General’s Aide’s Visit To The Gastagyu Mansion (2).


“Oh, excuse me! I wanted to inform you that the location of tomorrow afternoon’s meeting has been changed from the second conference room to the auditorium.”.

The General furrowed his brow at my feeble excuse (which was not a lie).

“Can’t you tell me this tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, of course!” I responded.

“I felt compelled to notify you as soon as possible,” I added with a laugh, trying to recover my composure.

“But how did you notice before I told you? I hadn’t even mentioned it yet,” I wondered, not admitting that I had been hiding.

“I couldn’t help but notice those obvious glances.”I couldn’t tell if I was being dense or if the General was just too sharp for me.

“Anyway, I understand the situation.
Thank you for letting me know.
Be careful on your way home,” he said, turning to leave.
I instinctively followed after him.

“Wait! Since I’m here, could I stop by your house?”


He immediately replied.

“Why not?” 

“I haven’t told my family about any guests.
It would be inconvenient during dinner time.”

The man who had always been unreasonable suddenly seemed very reasonable.

“If that’s the case, I won’t come in.
I’ll just greet your family at the entrance.
Look, she’s the servant I introduced you to, right?”

Technically, the servant came from a staffing agency recommended by my family, but I decided not to mention that.

The General looked up, considering my proposal.

“It’s too late today.
Come back another day.”

“Are you sure?”

“I said go home,” he repeated, firmly.

“Fine, then.
Just a quick greeting.” 

As I pestered the uninterested General, a sweet, ringing voice interrupted us.

“What’s the matter, Schwarz-sama?” the voice asked.

I turned to see a petite girl in a maid’s outfit standing before us.

Soft, chestnut hair peeked out from under her maid’s cap, and she looked at us with large, hazel eyes filled with concern.

“Is this girl one of the family’s servants?” I wondered.

“She’s real,” I murmured, my thoughts spilling out.

“This isn’t what I was expecting at all!” I yelled internally.

What, was this girl really the “family member” the General was talking about?

She looked so young! Was she just out of her teens?

I had imagined a cute little old lady who could cook, sew, and was perfect in every way.

No, it wasn’t that I was disappointed that she didn’t match my imagination.
It was more like…


Wait a minute.

The General hired a live-in servant right? So that meant… she lived with him? The two of them!?

…was this some kind of crime scene?

Leaving me in confusion, the troll and the brownie were whispering something to each other.
They were probably deciding what to do with me, the intruder.

The servant nodded with a smile, and the general turned back to me with a displeased expression.

“Thomas, this is Michelle, who is in charge of the household affairs.
Michelle, this is Thomas, my assistant.”

They introduced each other.

“Nice to meet you, Thomas-sama.
I’m Michelle.
Please be kind to me.”

Her greeting, folding her knees and pulling up her skirt, was elegant, like a nobleman’s daughter.

“I’m Thomas.
I’ve heard a lot of good things about you.”

She shook my hand with a wry smile.

“I hope it’s not a bad rumor.”

“There are only good rumors about you.”

“Are you hungry, Thomas-sama? Dinner is ready if you’d like.”

Wow, they can handle unexpected guests.
No wonder she’s a household fairy who’s good at everything.

I felt the pressure of the two-headed general behind the small maid, who was urging me to leave with his eyes.

Oh well, I’ve already boarded this ship!

“Yes, please.
I’m starving.”

I smiled and stepped into the Gastagyu Mansion.

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