going to the temple to eat vegan with Princess Consort yesterday.
When it came to the funny part, Princess Consort Chu was so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth.
As for sending the servant girl, It was interrupted.


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When Cui Xingzhou got up, he said goodbye to his mother and returned to his study room.
Lian-Chu also took his daughter to leave and returned to the courtyard where Lian Binglan lived as a guest.


After entering the inner room, when there were no other people around, Lian-Chu immediately got angry, stared at her daughter, and said, “It was not a long ago that we decided to send Lianxiang to Xingzhou’s side first so that we can know what was the situation over there.
It was not easy to say till my sister agreed.
Why did you stop her later?”


The more she talked about it, the more the anger in her tended to attack her heart, Lian-Chu could not help but continue to say to her daughter with worry: “Oh God, this is indeed a son inheriting his father’s career.
There are so many absurd things in the royal family! I knew that the old Prince Cui Xie was a flirtatious man from the start, so I insisted on not getting married.
My parents had no choice and asked me to change my marriage certificate with my sister so that she could easily marry Cui Xie, and let me marry your father.
Look at your great aunt.
If it wasn’t for the protection of her mother’s family, she would have been dragged and eaten by those foxes’ concubines.
How could there be a comfortable life the Princess Consort is living now? Those bad things about her at the beginning can’t be compared with our peaceful house and comfortable life… If you don’t give some thought to it, be careful to repeat your aunt’s life.
At that time, your father’s high-ranking official position also can’t help you!”


After listening to her mother’s boast, Lian Binglan, who was always gentle in front of people, gave Lian-Chu a look of disapproval.


Lian-Chu didn’t notice his daughter’s meaningful glance and said: “It was that I saw her only son, Xingzhou who has a good disposition, unlike his father’s dissolute behavior, so I agreed for you to be married to him.
Who knows, Xingzhou quietly settled a residence in Lingquan town and raised a mistress! Isn’t this… The same behavior of the deceased old Prince? If you don’t take precautions early, you will suffer!”


Lian Binglan allowed Lian Xiang to remove the hairpin for her and said softly, “Mother, how many times has I told you not to be too explicit? Today, you heard my cousin’s words, and you noticed that my father’s servant, Mo Shu was watching over the house outside Lingquan town.
If you were too eager to send someone to him again, wouldn’t you be planting an informant openly? How can he put up with this according to my cousin’s temperament?”


Lian-Chu knew that what her daughter said was reasonable, but she was unwilling to admit it: “Then are we just gonna let him keep his mistress outside? Where should the Lian family’s face be placed at that time?”


Lian Binglan was calm and said, “Didn’t Shu Mo spend some money to find out about the matter? He said that the young woman was a merchant woman who had been robbed by bandits at the beginning, and somehow my cousin got a crush on her.
This kind of lady where reputation has been ruined was just relying on her virtue of beauty to entice my cousin to relieve his boredom.
Given my cousin’s identity, no matter how much he dotes on her, she can’t bring it out to the public.
Since it’s a private thing, why bother my cousin and annoy him?”


Lian-Chu also wondered how her daughter didn’t inherit her impatient disposition! However, Lanlan had a point.
Today, The Prince sudden mentioned of her husband Lian Hanshan’s young servant Shu Mo, was to give her a warning.


This nephew of hers looks gentle and polite, but he is not as soft as her sister’s temper.
If she insists on sending a girl to him, it may cause a counter-effect.


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When the servant went to inquire again a few days ago, the soldier he had bribed previously had disappeared.
When he went to ask the others, they all kept silent and let him return without accomplishing anything.
Now that she thinks of it, according to Cui Xingzhou’s temperament, he must have punished the soldier.
It’s impossible to get any more favorable information.


Lian Binglan has gotten over the jealousy feeling at the beginning and has come to understand.
After she got married to The Prince, she would be the head lady of the residence and the Princess Consort who will manage the family affairs.
She has plenty of ways to deal with the mistress outside by then.
Why should she make her cousin unhappy before she enters the residence legally?


In that case, she will act like she didn’t know anything.
It’s better for a woman with such a bad reputation to serve her cousin than for him to provoke other high-ranked families’ ladies and take them in as concubines who can’t be beaten or scolded.


Thinking of this, Lian Binglan gently advised her mother to go to sleep.
Then, she apply the pearl face cream on her face, tied her hair with a veil, and went to sleep.


Recently, Lian Binglan has taken extra care of her skincare.
It was just because the soldier said that the merchant woman was very beautiful, that it was inevitable for her to feel uncomfortable and began to compare.


However, no matter how beautiful she is, there will be a withering day.
How can a person who uses her beauty to seduce another last long? As a leading lady, she should be more open-minded and not be as short-sighted as her mother.


Her mother denounced the old Prince for being too flirtatious to marry earlier.
However, in her mansion, her mother has complained about her regret many times, nagging about her father being unsuccessful, only saying that she was obsessed at the beginning.
Why did she have to change her marriage certificate with her elder sister?


When her father was choosing a husband for the two sisters, he saw that the Chu was soft-tempered, so she found herself another guy of Lian Hanshan, a straightforward and honest son-in-law.


Lian-Chu scrambled with her sister to change her husband.
After she was married, she found that her husband was indeed honest, but he was also too unpromising! The smooth flattery in the officialdom will never happen.
For many years, they have been guarding the place and never moved to higher positions.


Cui Xie, on the other hand, was originally just a governor of the garrison.
However, he made many miraculous achievements and was granted the title of The King of a state by the former Emperor.
After some setbacks, his family was glorified, and he gradually expanded his fief.


Lian-Chu secretly regretted that if she hadn’t changed her marriage, she would be the head lady of the residence now.

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