Chapter 2 – Conflict

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After carrying half a bucket of water home, Li Hehua slumped on the chair and couldn't get up, panting heavily.

This body is really too fat, not only fat, but also much weaker than the average fat man.
She can't breathe when she moves a little bit, and she can't do anything at all.
At first glance, it is caused by eating, laziness, and lack of exercise all the year round.

Hey, she really miss the feeling of being as light as a swallow.

No, she need to lose weight.
In the future, this body will be her own.
If she keeps looking like this, she will be embarrassed to go out.
Even if she goes out, she will be noticed and pointed out by others.
She can't stand this, she must lose weight and become slim again.

If she want to lose weight, she has to combine diet and exercise.
In terms of diet, she is not worried because there is nothing at home except brown rice.
She has nothing to eat, she can't gain weight.
As for exercise, she can fetch a few more buckets of water at a time every day.
The distance from home to the well is not close.
Carrying a dozen buckets of water in a day is equivalent to running for an hour.
She can also do some yoga before going to bed every day to lose weight.
In this case, the amount of exercise should be considerable, and she will definitely lose weight if she persists for a long time.

After arranging the weight loss plan, Li Hehua suddenly felt a little happier.
The excitement caused by having a small goal in her heart eased her depression when she inexplicably crossed into this era.

People have to have goals in life.
It is a fact that she had came here, and it is impossible to go back.
Then she can only work hard to live here, do her best to live every day, and make herself better and better.
Don't betray her own life again.

After cheering herself up, Li Hehua stood up and went to work!

She came to the kitchen with water.
The first step was to pour a little water into the basin and start to brush the dirty basin carefully.

The basin is really dirty, If you shake the water a little, it will turn black, but it can't be clean.
Li Hehua can only endure the nausea and desperately scrub the basin wall and bottom until the water becomes black that it can no longer be black.
She poured out the water, and continued to pour clean water to wash it for the second time.
She washed it three times before washing the basin clean.

After washing the basin, Li Hehua went to the wooden box in the room to find a piece of rotten clothes that could no longer be rotten, and used it as a rag.
She soaked it with clean water, and started to clean the kitchen, cleaning from the stove to the cabinet.

For her, it's okay if it is not clean anywhere, but the kitchen can't be unclean.
If the kitchen is not clean, she feels uncomfortable all over, and she doesn't even have the mood to cook.
This is probably a common problem for everyone who deals with food.

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She had been running out of water and the kitchen was not completely cleaned.
There was nothing she could do.
She took the bucket to the well and drew a bucket of water, came back and cleaned it.
She worked until it was dark before cleaning the up the whole kitchen.

Looking at the kitchen that wascompletely different from before, Li Hehua nodded with satisfaction, filled with a sense of accomplishment, clapped her hands, and then began to prepare her own dinner.

In fact, there is nothing to prepare, just wash the brown rice, then put the water into the pot to cook poridge, and drink brown rice porridge at night.

The earth stove cooked rice quickly, and the brown rice porridge is ready in no time.
Li Hehua hurriedly ate two bowls of porridge in the kitchen by the fire of the boiling water, and then rinsed it (bowls) with the boiled hot water, and then dragged her tired body to climb to the bed and began to rest.

There was no light in the room, only the moonlight outside the window, so the room was not completely dark.

Li Hehua looked out the window, her thoughts could not help drifting away.

She is already dead in modern times, the last memory is the big truck that came madly towards her, and then it was full of redness.
In that case, the immortals couldn't save her, so her soul arrived here, in this body.

When she came here, the only thing she couldn't let go of was her family.
She didn't know how sad her parents would feel when they knew she was gone, and her grandfather, who loved her little granddaughter so much.
She didm't know if he could stand the fact that she passed away.
Fortunately, her brother is still there.
He is so strong and powerful.
He can definitely handle family affairs and take care of his parents and grandpa.
However, her brother will also be very sad.
After all, the one who loves her the most in the family is actually her brother.

