When I went back, new people had gathered in the alley besides me and the elderly man. 

Somehow it was an eye-watering picture. 

“Oh! This old man has finally made some money.” 

Three big men stood around the old man selling potatoes. 

The big man in the middle showed his palm to the old man. 

“Give it to me.” 

“Hey, look, please wait a month, a month…” 

“The merchant association membership fee has been pushed back by more than a week.
Did you think we wouldn’t be able to get it from you if you hid in a place like this?” 

“I’m just an old man who does small business…the association and the like, I’ve said it several times I’m not going to join.” 

At that moment, the man’s legs violently kicked the body of the old man while keeping his hands in his pocket.
The weak old man rolled on the floor without even screaming.
The forehead that had been hit was torn from the heel of his shoe and was bleeding.  

Perhaps that was not enough, so the big man trampled on the old man’s curved back mercilessly. 

“This old bastard.
If you can’t afford to pay your dues, either close your shop or get the hell out of our area!” 

Thew! The man who with his hands in the pocket of his pants spit on the old man. 

“Never mind.
I’ll be back at the same time tomorrow, so remember that.” 

So the small income of the old man disappeared into greedy clutches. 

I looked at the old man’s unsightly potatoes.
he had less than twenty.
At least I took eight, and there were about ten left, and a couple were blue buds. 

The old man did not sell potatoes to enjoy wealth and prosperity.
He sells potatoes so as to not starve to death.
He’s a man who gets through another day by selling potatoes all day long. 

Look at that skinny body.
If he couldn’t sell potatoes even for a day, it was clear that the old man would starve and get sick.
If he couldn’t sell for two days, it would be difficult for the elderly man to move, and if he wasn’t able to sell for three days, he could reach the threshold of death. 

These men are killing that old man.
They’re claiming ownership on streets that no one could truly own. 


 The men looked back at me. 


I asked them a question I put my heart into. 

“What trashcan did you crawl from to here?” 

The captain of the garbage squad crumpled his brows and came waddling towards me. 

“Where is this crazy girl from? With the way you’re dressed, you look like a maid.
What are you laughing at? Do you want me to ban you from walking this road? Huh?” 

I looked carefully at his high-spirited face and nodded. 

You were just in time, fellas.
I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. 

I raised my hand and patted the unrecyclable trash’s face lightly. 


The trash, which slammed right into the nearby wall, rolled his eyes and passed out. 

I made the second piece of dazed garbage look exactly like the captain garbage. 


Only then did the third garbage come to its senses and ran away without looking back. 

Should I catch it or not? The dilemma was short.
Instead of chasing him, I crouched next to the old man and rummaged hard through the chest of the garbage bag. 


A bundle of bills popped out of his pocket.
Is this the membership fee for the merchant association that you are forced to join? It seemed to be the same amount as someone’s rent.

“Miss, get up.
We need to get away before the others get here, okay? Come on.” 

The old man, who managed to recover somehow, was surprised that I had knocked down two men, but was busy getting me up and leading me out of the alley. 

Every time he wiped his bleeding forehead, his sleeve was dyed red. 

“They are very scary men, so don’t come out this way again.
it won’t be a big deal if an old man like me dies, but if you get involved in something bad, your parents will be very sad.” 

The wrinkled back of the hand holding my arm was still trembling. 

Fear imprinted directly on the flesh is not easily forgotten. 

I looked at the old man’s nervous face and recalled how the garbage had stepped on him, rolled him on the ground and ruined his potatoes.  

If I just let it end like this, people like this old man will suffer again. 

The thought circuit of garbage has always been like this.
They vent their anger on the weak.
They do not reflect on the suffering they’ve caused, instead they use violence to lift their status.  

The victim will suffer even more damage, and this old man will be forced to leave the city. 


How can you expect me to run away? 

“Do you know where these people live?” 

The old man, who looked at me with a confused gaze, pointed to a store on the first floor with a clean exterior over the pavement leading to the market. 

‘Pub, Piece of Land’ 

The bar’s sign had an atmosphere that seemed like it was the perfect place for bullies to play around. 

It’s strange. 

 As far as I know, pubs in the empire weren’t such a space. 

They were a place of refuge for the people.  

Especially in the south of the Empire, which was under the influence of the great wizard Mephisto, pubs were the home of vigilante groups who voluntarily gathered to protect their hometowns. 

Those gathered in the pub took up arms to protect their hometowns, family and friends.
Pubs close to the front line also joined forces in the village itself to play a role in supplying.
Their appearance in my memory was full of pride and sorrow. 

“But that’s a merchant association.” 

Well, at least it might be useful to me, for collecting information. 

I returned the old man the price of potatoes lying on the floor. 

“Don’t open your shop tomorrow.
Stay strong.” 

Then, I removed some of the banknotes and crumpled them inside the old man’s fist.  

“Treat your forehead before it gets any worse.
Stay strong.” 

After dumping the two fallen garbage deep inside the alley, I headed back to the market with a bundle of bills in my chest. 

One thing you guys should know is that the repetition of certain dialogues isn’t a translation error or posting mistake.
Daisy tends to repeat many of her lines like a normal person would.
so its more casual.

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