always feels that she can’t seem to tolerate this way of doing.


However, a serious illness not only emptied her body but also burned most of the memory in her brain.


She doesn’t remember many things well enough and only remembers that her name is Liu Miantang.
She is the youngest daughter of the Liu family which has been a distinguished family in Peishan in the past years.
She lost her mother at the age of 10 and has a brother five years older than her.
Because the Liu family had been extravagant for several generations and hollowed out the family assets, her father had arranged a lucrative marriage for her to make money.
The deal is to marry the Cui family of the merchant far from the capital and they will receive a huge amount of betrothal gifts for the wedding.


Still remembers how unwillingly she was when she got married.
She just felt that her father had sold her away.


It’s indeed a far away marriage, but she can’t seem to remember what happened after she got married.
That memory is like being wrapped in layers of thick cocoons and she has no idea where this memory is hiding.


Fortunately, her husband was of good temperament and did not dislike her because of the panic attack when she first woke up.
Instead, he hired a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
The precious medicinal materials of wild ginseng have not been interrupted.
He gave up most of his family’s wealth and thankfully, saved her from death.


But she was lingering and ill for a long time, and even cost tons of money for treatment.
After a year of effort to cure her illness, her husband’s financial resources were much lower than before.


Her husband sent a message to her, saying that the store in the capital had been paid to others.
Now that the family business has now moved to Jiangnan, she needs to get her luggage ready and settle down in the town of Lingquan.


Ever since she fell ill with amnesia and lost her memory, taking a one year time has been enough for Liu Miantang to stabilize her clueless self and not feel helpless after losing her memory.


According to my husband, the Liu family was implicated in the case of Daishan academy three years ago.
Their father was convicted and beheaded, and their brother was also unjustly imprisoned and sent to Lingnan.

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She was not surprised when she heard the bad news.


The decay of the Liu family showed signs long before she got married.
Although her father always neglected her, he is blindly pampering her brother and even the bribery of officials, which resulted in laying a hidden danger for the misfortune of the Liu family.


Although it was three years ago, it was still a heavy blow to her who lost her memory over the past few years.
After hearing about her father’s tragic death and her brother’s experience, she was so miserable that she couldn’t eat for several days.


Later, the husband held her chin and forcefully poured half a bowl of soup into her, and said coldly, “This matter has happened a long time ago, it’s merely just that you just lost your memory and had a hard time.
The dead are gone, and there is no reason for the living to follow the steps of those who are dead? The family members of the scholars who were killed by Liu’s family did not seek death either.
Are you going to starve yourself to make amends for your father?”


The words were like a sharp knife, which made her unable to resist, but it was also like enlightenment that pulled her out of her uncontrollable grief.


The famous Liu family has long ceased to exist.
Those who are alive must live on.


My husband is not good at words.
He doesn’t have many conversations with her either, but he is a man who can be relied on.
He didn’t despise her because her parents’ family was ruined.


In this case, she can’t use the excuse of being sick to distract her husband.


Especially after listening to servant Li’s words, telling her that to treat her illness, her husband was distracted and the business was not operated properly.
He loses a large amount of money, which made Liu Miantang feel even more guilty and determined to do a good job for a good wife so that her husband could operate the business at ease and not lose all his possessions.


Now, she has finally settled down in Lingquan Town, which is her future home.
But this servant Li always seems to treat her badly, as if she used to cheat on her husband.


Although the old slave was tricky, Liu Miantang did not act upon it.
The Cui family is not as good as before, and the people who are willing to stay are all the older loyal servants.
It’s not a good idea to take the title of the mansion lady and tell servant Li off for the first time here, and it may chill the hearts of the other servants.
But it’s always a matter of hindsight.


Else, I can also propose the idea to send servant Li to work in the shop of my husband.

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She was relieved that she had come up with the solution.
The days in the future may be like the spring breeze in February.
After the chilly cold season, there will always be endless warmth.


Although Liu Miantang had just arrived here, the boxes and luggage were all delivered early in the morning.
It’s just that the clothes and quilts are a little out of order, and they are scattered all over the suitcase.


Liu Miantang called upon servant Li into the house to tidy up the box.
Instead, servant Li’s voice came from the small kitchen not far away: “The master will be coming home later.
I have to prepare some food and drink, and the clothes can be cleaned up tomorrow!”


Servant Li answered impertinently again, but it was reasonable.
She couldn’t ask her husband to come back and still have to wait for food to be prepared.


Liu Miantang is surrounded by only two servants, one is servant Li, and the other is a mute who does heavy labor.
Now both of them are chopping firewood and cooking in the kitchen thus, she has to do it herself.


After being ill, her legs are not durable enough to stand for long, so she simply moved a chair and sat under the window, unpacking the luggage by folding them one by one.


These clothes and skirts are a little old after washing.
Most of them were bought by her husband a year ago.
Since then, no new clothes have been added.


However, it’s a difficult time for her husband to do business now.
The clothes here are good enough.
She’s not picky about these.


But…The clothes in these boxes are hers, and there is not even a single piece of clothing that belongs to her husband Cui Jiu.


Hasn’t my husband’s luggage been brought in yet? Cui Miantang couldn’t help but have some doubts.


Just as she was thinking, the sound of the carriage rolling over the slate came from the front gate of the mansion, and the sound of the mansion door being pushed open came next.


Liu Miantang was sitting by the window and looked over.
Not long after, a tall man bypassed the shadow wall in front of the house and entered the mansion.

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