The Strength Within

Final Admittance

ry building as well as every gate. at intersections, directional signs pointed to every building along the way. After five minutes, Joe found himself standing before a tall, matte white building. The stone supporting the base resembled marble but with a more pure ivory tone to it. The sign above the double sliding doors read Administration.

Those taking this portion of the examination were split into six groups whom would participate separately. Joe became part of Group One after he finished the written examination ahead of everybody else. Either that or it was because he scored perfectly on all subjects to include mathematics, literature, science, and tactics. Being slightly nervous of where he would place after this next portion of the total exam, he proceeded to the admission desk to check in.

After another thirty minutes of waiting, the entire Group One was called into an adjacent room. The twenty participants stood in four columns of five each. Before each column was a blue, crystalline sphere. Above each sphere was a crystalline screen. With everyones nerves heightened, nobody missed the entrance on a middle aged man.

”I am Alexander Merril. I am the primary Support Instructor in this academy as was as the examiner of this test. Before you is an Armorite sphere. One by one, you will each place you hand on the sphere and channel you magic into it. The results will be presented on the screens above you as well as your name. If your result appears in red then you are to exit the campus immediately because you have failed to meet our required minimum of 100 magic levels. Begin! ”

In groups of five, participants began stepping forward and placed their hand on the Armorite sphere. It seemed that out of every group, only two remained after the results came out. Staring up at the screens, Joe noticed that along with the participants name and magic level, their age and path also appeared. Seeing the varying levels of magic from person to person, Joe began to realize he was nothing special within the campus. Being placed last in his column, Joe got to witness the results of nearly every other participant.

With the second to last group stepping forward, the remaining participants gasped aloud at the silver haired beauty who was about to turn towards the passed section. The screen above her read her level as 289. Next to the result was her name, Clara James.

With a slight sense of defeat, the remaining participants stepped forward. After the results were shown only Joe remained staring up at the screen. His level was just as he knew it to be, yet, he was frozen in place. For nearly eight years he had tried to remember his full name to no avail. There on the screen, the truth was literally spelled out. Joseph Merril

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