d until a stable stepping stool is made.
When you need something, ask me instead.”


Once again, I have a prohibition that only benefits me.

“But do you really need to make it? You can buy it at a store, or you can have a lumber or furniture shop make one to your liking.”

To my reasonable suggestion, he stopped his spoon with a difficult expression.

“To be honest, I’ve been lacking exercise lately.”


What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Schwarz-sama continued his words,

 “When I was on the front lines, I ran around day and night, and couldn’t get enough food or sleep.
The capital is peaceful and the food is delicious.
If I keep this up, I’ll just get fatter and fatter.”

Th-that’s not true…

“Eh? But don’t you teach swordsmanship to your subordinates at work?”

When I asked if he was getting enough exercise, he replied, 

“That’s no different from training with a scarecrow.”

A veteran had a different opinion.

“Besides, I’m the type who can’t move without a purpose.
Doing something out of the ordinary can also be a change of pace.”

I see, so that’s why he’s trying to do carpentry work.

“If you enjoy making it, I have no objections, but…”

I prefaced before bringing up the main point.

“If it bothers you, should we reduce your food intake?”

As soon as I asked, Schwarz-sama gasped in disbelief and his lips trembled.

“Is that torture?”

…It seems that’s not the only option.

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