”Its dangerous! ”

”He can kill you too! Please come back! ”

”You can do it! Stop this nonsense! ”

Ignoring the pleas of my soldiers behind me, I focus my mind so the huge amount of mana that flows in my body will not waver. I raise my head to look at the eyes of the devil in front of me. I put a strong barrier around him, so he can escape. But it is rather useless since he is not even trying to break it.

He is just standing there, waiting for me to put an end to his life.

A pair of glowing amber and crimson eyes stares at me. His long, raven hair sways together with the strong wind around us. I once told him that he was too beautiful for a man, but he never believed me. In fact, he doesn like it when I call him beautiful.

He always grumbles saying There is no living man wanted to be called eautiful by a woman. ” then he will argue by saying, Between the two of us, you are the one suited to be called beautiful and not me. all the time. But even if I insisted that he is not beautiful, I still keep on calling him that whenever I see a chance. He will be irritated with me but will become helpless and instead, laugh with me in the end.

An image of two children, playing and laughing as they make a childish promise to protect each others happiness.

Ah… Those memories…

Why do I have to remember it now, of all times?

I will complete the spell in a few minutes, and he is also aware of that. Instead of trying to escape from my magic barrier, he even dares to smile at me. The smile that I love seeing on his face.

The man in front of me is none other than Larzul, the Archmage of Dark Magic. His superior black magic spreads quickly and its destroying the peace and balance of the world. His sole mission is to destroy the current world and build a new world where black magic is the only magic that exists. As the Archmage of Light Magic, I have the mission to stop him at all costs.

The magic circle around us emits a golden light. The spell is now complete. A golden chain that comes from the magic circle suddenly shows and tightly holds his whole body. Tearing away my gaze from him, I sheath the sword on my waist and walk slowly toward him. Just like earlier, he is not resisting. I stop in front of him and touch his face. He leans his head on my hand and whispers my name softly.

”Veronica. ”

”I hate you. ”

”I know. ”

”You clearly promised… ”

”I know. ”

”Then why… ”

Why are you

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