He was tall and dark, his hair was a wave of curls, his eyes glittered with mischief as a subtle smile was on his face . In conclusion, he was the perfect description of not my type. I took in a deep calming breath, I couldn afford to get mad, at least not right here.

”What do you want, Giraffe. I don have all day here. ” I said, my face twisted in a frown. That must have hit a nerve In him. That was because his corky smile dropped, while my smile got broader. I scoffed where he didn say anything and I proceeded to enter my car.

He just got down from the bonnet of my car, about to walk away from me, but then he stopped. I froze too, my left leg in my car and the right still outside. He turned to me and said. ” you
e gonna have to do better than that, that is if you want to make the cut for the stage play you auditioned for. ”

I frowned, what the hell does he think he is talking about. He can just waltz in here, and tell me what I should and should not have done. urgh! now he is making me second guess my acting skills,how dare he. ”I know, the truth stings doesn it hmmm. The name is Griffin actually, or as you so kindly called me earlier, Giraffe. ” He scoffed and walked away and I just stood there staring at his retreating back. Is he offended by the name Giraffe? Its not my fault he is so tall.

” whatever. Its not like I am ever going to see him again. ” I mumbled to myself. I entered the car completely and drove out of the parking lot. I was now heading to Eastwoods avenue where my cousin Tristan and his girlfriend Thalarina live. Yeah, I questioned her name as well when I first heard it, and apparently, she is mixed. Half Russian, half American, but you can easily identify her as a Russian citizen because of her facial structure.

Immediately I got to Tristians place, I placed a call on mom before Tristan realizes I am packed outside his house. ” hey mom, how are you? How is work going?. ” I spoke when mom picked up the call on the second ring. There was a little rustling in the background before her voice came to life. ”Hi Kori, how did it go? Please, tell me you got the lead. ” I chuckled a little, how do I tell her that, that is probably not going to happen. ” well, mother, lets not get ahead of ourselves yet. The audition was fine and I hope for a callback. But if they don ,all hope isn lost. Well keep trying. ”

She was quiet for a while and the rustling continued. After some minutes pass and the silence was becoming fastly unbearable she spoke. ” hmm I know I just… one of us had to make our dream of being in the Hollywood come true. ” I smiled even though I know she couldn see me. Mom had always wanted to be a fast pace actress and always wanted to be on screen acting 24/7. Dad didn want that but he did his best to support her while she was still on screen. Immediately after she got pregnant with me dad made sure she quit.

” Hello, are you there. Where are you anyway, the audition was over like 2 hours ago, right? ” Mom said slicing through my thoughts. Well, thank goodness she did, because I didn like the train of thought I was on. ” oh yeah, I took a detour, I am At Tristins house. What about you, where are you? ” I asked getting down of the car with my bag in my hand. I was heading for Tristians door when she responded

”oh I am outside, just wanted I take our dog for a run. Don stay out too late and I wouldn stay out too late either. Talk to you later hun ”

I just chuckled at her response before handing up. I kept my phone away in my small bag and before I could raise my hand to knock on the door, it flew open. There she was in all her glory, Tristins girlfriend, she was the perfect description of perfectly imperfect. She had long flawless legs, round hips, and a Waist so slim it was almost possible to hold her waist. Her eyes damn, one could get lost in them if you stare too long, her nose was a little pointed and she had feckless on both sides of her cheeks. She was dressed in one of Tristans shirts and dare I say it looks hot on her.

”Errr, are you done checking me out?. ” she asked with a smirk on hey face. Heat Immediately went up to my face. And I bowed my head feeling embarrassed, I can believe she caught me checking her out again. I squeeze my eye shot and with my head still bowed I said. ” sorry. Is my cousin home. ” she giggled but before she could say anything, Tristan pop his head out as he towers over it his girlfriend. ” ugh finally! Come on in little one ” He said opening the door wildly for me and his girl to come in.

While his girl went into the room to get dressed properly Tristan and I got talking, and before I could stop it my mouth had a mind of its own saying.

”whao! Tristan your girl is so hot, the sun doesn stand a chance. ” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I immediately regretted it. My cheeks and ears turned red I couldn help but apologize. ”man I am sorry. And before you say anything, No I a completely straight, as straight as a line can ever be. ” instead of accepting my apology, he just chuckled and said. ” you know she can literally hear you ”

I glared at him even though my face was red with embarrassment. Sometimes I just want to snap this boy in half, like why not? all he could do was laugh. He was laughing at my expense when his girl Thalarina walked in. ” looks like you guys are having fun. Hey Kori, you need anything? ” I glared at Tristan one last time so he would stop laughing, thankfully it worked. I finally looked back up at Thalarina before responding ” I think Ill have a sandwich with lemonade. What about you Tristan ”

He looked at me, looked at his girlfriend, and looked back at me again a mischievous glint in his eyes before he responded. ”Oh me, nah Im good, I already ate more than I can chew. ” He said while his eyes were solely on his babe, as his eyes glittered with lust in them . I groaned in response a mocking grimace on my face as I exclaimed ” Tristian!!! Jeez, you pervert. ” He laughed at me and I couldn help but chuckle a little while his babe Thalarina went to get my sandwich.

” so little one. How did your day go? ” I groaned in displeasure as I remembered that guy at the car park. ”Man you would not believe the day I had, ” I said exclaiming. Nodded at me to carry on folding his arms as he listen attentively while I began to narrate to him how my day went.

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