Chapter 5 – Night Talk between the Husband and Wife

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Zhao Quan felt guilty, He try to be a gentleman by helping the beauty: “Xingzhou, didn’t you send someone to do a background check on her? She is just a normal woman from a good family.
Although she learned some basic martial arts from her mother, she is a delicate woman.
It’s just that she is not as good as you think.
She was robbed by bandits on the way when she married into the capital, and that’s how she became the wife of the head of bandits.
She was pitiful… Moreover, her unstable vitals, it’s a pulse sign of amnesia and ischemia.
She doesn’t remember anything about the past… When the bandits are caught, how will your highness arrange her? “


Cui Xingzhou didn’t seem to want to say much about this issue.
He just got up and said lightly: “A sinner’s daughter, and also the head bandit wife.
Why should Brother Zhao be so worried about her?”


Having said that, he took the lead in getting up to leave.


Zhaoquan looked at the figure of Prince Huaiyang, who was walking away with a sigh of sympathy.
He felt again in his heart with a sigh of emotion that the beautiful woman was unlucky.
First, she was kidnapped by the bandits and lost her reputation.
Then, she fell into the hands of Prince Huaiyang, who did not know the customs, was ruthless, and doesn’t know how to have compassion for women.


He looked up to the sky and sighed.
He felt that the beauty was ill-fated partly because of him, he is responsible for it to a certain extent.


Let’s see if Cui Xingzhou can be in a good mood after he has eliminated the bandits.
By then, he will take little Miantang in as his concubine and properly arrange for the rest of her life.


At the thought of this, Zhao Quan felt relieved and took a sip of alcohol from the cup.
Unlike other pillars of the imperial court, an idle Marquis like him have two simple pleasures, studying medical science and the precious alcohol in this cup.
Now the moon is high, the river is vast, and the alcohol is in hand, yet there isn’t any beauty to accompany him.
What a pity!


On the other hand, Prince Huaiyang went down the mountain to the dock.
When he boarded the boat, he suddenly stopped, looked at the water for a while, and instructed the servant, “Prepare a carriage and return to Lingquan town..”


When the carriage returned to Lingquan Town, the day has come to an end and the night has risen with a clear moon and few stars.
Lanterns were also hung in front of the green tile mansion on North Street.


When Cui Xingzhou’s servant Mo Ru knocked on the door ring, he startled Servant Li who opened the door.


She did not expect that the master would return.


Before she could speak, Miantang’s voice came from the yard: “Servant Li, Is it my husband who’s back?”


There is no other choice.
The house is not big.
The sound of the front door can be heard clearly in the inner courtyard.
Servant Li looked at the Prince’s face, and could only respond with a helpless voice: “Yes, it’s the master who has come back!”

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At this moment, he heard the sound of the inner courtyard, and Miantang’s slightly flustered voice came over: “Wait a minute, husband, the house is very messy right now, do let me clean it up first…”


Unfortunately, before Miantang finished, Cui Xingzhou had lifted the curtain and pushed the door in.


Miantang is soaking her feet in a wooden basin, her hair is let down, and was wearing a loose robe, which is not very tidy.


As soon as she heard the sound of the house door, she wanted to wipe her feet quickly so that she could dress up to meet her husband.
It never occurred to her that her husband’s legs were so long that they did not take two or three steps, and he had already walked in.


Before Cui Xingzhou entered the house, he thought of carefully judging the woman.


Since she remembers the skill of stabbing acupoints, will she also recover some memory?


And if Liu Miantang recovers her memory, she either will want to run away, or she is planning to lurk at his side with an evil intention.


In this case, if she runs away, he can send people to track her secretly.


But if she wanted to assassinate, he would give her enough of a chance before taking her down.
At that time, we will also save the useless tedious talk and get her to say out all the information regarding the bandits from her mouth.
It will be easier…


Cui Xingzhou has always been a decisive person.
He already had an idea about how to interrogate this woman.


But when the condensed eyes entered the sight in the inner chamber, they were stagnant.


The beautiful woman in front of him is like jade.
She was wearing a plain white robe with thick black hair, making her face seem to be a little smaller.
Especially the long legs soaked in the wooden basin are half exposed.
No one can take their eyes off her white luminous skin.

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Miantang didn’t care to wipe it off now, so she hurriedly stepped on her sandals, gathered her long hair, bowed, and saluted: “I don’t know that you will be coming home tonight, and I didn’t ask Servant Li to prepare meals for you.
Have you had your meal outside?”


Her gesture of greeting was standard, but it could be seen that her legs were weak and looked a little clumsy.


After all, her hands and feet are useless after she wakes up.
It’s impossible to be as flexible as normal people.
He doesn’t know how she has the strength to control three big men in the daytime.


After Miantang saluted, her husband opposite her did not speak for a long time.
She had a guilty look because of the trouble she made during the daytime.
She quickly raised her head askew to see her husband’s face.


Cui Xingzhou looked at the way she was trying to cover up.
He untied his cloak, picked up a chair, and sat down.
He calmly asked, “Are you happy when you’re out today?”


Miantang felt that she need to have the courage to accept the consequence of her doing.
Besides, she had a good time in the dark alley teaching the flirtatious men a lesson, but not creating trouble for her husband.
When she calmed down after the situation, It was indeed her fault.


She pursed her lips and offered her husband a cup of tea before telling him what happened today honestly.


Of course, she was so vicious that she forced people to eat shit.
Let’s skip the part so that her husband would not misunderstand her as a malicious woman.


