buy this filthy and narrow shop.
In addition, in the morning, the local women also said that the fried cake shop has conflicts with the neighboring steam cake shop.
Several times during their fight, they almost killed people.
They had no choice but to pawn the shop and open it in another place.


But because the store next door is famous for its arrogance, people who know the background refuse to be next to evil neighbors, which resulted in no one wanting to buy it.
Thus, they haven’t sold it yet.


As a result, Liu Miantang was excited to buy this kind of shop that no one wanted… It’s a pity for her effort of roasted peanut that did not get benefited from it.


However, The Prince’s purpose is to use her to attract the rebel.
If she loves to spend money, by all means, just enjoy it.


After staring at Liu Miantang, Servant Li kept silent, only to see that she had made a clean negotiation with the shop owner, found a guarantor, and bought the shop at a very low price.


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The reason why the price is low is not only that Liu Miantang is good at bargaining, but also because she says she is in the business of dead people.


The cake shop owner was repeatedly defeated by his evil neighbor, and the outrage in his heart was hard to calm.
Knowing the buyer’s business, he is also willing to sell it to her at a low price.
By that time, a big “memorial ceremony” will be hung at the door, and then the paper offerings ox boy will be put on.
He shall see who will still dare to eat breakfast at his shop against ominous?


Just thinking about it, relieve his anger, so the store owner has given a low price easily.


Besides, after Liu Miantang signed the title deed, it was already sunset.
Liu Miantang was afraid that her husband would come back as suddenly as last night, so she purchased three kilograms of streaky pork in the butcher’s shop on her way home and asked Servent Li to stew it.


But until midnight, there was still no sound of knocking at the door of the mansion.
Liu Miantang was disappointed, she told Servant Li to hang the marinated meat in the well.
Don’t let it go bad until her husband comes back the next day.


When she had dinner, she still ate the dried radish with rice.
Because she was craving badly for meat, she scooped up the meat broth into her rice to eat.
As expected, the dried radish was much more delicious.


But after a few days, the meat could not be kept longer.
At that time, there was still no trace of her husband Cui Jiu coming back.


On the other hand, the news that the fried cake shop was sold to a funeral business has spread like wildfire, causing the shop next door to swear at the empty shop every day.


Liu Miantang took Servant Li out again this day.
But this time, she dressed neatly and went straight to the cake shop next door.


After entering the door, she looked at the shop and asked, “Owner, is your shop open for sale?”


The shopkeeper said in a vicious voice: “It’s not my shop, it’s the shop next door.
It has been sold.
If you don’t wanna buy anything, don’t block the door!”


Liu Miantang was not annoyed but said with slight regret: “The Feng Shui Master said that this corner of the town is prosperous to my husband.
How could it be bought by others… Would you like to sell your shop?”


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The evil neighbor was impatient.
He wanted to chase her away immediately, but he changed his mind and said, “If you were to buy it, how much will you pay?”


Liu Miantang measured with her eyes at the same small shop and offered the owner a lower price than the fried cake shop.


When the evil neighbor heard this, he was not very satisfied and said, “Miss, are you here to joke? I can’t sell it at such a price!”


After hearing this, Liu Miantang didn’t care much.
“It doesn’t matter if you refuse to sell it.
When I first came here, I heard the Feng Shui Master making divination.
If you give me a fair price, I’ll buy it easily.
Otherwise, I’ll have to look again.
At least I have to know what businesses are doing on the street.
Otherwise, it will be bad luck to have a conflicting business.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to sell it even if I resale with other stores…”


Hearing what she said, the evil neighbor suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “I think you are also a straightforward person.
To be honest, there have been bids before.
But they don’t look like they sincerely want to buy it.
It’s really annoying.
If you sincerely want to buy it, you can take a sit first, I’ll discuss it with my mother-in-law to see if she is willing.”


Liu Miantang’s seemingly unintentional words just now poked the pain point of this man.
Now the old signs of the fried cake shop are still hanging next door.
But in a few days, the paper offerings of the devils in animal forms will be displayed.
His shop will be greatly affected.
He’s afraid there will be no people who are willing to take over the shop.
By taking advantage of this foreign lady’s ignorance, selling it to her at a decent price and finding a new shop for himself will be the best choice!


In the end, Servant Li watched Liu Miantang having a heated verbal dispute with the shop owner.
Unexpectedly, she bought the steam cake shop at a price similar to that of the fried cake shop.


Now, she has finally understood the tactic formation set by Liu Miantang.
She started with the idea of buying two adjacent stores and then got through with the idea of combining them.


Although she bought two stores, the price is still too cheap when adding them together.
Even with the cost of reconstruction, it is lower than that of other prosperous shops.


When Liu Miantang finally got the two land deeds, she sighed with a sigh of relief, smiled, and said to Servant Li, “Fortunately, I have fulfilled the mission and finally bought the shop.
I have seen that the two stores were originally a house, and the partition wall should be added later.
The original owner divided them into two and sold them separately.
So it should be easy to dismantle them.
After renovating, my husband can start to use them… And…”


She pointed to the river behind the shop and then said: “Previously, the neighbors said that the Prince Huaiyang had built water conservancy recently, and the inland river behind our shop would lead to the newly built canal.
In the future, it would be more convenient for ships to travel, and there would be no need for mules and carts to transport goods.
It also saves the valuable porcelain from being broken by bumps.”


Servant Li listened in silence, but she admired this young lady.
Although her needlework is terrible, she did have some business-minded.
The shop choice was a smart move.


It’s a pity that her husband isn’t a real merchant… Thinking of this, Servant Li suddenly sighed a little and pitied the helpless smart girl.

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