Holiday (2).

The interior of the store, decorated with lace and frills, was beautifully filled with female customers and couples.

We were led to a table in the back of the store and opened a menu with round decorative characters.

“What would you like,Schwarz-sama?”

“…I’ll leave it to you.”

The general didn’t even look at the menu, but curled his lips into a sullen pout.
Wait, was it a mistake to invite him?

Feeling a little uneasy, I called over the waitress.

“Um, please give us the ‘Forest Fairy’s Secret Parfait’ and the ‘Crispy Fox-colored Fluffy Pancakes.’ For drinks, we’ll have milk tea and…What about you, Schwarz-sama?”

“I’ll have the same thing.”


The waitress, dressed in a cute maid outfit with a headband and a knee-length skirt that was the opposite of my classical ankle-length work attire, bowed her head and headed for the kitchen.

Meanwhile, as I worried inwardly if I had made a mistake with the taciturn Schwarz-sama, a cheerful maid appeared with the food.

Schwarz-sama’s black eyes sparkled at the sight of the towering fruit parfait that was taller than my sitting height.


“We’ll begin.”

I was given the pancake, and Schwarz-sama was served the parfait.
At that moment, I picked up my knife and fork.

Schwarz-sama’s spoon dug into the parfait with lightning speed, scooping out a third of it in one gulp.
He swallowed it with such force that I couldn’t tell how many times he chewed.
The sound effect would have been, “Baku! Baku! Baku!” The parfait glass was now empty.

I hadn’t even cut a single piece of pancake yet…

“Uh, waitress!”

I frantically called for the server.

“Bring everything from here to here, please.”

For now, I ordered all eight types of desserts on the menu and began to eat.

Schwarz-sama devoured each dessert that was brought out one after another.

“Schwarz-sama, do you happen to have a sweet tooth?”

I asked, and he blushed and looked away.

“Sweet things were rarely available on the battlefield, so I occasionally get a craving for them as a reaction.”

It was quite a difficult situation.

“This shop is close by, so you can come here anytime.”

I thought I was trying to be supportive, but he furrowed his brow with a difficult expression.

“When I tried to go to a sweet shop alone before, the customers fled and the staff trembled, so I couldn’t even sit down and left.”

…Indeed, the previous Schwarz-sama had the air of a monstrous troll coming down from the mountain.
It’s no wonder he finds it difficult to enter cute shops.

“Thank goodness you were there today,  Michelle.”

Did he look grumpy because he was afraid he was going to be kicked out at any moment?

“If I was able to be of help, then that’s great.”

I feel relieved too and start to tackle my own plate.
The three-layered pancakes emit a crispy sweet aroma and look incredibly delicious.
As I cut into them with my knife, they are so fluffy and soft! I wonder if there’s meringue in the batter? I’ll have to try making them at home sometime.

First, I try a bite as is.
The flavor of the milk spreads throughout my mouth.
Next, I add butter, followed by berry jam.
Let’s also top it with plenty of maple syrup and whipped cream!

As I enjoy the pancakes, cutting them into small pieces, I suddenly realize that Schwarze-sama is staring at me from across the table.

“Um…is something the matter?”

Was I doing something strange?

He calmly narrowed his eyes and said, 

“Michelle, you eat things in such a way that makes it look delicious.”


“Your eating manners are beautiful.
For me, food has only ever been a source of nutrition for many years.
So as long as it fills me up, I don’t pay attention to anything else.
But I realize that there are ways of eating that can make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable.
From now on…I will learn from you, Michelle.”

Saying that, Schwarz-sama slowly advances with his spoon, taking one bite at a time.

It doesn’t matter to me if he drinks soup straight from the bowl like a general, but maybe this change isn’t a bad thing.

I’d be happy if I could bring our different values closer together, like our walking speeds.

It’s not just Schwarz-sama who’s changing, I want to understand him too.

…Starting tomorrow, I’ll definitely add dessert after dinner.

This first holiday was a very meaningful time.

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