She was just curious about his absence, but as soon as she saw him, her body reacted instantly to his touch.

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The moment Leon met Dana’s seductive gaze, he knew exactly what she wanted.

“I’ve been in the office this entire time, I thought you’d come.”

The movement at first was quick, then it slowed down significantly as his p*nis dug deep into her, filling her up and pressing against her v*ginal walls.

“Uhh… Hmm.
I didn’t know if I could go there… I don’t know.”

Her movement slowed down, but her voice became more seductive.
He was persistently rubbing her cl*t, making Dana more aroused.

Dana would tremble every time and tighten her butt cheeks closely.

At that moment, Leon also felt excited.

“Wh… Where you shouldn’t go… does not exist.
But I don’t really recommend the west annex.
He’s not behaving well, so you’ll seldom run into him.”

As he approached his climax, Leon stopped moving for a while.

With Leon’s p*nis still inside her, their juices leaked through and flowed down Dana’s thighs.

“Ha, ha… .”

Thanks to this, Dana was able to catch her breath for a while.
Of course, the p*nis filling her up was still hard.
She recalled for a moment what he had said.

“West Annex? Is anyone there?”

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Then Leon’s hand came right over the dress and began to massage her bare chest.
He cupped her warm flesh in his big hand and pinched her hard nipples between his fingers.

Rather than hurting her, it sent waves of pleasure and heat through her body.

The moment she felt something wet and warm pass by her earlobe, he bit it hard.
Her legs trembled, and it was difficult to stand.

“Ha… Leon.

“What did I talk about with him?”

The voice and hot breath were unexpected.

As soon as she ran out, she hesitated because she couldn’t understand it right away.
Then he took her hard from behind.

“Uh… Just painting, haeung… Talk about it’s a story.”

While Dana was bent over, Leon moved with reckless abandon, hugging her waist.
Dana struggled, but her folds, which were flushed bright red, swallowed up his pen*s completely.

Leon fixed his gaze on her hips.
The stark naked scene added to his excitement.

Then suddenly, a dense hole between Dana’s hips came into his eyes.

Every time she flinched, they tightened and loosened together, reacting together.

“Anything else you talked about?”

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Leon slowly moved his hips and stroked the hole with his thumb.
She felt his touch on the unfamiliar area, but she didn’t care about it because the feeling underneath was overwhelming.

“There wasn’t… Anything else… Hanh…”

“I hate it when other people’s hands touch you.”

And suddenly, she felt a faint but intense emotion in his words.

“Uh… What do you mean? Hah, hah.”

“Is it jealousy?”

Dana didn’t mind if he was possessive of her because “appropriate” obsession and jealousy would give her a reason to stay a little longer.

Leon put a finger under her v*gina and smeared it with her juices.
Then he poked and caressed over her anus that he had noticed earlier.

“Oh… Hot…”

Dana, who finally felt it, flinched noticeably.
Dana turned her head and looked at him pitifully.
However, his slippery finger opened up the tight hole which clasped tightly around it as it went in.

There was a mixture of some rejection, shame, and curiosity.
The feeling of pain in both entrances at the same time was uncomfortable, stimulating, and new.

Leon’s tired breath went down the back of her neck, making her feel superior as if she had dominated him.

“Anhh, uh… Ah.”

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As soon as he came out of her, their love juices  flowed down from her opening and dripped on the floor.

He kept his finger inside her anus, pushing it all the way to the tip of his knuckle and wriggled around against her walls.

“Ah, there, more… do it, stop… under… .”

“Do you feel it here too? Tightening is the right way.
Like a female in heat….”

As he licked her neck slowly, while speaking dirty to her, heat followed wherever his tongue touched.
At this moment, she couldn’t even call herself a woman.

“Really, even I think….”

She wanted to keep her eyes on him, and she still wanted to stop for a while.
He was eager to fill her up with uncontrollable pleasure.

“Hah, Leon… Stop, Ha… Not there.”

“Not there? Where are you talking about?”

Leon pulled out his finger and stuck it back in her anus.
As if teasing, he drew a line on her butt and stopped listening to her.

Dana grew impatient and suddenly turned around and looked at him.
Then she jumped up and hugged his shoulder.

Leon grabbed hold of her hips, and Dana wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Uh… Yeah…”

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As his p*nis was gradually being swallowed between her ass, Dana pursed her lips and let out a grumbling moan.


As he went in deeper than she had expected, she felt embarrassed and turned her head away.
She was surprised not just at Leon, but at herself as she took him in.


As she gazed into his dark, red eyes, she became dizzy.


As his long and hard p*nis slid through her and squished against her pubic hair, Dana held onto Leon’s neck tightly with her arms.

Both fear and ecstasy flowed through her as waves of pleasure filled her v*gina and swept through her body.

As pleasure built up from deep inside her, Dana saw flashes of white as an orgasm overtook her.

“…Ha… Yeah…!”

The two of them continued their sexual adventure in the quiet study for a while without stopping.

On the sofa, on the desk, between the bookshelf, skipping meals, they coveted each other.
After several orgasms, Dana fell asleep as if she had fainted.

And while sleeping, Dana had a dream about a memory that she didn’t know about.

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