“There’s no one next to me without wanting something.
So, you too.”

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The buzzing and suppressed voices continued slowly.
And the movement that had stopped began again.
Dana closed her eyes to the beat of going up and down, stroking his back hair with her hand.
Though he looked strong, he somehow felt frail now.

“Say what you want.
So that I can understand.” After saying that, he raised himself again.
At the same time, the heavy volume that was filling her inside disappeared.


Even before Dana did something, Leon lightly turned her body over, pushing her knees so that her bottom was rajsed.
Dana buried her face on the pillow.

Soon, his hand came straight into the lower part of her hip.
While on high alert, his fingers dug back into the vag*na and rubbed around.

“Uh…Uh…Uh, ah…”

Dana began to moan again.
It was true that she was a little tired, but she didn’t hate his movements at all, which were not over yet.

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‘It was such a good thing… Would I have enjoyed this before?’

She was confused about everything, but she felt numb in the corner of her heart.
The memory gap was making her nervous in the midst of this.

The finger that escaped from the hole was placed in the middle of her waist and hips.
Leon set the end of the pillar into the slit and put it in at once without hesitation.


Again, in line with the intense pleasure, Dana groaned.
Her body shook.
On the white bedsheet, the still-drying blonde fluttered around.

Was this the right way? Was it possible to seduce him with her body and be next to him? Wouldn’t she be abandoned after this relationship? Those thoughts melted into a sense of pleasure and emptied her mind completely.

As his waist moved faster, Dana’s moans increased, and Leon’s breathing began to slow down little by little.

More force was put into the hand holding her hip.
He held her body firmly as it had been trying to collapse from a long time ago and was hit hard enough to make a sound.

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“Ugh, uh, ha, ah…!”

The area where they were connected felt hot, as if it were burned by fire.
This was obviously a sense of heat caused by pleasure.
The vibrations felt throughout the body penetrated her from head to toe, making her shiver.

“Oh… Oh…”

If Dana was about to pass out, Leon slowed down and deliberately dragged on.
After she stabilized a little bit, he thrust back in, crazy and excited again.

After repeating so many times, Dana was utterly exhausted and couldn’t even muster the energy to moan.

Leon hugged her sobbing body.
Then, he sat leaning against the bedhead and put Dana on his body.

“Uh… Yes, not yet… Haha.”

Leon wrapped hands around Dana’s hips and made her slowly descend onto his pillar.
His pen*s, still hard as ever, almost reached her womb.
Dana was intimidated, but didn’t even have the power to respond.

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She leaned against his solid chest, breathing heavily.
He twitched inside her.

Exhaustion made her eyelids droop.
Leon patted her shoulder and left her alone for now, as if giving her a break.

His red eyes trembled with obsession.
As for Leon, this was the first affair of his life.
However, it was different from what he had imagined.

‘I was more immersed than I thought I would be.’

Maybe from the beginning, he’d been looking for an opportunity since the night he saved her.

Even so, he didn’t know he would lose his mind and rush hee to this extent.
Even now, she was quivering around him.
The sense of satiation was interfering with his train of thought.

Leon peeked through his bangs.
In that short time, Dana had fallen asleep in his arms.
There must have been nothing to be desired for her after reaching a few peaks, but Leon was not done yet.

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Very slowly, he grabbed her butt and moved up and down carefully.
In the meantime, Dana must have been completely exhausted and slept well.

“Haha.” Leon groaned and looked at the ceiling.

The desire to endure for quite a while erupted at once.
It struck him that she might get pregnant, but he didn’t think it would be bad.

‘So that you don’t run away anywhere.’

He was just going to pick her up like one would an injured cat, and send her back.
It was like a form of entertainment that started with cheap sympathy.
Still, the idea hanot changed.

He stared at her, asleep and yet still so sensitive, and carefully stroked her blonde hair.

‘A little more.’

His c*ck, which had been resting for a while, regained strength, but Leon tried to ignore it and turned over.
Then he lay her on the bed, slowly separating the place where they were joined.
Dana frowned slightly at the sensation.

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