but I can't do anything about it.
I eat so well and got fatter and fatter.”

Hearing what Li Hehua said, the middle-aged woman believed it a bit and said, “Then what a coincidence.
There is indeed someone in our village who wants to have a wedding.
You can ask in Old Man Wang's house.”

Li Hehua's eyes lit up, “Really sister? Then can you take me there for a while? I'm sorry to bother you.”

The villagers in this era are still very simple and have nothing to do, so they especially like to watch the fun.
Now that there is a woman claiming to be a chef and wanting to prepare a meal, they all came over to listen curiously.

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Seeing that Li Hehua is going to Old Man Wang's house at this moment, everyone was interested and said that they could take her there.

The middle-aged woman stood up and waved her hand, “Come with me, I will take you there.”

Li Hehua quickly thanked: “Thank you sister, you are really a good person.”

The middle-aged woman was flattered so much.
The smile on her face becomes larger.

After walking for a while, they arrived at Old Man Wang's house.
The middle-aged woman walked into the yard first and shouted, “Old Man Wang! Old Man Wang! Is anyone here?”

Hearing the shout, the person in the room responded quickly, “Hey, I am here! Coming!”

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An old man then came out of the room.
It was Old Man Wang called by the middle-aged woman.

  ”Hey Aunt Cao, What are you calling me for?”

The middle-aged woman pointed out let Li Hehua, “Isn't your family going to have a wedding? This one said she was a chef and wanted to come to your house to cook.”

  Old man Wang's gaze fell on Li Hehua.
Doubts flashed in his eyes, “Aunt Cao, my family already planned to invite Zhou Laogen from Hexi Village.
We don't need it.”

Li Hehua knew that this is a refusal, but she didn't want to give up so easily.
She took a step forward and said to Old Man Wang, “Hello uncle, my name is Li Hehua.
I'm a chef.
My craftsmanship is very good and no one dare to say that it isn't after eating it.
Your family is preparing for a wedding ceremony and the taste of the food in the banquet is important.
If the foods are delicious, isn't face-saving?”

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