But after Miantang finished speaking, Cui Xingzhou remained a straight face, lowered his eyes, and blew the tea stems in the teacup.
His handsome face was as calm as water, there were no emotional shifts that she could read from to tell what he was thinking.


Liu Miantang saw that her husband didn’t have the intention to blame her, and felt slightly assured at heart.
Maybe she didn’t cause such big trouble.


So she took another small step, went to the desk and took the pleadings she had written down wholeheartedly with her writing brush after waking up in the afternoon, and presented them to her husband.


If that guy knew he was wrong, kept silent, and swallowed his anger, they might overlook this matter.
But if that tyrant wouldn’t let the matter off and continues to find trouble, her husband might have to take it up to the courts before the garrison comes to find fault with them first.


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Cui Xingzhou didn’t expect that after such a scene today, the young lady in distress still wrote a plea for leisure.
He finally raised his eyebrow slightly, stretched out his long finger, and took the paper to see.


To be honest, the word is… Ugly.
He doesn’t know what she learned when she was waiting in the boudoir to be betrothed.
It seems that she is not good at needlework, painting, and calligraphy.


However, if you look at a few sentences carefully, you will find that although the words are writhing like earthworms, the language is proficient.
Each sentence holds the key to the town’s garrison crime.
From conniving his family members by flirting with women in the street, to influencing the official prestige of Prince Huaiyang.
Every word is full of concern about the country and the people.


While her husband was reading, Liu Miantang took a writing brush, paper, and inkstone, spread out the calligraphy paper, and said, “My handwriting is ugly, so it is not elegant.
Please take the trouble to transcribe and polish it for me, making it more suitable to submit it to the county.”


Cui Xingzhou removed his eyes from the pleading paper and looked at the writing brush and calligraphy paper laid out in front of him.
He felt that although the woman had lost her memory, she had taken away some of her man’s banditry straits.


He doesn’t know how the rebel Luwen is so blinded by love that he spoiled the woman and makes her so self-assertion and outlaw.


Thinking of this, he gently put down the pleadings and said, “Didn’t you hurt the garrison’s nephew? I’m afraid you’ll have to pay the young master’s medical fee…”


As soon as she heard that he wanted to use money, Miantang finally frowned slightly and said in a soft voice: “Although it is said that Prince Huaiyang is honest and caring for the people, he did suffer some losses by suing the officials with the support from the people.
There is not much money in the family.
It would be bad if the town’s garrison blackmailed the family… Husband, I was wrong.
Please punish me…”


Speaking of which, Miantang was sad.
Her eyes were red.
She looked at Cui Xingzhou timidly like a child who had done something wrong.


However, Prince Huaiyang did not come back to socialize with her.
He just picked the key points and asked gently, “Who taught you the extraordinary skills to subdue that young master?”


Those who don’t know Cui Xingzhou will think that he is a generous and taciturn person, no matter whether he is happy or angry, he never shows his emotions.
He is a gentleman who can’t be more humble.


Since Liu Miantang came back, she has been worried that she might get into trouble for a while.
However, seeing that her husband Cui Jiu did not show disgust on his face, nor did he shout at her.


She could not help but secretly rejoice that she had married such a gentle husband.

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Now when he asked, Miantang answered honestly: “Doctor Zhao left me a book for massaging acupoints.
All the acupoints in it were marked.
I was lucky today.
I hit the target with one blow and didn’t disgrace my reputation…”


She was telling the truth.
When she first woke up, she could only lie down every day.
She wanted to find someone to chat with to pass the time.
However, when the Cui family encountered catastrophic changes.
Later, the servants became lesser and lesser.
Sometimes, she couldn’t even get anyone to help her with drinking water.


Fortunately, Doctor Zhao was a good person.
Seeing that she was bored, he brought her some idle books to spend the time with.
He also gave her a medical book on self-massage to improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis.


To prove that what she said was true, she took out some books from the bedside presented by Doctor Zhao to her husband.
Because she had to read it on her journey here, she also asked Servant Li to help her wrap the leather book with a cloth.
She cherished it very much.


Her answer was greatly beyond Cui Xingzhou’s expectations.
When he looked at the book, it was indeed the notes of his friend Zhao Quan.
Several deadly acupoints on his neck were still marked with cinnabar.


Liu Miantang purposely went especially close to her husband.
Her slender finger pointed at the small words and said, “I asked Doctor Zhao to mark them for me.
I was just bored and wasted my time in the beginning.
I didn’t expect to use them today.
The ancients said that reading books is beneficial.
It makes sense!


She had just finished washing up, and when she got close, she had a clear smell of soap bar and a dense fragrance lingering in his nose, but it aroused a wave of inexplicable anger in his heart.


How is this a medical book? After being marked in such detail by Zhao Quan, it is clear that it is a personal murdering book! Even a weak woman can follow the lesson in the book and pull out a hairpin to kill people!


Although he knew Zhao Quan was heartless, he still had an impulse to put his asshole friends in prison and serve them with all the instruments of torture one by one to see if he could enlighten Zhao Quan’s wisdom.


Thinking of this, he could not help but look coldly at Liu Miantang who was helping him to turn the pages of the book.


The faces under the dark hair of Miantang seemed to be shining with tempting light, and the apricot eyes looked at him with a smile.
Nobody can help but love her upon seeing her.
It’s no wonder that Zhao Quan is blinded by the beauty that he has lost all his sense.


But Liu Miantang didn’t know that Cui Jiu was swearing at the bottom of his heart, so she asked eagerly attentive again, “Are you hungry? Would you like Servant Li to cook a bowl of noodles for you?”

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