Whenever the thrill passed, and the ecstasy struck, Dana repeatedly realized it.
It was an instinctive part of the body, not the head.

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“Ha… Yes, ah..….”

Leon, lying on the bed with one hand and looking down at Dana, bowed a little.
Then, he stuck out his tongue and licked it from her temple to her eyes.

Only then did Dana know that she was crying.

“Why, what did you think of?”

“Ah, ahhh.”

Whenever the bright red protrusions were crushed round from the fingertips, they swelled up, and the liquid of love poured out from beneath her.
Dana was moaning out every time, so she didn’t notice the minute anxiety in his voice.

Sliding down the wet valley, a finger slipped into a hollow well.


Dana made eye contact with him after a short exclamation.

“Please, anything is fine, so tell me.
Things that come to mind.”

‘Why do you have such eyes?’

As if hanging on, Leon’s gaze was desperate.
However, in the meantime, a squeaky obscene frictional sound continued to be heard.

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Dana tried to say something, but the rich thoughts still didn’t come out of her mouth.

The longer Dana’s silence was, the faster his finger moved.

“Hah, ah, ahhh.”

Instead of words, only things that could not be called language burst out of her mouth one after another.

Leon stretched his fingers to two and quickly hit her through the hole.
Whenever there was a crackling sound, the flowing liquid splashed in all directions and wet the bed.

Dana grabbed his shoulder tightly with her hands.
Double thoughts came alternately, hoping that the unbearable pleasure would stop but also that it would last.
The feeling of something not bursting made her crazy.

“Ahhhhhhh… That, stop….”

She didn’t realize that words burst out of her mouth without realizing it.


It was not until Leon stopped and asked back that she recognized that she had spoken.


Dana was surprised but opened her eyes roundly and covered her mouth with her palm.
Leon looked at her for a moment and pulled her hand out of the bottom very slowly.

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“I’m sorry to hear that the first thing you brought up is to stop.
Did you hate it that much?”

“Oh, no! That’s not it!”

Dana grabbed his arm, which was about to fall, and caught him with both of her hands.
She was a little silly, but once she spoke, it wasn’t difficult after that.

Leon, smiling at her holding his hand, confirmed his wet finger in front of Dana’s eyes.

“That’s right.
This is how the body wants it.
Even if your mouth is open, you’re not yet honest.”

Even with that said, Leon seemed quite satisfied that Dana caught him.
He looked closely at her with a slightly affectionate tone.
And his hand slightly turned downward again.

“Now, tell me.
Who are you…”

However, even if he asked like that, Dana had no choice but to shut up again.
Because she really didn’t know.

She, who became quiet again, was not working for Leon this time.
Instead, he cut through the bright red wings and put his finger back deep in.
The piercing that penetrated gradually spread.


“Don’t you remember?”

Dana’s blue eyes dimly headed over.
She nodded slowly.

“Yes, I don’t know… Who am I?”

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Leon’s calm gaze did not match his obscene touch.
This time, the drowsy pleasure was so rich that it made her feel good.

Leon was measuring whether what she was saying was true.
However, it was still difficult for him to make a proper judgment at this time.

‘Whatever happened.’

To be honest, her identity had nothing to do with him now.
Watching Leon lift and loosen the buckle of his pants, Dana asked once again.

“Who are you?”

“Leon Tertius.”

Leon, who answered briefly, took off his pants and threw them under the bed.
He took off his underwear and climbed back on her body.

She also knew what he was going to do now.

“That, that, your name?”

In the meantime, it was funny to make a statement, but it was good for Leon just to be able to talk to her anyway.

“Yeah, that’s my name.”

Leon kindly replied to her but steadily settled between Dana’s leg.
Only then did Dana see Leon’s stuff properly.
Dana’s blue eyes widened.
Sweeping through the stiff pillars with his hands, Leon widened Dana’s thighs.

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“How can it…”

“Um, as expected, it’s too much, isn’t it?”

Dana didn’t know the exact meaning, but she nodded desperately for now.


Then Leon’s head went down and disappeared in her crotch.

“Ah! What are you doing?”

Holding Dana’s leg, which was fluctuating, with her hand, Leon answered with only a glance.

“What do you mean? I’m trying to clean it for you.
Stay still.”

“Hold on… time, hot, ah….”

For a while, even though she was embarrassed by the explicit language, Dana let go of a sweet moan as the slippery texture penetrated between the cracked mounds.

A sense of ecstasy, enough to forget the shame of plainly showing the embarrassing part, went up and down between the valleys.
As soon as the red bloodshot fragile bump disappeared into his mouth, Dana’s back popped out on its own.

“Ha… Ah! Ha…!”

Regardless of her will, her body stiffened, and her limbs trembled.
The sensation of lightning penetrated the spine again and again.

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