e menu for today was French toast.

“What is this squishy object?”

He looked puzzled as he prodded at the honey-covered French toast with his knife and fork, and then took a bite.
Suddenly, he froze.

“Oh, Michelle, what is this food?”

Schwarz-sama leaned forward and stared at me with serious eyes.
He was so close to my face.

“It’s French toast.
You soak bread in an egg, milk, and sugar mixture, then cook it in butter.”

“It’s really an egg after all!”

Schwarz-sama was convinced and clapped his hands.

“As expected.
Eggs never betray me!”

An absolute trust had been formed.

I won’t betray you either! (Competitive spirit)

He seemed frustrated with cutting it with a knife, so he picked up a large slice of bread and put it directly in his mouth.

…Since the ingredients are almost the same as pudding, I thought it would definitely taste good.

So it’s a secret that I baked extra bread last night.

“After we finish eating, I’ll go buy some lumber.”

“Oh, can I come with you to the fabric store in town?”


I’ve been alone on weekdays, so I’m happy to spend the holiday together during the day.

But…as a servant, I shouldn’t be thinking like that.

Trying not to show my smile, I chewed on my French toast.

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