As I opened my eyes, an unfamiliar environment unfolded.
The sunlight made it look like it was daytime, but it was only barely peeking through the cracks in the black dust-covered windows.

When I lowered my head again, I could see that the rotten wood floor beneath my palms was damp.



Appalled by the fishy odor coming from somewhere, I raised both my hands.

‘…Wh-what is this? Where am I?


A heavy darkness seemed to weigh down my entire body, and my heart was beating faster and faster.

…Was this a lucid dream? It was a situation that made no sense if it wasn’t a dream.

‘Yes, my dreams were always vivid.’

Instead of taking a closer look around, I lowered my head back down and wrapped both hands around my face.
It was because by doing this, I could no longer see the frightening surroundings.
Still, I couldn’t help but notice the unpleasant odors that wafted in.


‘Come on, let’s wake up.
Dream, please take me back…’

I believed that when time passed, I would naturally wake up from my dream.

However, one second felt like one minute here.
The longer I waited, the more chills stroked my back.
On top of that, since my eyes were covered, my other senses were heightened.
I could hear all sorts of sounds coming from somewhere in the immediate vicinity.


The sound of something passing by quickly.


Sounds like something hitting the floor from the ceiling.



The sound of something, presumably a tin can, being hit and tumbled.

‘Ha, this isn’t going to work…’

It was a small sound, but it was enough stimulation to get me to my feet.

Then, as I mustered up all of my courage and glanced around to see if where I was was safe, I could see that there was a long hallway on both sides.
No matter how you look at it, it was far from a safe place and I couldn’t stay in such an open place.

‘…Please wake up.’

I began to walk slowly down the hallway, all the while praying fervently inwardly that I would wake up from my dream.


It was the only light and hope that could save me now.

“…Excuse me?”

It was a whispered voice that only I could hear.

The visibility was short, so it seemed like if something would jump out in front of me at any moment, I’d be helpless.
My legs had been trembling for a long time.
At this point, I was lucky if my heart didn’t explode.

As I barely moved my legs like that, I could suddenly see a room in front of me.

‘I have to go in there and wait to wake up from my dream.’

I took a difficult step with a little more energy.


There were many small picture frames hanging on the humid wall as I was walking closely next to it.
It was dark, so I assumed it was mostly gray or white, but the shape was quite distinct.
Each frame had a round shape drawn on it, some look

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