was no one else besides him with the moons crest, and a king couldn die as long as that crest remained engraved on his chest.

Too powerful to die yet too wounded to stay alive, he was rolling like a pendulum between the realms of life and death.

He was well aware of the fact that his body could go into a dormant state at any moment to heal his injuries which could prove to be a major advantage for the escaped rogue leader.

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