Just do as you plan, we trust you, don't ask for our opinion.”

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Li Hehua was authorized and everything was left for her to decide.
She immediately plunged into the kitchen and start cooking.

Currently, there are two pots that are frying at the same time.
Li Hehua has two frying ladle in her hands, both hands are working at the same time.
She cooks the chicken dish on the left, cooks the pork ribs on the right, put the salt with her left hand, and soy sauce on her right.
The Wang family jaws were about to drop.
The cooks watches Li Hehua actions several times and forgotten their own tasks.
It was Li Hehua that reminded them, letting them come back to their senses.

The people from Wang family that helps in cooking today were in awe of Li Hehua.

For the villagers, there's a disadvantage in preparing banquets, that is, the slow speed of cooking.
Because there is only one chef, the dishes usually served in front were almost finished before the next dish is served.
Some people even only had the first dish while the other where already eager for the next dish.
It is embarrassing.

It turned out that this is not a problem at all for Li Hehua.
She was cooking much faster than the guests could eat.
Before one could even eat the first dish, the next dish already came up.
The whole table was already covered with dishes in a blink of an eye.
When all the dishes are served, there was not a single plate that is empty*, and all the dishes are hot.

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(TN: The guests are still eating when all the dishes are served.)

The guests of the Wang family learned a lot today.
Not only have they eaten a lot of dishes they have never seen before, it is also their first time to see a banquet where the dishes are serve so quickly.
” How many cooks have you guys hired? This serving of dishes is too fast and the dishes are so delicious.
Zhou Laogen wasn't the one that you invited I'm afraid?”

“Yes, yes.
Zhou Laogen's cooking is not like this.
We haven't seen these dishes before.
They are quite novel.”

“I'm sure it's not Zhou Laogen.
I say Wang Laotou, who did your family invited? Tell us and we will invite this person to prepare a banquet next time.” Wang Laotou received countless of compliments because of the banquet today and his person were about to float.
Hearing this, he said with a smile, ” My family only hired one chef.
However, this chef is so powerful.
Not only were her speed is fast, the taste of the dishes she cooked is much better than that of the best restaurant in town.”

Although these words are quite conceited, there's nothing to deny as they are indeed the case.
Everyone was even more curious about the person who prepared the banquet.

Wang Laotou showed off enough, so he told everyone about Li Hehua.
This made several guests secretly remember her in their hearts.

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