The wounds her death caused to her relatives, she don't know how long it will take to heal.

Thinking about it, Li Hehua's tears flowed down involuntarily, and when she realized that her face was full of tears, she quickly wiped it away with her hands.

Don't cry, be strong, even if you are alone in this different world, you must live your life hard, and even if the family doesn't know, she will make them feel at ease.

Forcing herself to let go of those sad emotions, she began to think about the situation.
The only thing she know now is that the original owner is called Li Hehua, and there are other family members.
At present, it seems that she is not likeable person, and she didn't know anything else.

So what she has to do next is to find out as much as possible about the original owner, don't reveal anything, and see what to do next when she has a firm footing.

Just thinking about it like this, her eyes slowly closed.
In the end, she didn't know when she fell asleep.
When she woke up the next day, it was already bright and the sun was so high.
It was about nine or ten o'clock.

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Li Hehua hurriedly got up from the bed, combed her hair, then went to the kitchen to scoop some water to wash, then washed some brown rice, and continued to cook some porridge to feed her stomach.

After bravely drinking two bowls of brown rice porridge, she picked up the bucket to fetch some water.
The water she fetched yesterday was just enough, and today she has to fill the water tank.

However, when she went out with the bucket, she regretted coming to fetch water at this time.

When she went to fetch water last night, and she didn't meet anyone, sosheI didn't feel anything special, but now it's early morning, and people in the village are coming and going.
They all stared at her.
There was contempt, surprise, and disgust in their eyes.

Oh my God, who is this original owner? Why does it seem that everyone is not very friendly to her, even children hate her, how did she do it?

Under the eyes of everyone, Li Hehua pretended to be calm and walked over, and she was deeply relieved until she came to the well in the east of the village where there were few people.

However, it was too early to relax because a woman was standing by the well, looking at her with disgust and contempt.

The woman looks about forty or fifty years old.
She is very thin, her clothes are empty, the skin on her face is slightly drooping, which makes her pair of white eyes more sharp.
When she looks at her, she seems to can't wait to eat her.
She, at first glance, is a difficult person to deal with.

Li Hehua can preliminarily determine that the relationship between this person and the original owner is definitely not very good.

Just before she figured out what expression she should use to face this woman, the woman spoke first, “Yo, the sun is really coming out in the west today, you are still here to fetch water.
Isn't it for others to see? Humph!”


A strong sense of irony came over her, making Li Hehua not know whether to fight back or ignore it.
Obviously, the woman in front of her was full of malice to the original owner, and she didn't know if the original owner had anything to do with her.

However, if she hastily said something wrong, it is likely to arouse suspicion from this person.
After all, this is an adult, and it is not as easy to fool as a child, so just pretend that she didn't heared it.
Just fetch some water.

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As if she hadn't heard the woman's words, Li Hehua went directly to the well with the bucket, picked up the rope and tied it to the bucket and started fetching water.

This ignoring attitude undoubtedly made the woman feel that she was beaten in the face, and she was suddenly very angry, and her words were even more bitter than before, “What are you pretending! Who doesn't know what kind of shit you are? Isn't it just to see Tieshan come back? Afraid that he will divorce you, right? Let me tell you, even if you pretend, he will divorce you.
Marrying you like this is really a bad luck for eight lifetimes!”

This is really hard to hear and could be said to have hurt her heart, but Li Hehua did not have the righteous indignation that she should have, because she knew that this person was not talking about her, but the original owner.

What she cared about was actually the meaning of the woman's words.
From what she said, she could tell that the original owner was already married, and there was a husband named Tieshan.
He should have been away from home before, but now he is back, and her husband seems to be going to divorce the original owner.
The relationship between the two is definitely not good.

However, the original owner has a husband, why didn't she see anyone? She has been here for two days, and she is the only one in the whole house.
What the hell is going on?

Li Hehua unknowingly fell into thinking, which, in the eyes of the woman, was simply a sign of ignoring her and not taking her seriously at all.
This caused her anger to rise again, and in a fit of anger, she pushed Li Hehua without thinking.

