itate on the situation.


But there are countless such favors every day.
If it were normal days, Cui Xingzhou would have given his future father-in-law’s face and done it properly.


But when he thought of his future father-in-law listening to his aunt’s instigation and calling upon his servant to spy on him in Lingquan Town, it offended Cui jiu’s limits.


Lingquan town has laid a snare, waiting for the rebel to fall into the net.
Where can he tolerate someone to make trouble?


He would not explain such business to his aunt and cousin.


Prince Huaiyang doesn’t like women who make their own decisions.
No matter whether his aunt’s proposal today involves Lian Binglan’s thoughts, he will need to give a warning to his cousin’s family.


So he didn’t even read the remaining “family letters” and threw them aside on the incense burner.


There were a lot of guests in the front hall, but Cui Xingzhou was tired and lazy for a while and didn’t want to be sociable.
The atmosphere in the residence was noisy, but he just wanted to be quiet.


So he only took his young servant, Mo Ru, out of the residence through the back door, and got on the boat along the river bank.


At this time, although it was spring, it was still cooling at night.
He had drunk some wine at the birthday banquet and after being blown by the cool wind, he was getting a little dizzy.


The boatman asked his servant Mo Ru where are they going.
Mo Ru looked at The Prince sitting on the side of the boat and couldn’t tell a location.
He just let the boatman drive aimlessly all the way.
In less than half an hour, they came to the dock in Lingshui town.


His mother’s birthday party was not yet over.
It means that he had to head back tomorrow morning.
If he were to go to the military camp, the round-trip time will be too tight.
So, he naturally thought that there were ready-made houses on North Street.
At this time, no one will pay attention to his whereabouts at night, and he could sleep a whole night.


So Cui Xingzhou let the boatman go ashore after he feels better from the dizziness.
Then he walked leisurely with the stars all the way and came to the North Street to buckle the door.


On the other hand, Liu Miantang has urged craftsmen to repair the shop since she bought it.


It took only a few days to sort out the general appearance of the shop, but she didn’t know where her husband went to socialize with Doctor Zhao, she hasn’t seen him for a long time.


Today, when she went to the street to invite carpenters to come back to build the shelves, she thought that her husband should be able to return.
Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang during the night.


Hearing the sound at the door of the mansion, Liu Miantang hurriedly got up.


These days, she was afraid that when her husband came home in the middle of the night, she would see her with disheveled hair and a dirty face, so before going to bed, she always asked Servant Li to help her weave a long fried dough twist braid that was askew in her ears.


When she heard the sound of her husband’s footsteps, she had already changed into a fitting pleated skirt and put some rouge on her lips.
Then she put on her embroidered sandals and walked out of the door neatly, smiling shyly at her husband: “You are back!”


Because it was already dark at this time, Cui Xingzhou had planned to sleep quietly in the wing room for a night.
Unexpectedly, Miantang hadn’t slept yet.
Before he entered the wing room on one side, she came out of the bedroom.


And before he was able to speak, the young lady lifted the curtain of the door and waited eagerly for him to come in.


Cui Xingzhou looked at her intently.
He hasn’t seen the woman for several days.
It seemed that she was even more beautiful.
Although she has experienced some ups and downs in the past few years, she is probably too beautiful and has been loved by her man.
She has not been asked to endure the hardships of exposure to cold and wet on a journey.
Her skin was white, and a pair of beautiful eyes showed a kind of innocence that had not been defiled.


Such a pair of eyes always make people take off their guard.
No wonder she can bluff the two stores to sell them to her at a low price.


Cui Xingzhou thought lazily and involuntarily stepped into the house full of fragrance.


With the experience of the previous two-night intrusion by her husband, Miantang, who has to start over as a newly-wedded wife, has made full preparations.


These days, she took Servant Li to buy marinated meat and prepared enough eggs, grain, and oil.
Even if someone is hungry at night, she will be able to prepare a proper meal anytime.


In addition, she also bought a large bath bucket, but it cost some firewood to boil water.
After buying it, Miantang was reluctant to use it.
She thought to use it for her husband after he’s back, reheating and boiling two iron pots of hot water so that he could warm up and relieve his fatigue.


So when Cui Xingzhou came in, Miantang showed him the newly added belongings behind the panel.


“Lady Pei, the head of the North Street, is famous for her hoop bucket skills, so I ordered one at her house.
Because we are all neighbors, she charged me half price lesser! I will ask Servant Li to burn hot water in a while for you to bathe…”


Halfway through her speech, Miantang smelled the strong smell of alcohol coming from Cui Xingzhou, so she hesitated and said, “Did you drink?”


The wine that was drunk at the banquet surged up during this time.
Cui Xingzhou pushed Liu Miantang away and fell on the bed without taking off his shoes.


He is so upset today that he doesn’t bother to pretend to be a husband.
He just wants to lie down like this.
No one can bother him.


If the woman had evil intentions, this would be the best opportunity… Although Cui Xingzhou was drunk and worried, he thought of it with self-mockery.


He closed his eyes and listened to the slight footsteps coming from the room.
He didn’t know what Liu Miantang said to Servant Li outside the door.
She comes back a while later.


Cui Xingzhou closed his eyes and did not move, but his ears were catching the sound of the movement.
After a while, a warm towel was gently placed on his forehead.


It turned out that Miantang had just gone to carry a basin of water and wet the towel to wipe Cui Xingzhou’s face.


But when Liu Miantang was wiping it and saw Cui Xingzhou frown slightly, it seemed that he could not bear to be disturbed by others.


If it was the maid in The Prince’s residence, they would naturally observe his words and expressions, and would not dare to delay The Prince’s rest, nor would they dare to place the wet towel directly on his face without the Prince’s orders.


But Liu Miantang is not a maid and thinks she is the legal wife of Mr.
The wine in the jar is naturally mellow and sweet, but after entering the stomach for one or two hours, it will start to get nasty.

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