't heard anything.
He didn't even raised his head.

Li Hehua's heart skipped a beat.
She thought, this little guy can hear her, right? No way!These small ears can hear her, right?

Not wanting to believe that such a little child was deaf, she slowly squatted down.
She tentatively shook her hand in front of him, “Little guy, did you hear me?”

In the end, the child still didn't respond.
It's like his whole person is immersed with his own world, isolating himself.

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Li Hehua pursed her lips and slowly reached out to hold the little guy's little hand.
She was about to pull him when she saw that the sculptural boy suddenly moved, silently and frantically resisting her approach.

Li Hehua was taken aback by his behavior and the sternness on his face.
She quickly took a few steps back, “Okay, baby, don't get excited, I won't touch you.
See? I didn't touch you, don't be angry .”

The little guy struggled for a while before gradually calming down, and then returned to his previous motionless appearance.

Li Hehua gradually frowned.

Did this little one heard her or not? Why does his behavior so strange? It felt like something's not right.

However, it seems that this little guys rejects her so much.
She shouldn't force him to communicate.
If she accidentally hurt him, it will be bad.
She should just go out.

Li Hehua walked back to the woodshed.
She sat down and ate the rest of the steamed bun.
After taking two bites, Li Hehua gazed at the meat bun (bao zi) on her hand and back to the kitchen.
After a while, she got up and enter the kitchen again.
The meat bun wrapped in paper bag was placed in front of the little guy.
“Baby, this is a meat bun.
It's for you to eat.”
“I'll go out.
Eat it yourself.” Li Hehua said as she hurriedly walked out, afraid that the little guy won't eat it if she's around.

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Li Hehua didn't know if the little guy would eat it.
However, for some reason, she couldn't calm down when she saw his appearance.

That little guy was only about four or five years old, but he was so skinny that it made people feel distressed.
His clothes looks empty.
Seeing him sitting without a word was inexplicably uncomfortable.

She also saw his arms just now.
It is covered with scars, old and new.
It seems like they were caused by long-term beatings.
Li Hehua couldn't imagine who could do such a thing to a small child.
However, there's a vague guess in her heart that she didn't dare to admit.
This guess made her unwilling to believe it.

No, no, no.
She shouldn't think about it anymore.

Li Hehua force herself to remove such speculation in mind and focused on eating the steamed buns on her hand.

I've seen the comments in novelupdates and it made me re-read my translation.
I'm quite embarrassed with the structure of each paragraphs.
It suddenly felt difficult to read.
I'll be re-writing and re-translate them later.
I'm hoping to receive any correction or suggestions for the betterment of my translation.
This will also bring a better reading experience.

Also, I've seen my translation in another website.
It's a bit uncomfortable looking at it.
Although I saw the website referring that the the translation came from wattpad, it still made me uneasy.
I just hope that readers will choose to read it here in watty, everyone will be updated if there are changes in the translation.
Thank you for support.

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