Li Hehua was thinking about the original owner and was completely unprepared.
This sudden push made her lose her support and fell forward, and in front of her was the big well!

If she fell into the well, she would be dead!

Li Hehua's heart was about to jump out.
The instinct for survival allowed her to make a conditioned reflex before her brain.
In order to support her fat body, she grabbed the stone brick by the well and didn't let go.
Even her fingers were rubbed and bleeding but she can't feel it, she only know that she must hold on tightly.
Fortunately,  she caught it when she almost fell! She did'nt fall in!

After confirming that she's stable, Li Hehua slowly got up and moved to the side of the well little by little to avoid the danger of falling in.
At this moment, she felt cold sweat on her back, and her heart beat as if it seemed to be going to jump out of her heart.
It was also extremely painful.
When she looked down, her fingers were bleeding for being rubbed into the bricks.

And the culprit of all this was the woman beside her.

Li Hehua's eyes suddenly turned cold.

No matter what this person said before, she could ignore it, because she knew that it was the original owner, and it was possible that the original owner was not good.
However, what this woman has done now has threatened her life.
If she wasn't able to hold on, she would have fallen and ended her life again.

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It made her unable to bear it any longer.

Li Hehua looked straight at the woman, her eyes were sharper than before, “I'll forget it if you apologize to me now.” The woman didn't expect to push Li Hehua down just now, she was just too angry and pushed casually.
She didn't know it would be like this.
Just seeing her about to fall into the well, she was so frightened that her heart almost stopped.
Fortunately, Li Hehua was fine in the end, and she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

But at this moment, seeing that she was fine, she dared to look at her like this and wanted her to apologize.
Her anger took over her mind again, and she pointed at Li Hehua's nose and shouted, “Bah! And you still want me to apologize! You deserve it! Who made you so fat, and you can't stand still!”

Li Hehua has never been so angry.
For so many years in her previous life, she didn't blush easily, and it's difficult to make her angry.
But at this moment, this woman's behavior made her so angry that she didn't want to bear it any longer.

She stepped forward quickly, stretched out her hand and pushed the woman.
She pushed her back for several steps, staggered, and almost fell.

After the woman stopped, she stared at Li Hehua in disbelief and annoyance, her voice sharp as if it could pierce a person's eardrum, “How dare you push me! You bitch! I'm going to fight with you!” She rush as if going to hit someone.

Li Hehua directly lifted the bucket in her hand and threw it towards the woman, only to hear a “boom”.
The woman stumbled when the bucket was smashed, and took two steps back.

Li Hehua looked at the woman's distorted face coldly, “I'm telling you, you'd better not mess with me.
If you mess with me, I'll fight with you to see if you kill me or I kill you!”

The decisiveness and ruthlessness in Li Hehua's words made the woman involuntarily wince, and subconsciously stopped the action of going up to fight.
Looking at Li Hehua's figure, and thinking about her own body, she thought that she would not be able to fight her.
Well, she will only suffer a loss if she go head-to-head.

The woman rolled her eyes, then suddenly sat on the ground, patted her thighs and began to cry, “Oh, my life is so hard, Li Hehua not only bullied my daughter, but now she is bullying me.
Come and have a look, come and help me, I'm going to be beaten to death~” The woman's sudden change of face made Li Hehua dumbfounded, and she couldn't react for a while.
At this moment, she was crying as if she was so miserable, and it took a while to realize that this person was playing a rogue.

Is this the legendary cry, make troubles, then threaten to kill oneself?

(T/N: so this is basically the 3 tactics for getting one's way.
Like if you do these 3, the situation will be in your control.
Well for me this is only useful for stupid hehe.)

However, she didn't want to pay attention to this person, so she just let her howl br herself, she will not accompany her.

After picking up the bucket and filling it, she carried it and walked home, not paying any attention to the woman behind her.

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