She gave him the food in the basket and talked to Shulin a lot while using such a gentle and loving tone.
Just like what she addressed him, she seems to really regard Shulin as her sweetheart.

Zhang Tieshan can clearly hear Li Hehua's words outside the kitchen.
However, the more he listened, the tighter his brows became, and more doubts sprouted in his heart.

He was very sure that Li Hehua didn't know that he was outside.
Since no one is in the house, she didn't need to deliberately pretend to be nice to Shulin.
Everything she said is sincere.
But how could she love Shulin so much? Before, she hated him the most and even beat or scold Shulin.
She didn't even give him anything to eat.
Shulin was almost tortured to death by her several times, which is also the reason why he divorced her after coming back.

But how can a person's character suddenly change?

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While Zahng Tieshan was thinking, Li Hehua came out from the kitchen.
Zhang Tieshan hurriedly hide his figure, successfully making Li Hehua believe that no one's home, who then hurriedly sneaked out of Zhang family's house.

Zhang Tieshan hesitated for a while but finally followed her.
He saw Li Hehua went all the way to Lianhua Village and entered a house.
Zhang Tieshan recognized that the hostess of this house was the one who came to Li Hehua last time, asking her to prepare a banquet.

It turns out that she lives here.


Li Hehua has no idea that someone's following her all the way back.
When she returned to Cao Simei's house, she began to think where to live next as she prepared the pastries to be sold the next day.

In fact, the best choice is to rent a house in town.
With that, it will be very convenient to sell pastries or open a stall later.
The only problem is that her money is not enough.

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Currently, the only person that she can ask for help is Cao Simei.
However, her family is just ordinary and not rich.
Such a sum of money is alreadly a lot for them.
How can she not be embarrassed to ask? They have already helped her a lot.

Since borrowing money won't work, the only thing that she can do is to earn money quickly and save enough of it for house rent.
She can then rent a house where she can temporarily live and earn money everyday with a peace of mind.

She now earns an about 50 cents a day from selling pastries.
That was about 1,500 cents a month.

She now earns about 50 cents a day selling cakes, about 1,500 cents a month.
In two months, she can save enough money for the first half of the town's  house rent price.
In speed of making money is already fast for farmers.
It is however far from enough for Li Hehua.
She can't stay at Cao Simei's house for another two months, can she? She's not that thick-skinned.

So she has to speed up in making money.

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