”There is a small tub in the back if you want to wash. We have prepared a change of clothes too. Please use them. ”

Aisha looked around at the neat room. She wondered how long had passed since she was brought here? This place seemed too well-prepared for something they had just arranged for her.

”Understood. May I know what your name is? ”

”Certainly. My name is Leslie. ” The man said as he bowed in a gentlemanly manner.

”Leslie, thank you for your hospitality. ”

”Please don mention it. Im just doing what the Emperor ordered me to do. Everything here was prepared accordingly per his instructions. ”

Aisha doubted it. There was no way a ruthless man like him would be so considerate to even prepare a tub for her to soak in. She would rather believe it was Leslie who took the initiative and praised Archibald out of his respect for him.

However, she didn say anything and only nodded. Leslie left soon after.

Aisha walked to the makeshift bed made from the blanket and big pillows stacked into one. It wasn a proper bed, but the fact that they remembered to give her a bed was already impressive, so she wouldn complain. On top of it was a set of outfits, which was clearly stolen from the village.

Aisha gritted her teeth. She didn know why Archibald wanted to take her back to his Empire, but she should never let her guard down around him. He plundered her land and slaughtered her people. Even if he humiliated or tortured her, she swore she would escape one day with Maya.

Looking down at her outfit, Aisha realized that she looked like a beggar, with her white praying outfit smeared with dry blood and dirt. It was also ripped in many places.

She sighed before walking to the back of the tent, where a tub was placed. It had already been filled with water. The water wasn warm, but she didn mind. She was used to cold because of the purification ritual she had always done under the waterfall.

Shedding her outfit one by one, Aisha slipped into the tub and cleaned herself.


The night came in a blink of an eye.

Aisha, who had already changed into a new outfit, looked fresh. Her previously dirty face was now clean, showing her white and exquisite facial features that glowed under the moonlight.

The outfit was a little too big on her, but with a belt, it successfully warped around her figure and accentuated her small waist, making her look dainty.

The quiet and mysterious aura around her made people want to know more about her.

To put it short, even when she wore simple attire, Aisha was eye candy for sore eyes. The soldiers couldn keep their eyes off her when she stepped out of the tent.

She vigilantly followed behind a soldier who just came to pick her up, ignoring their gazes at her. In the middle of the camp was a huge bonfire, with Archibald sitting on a huge chair resembling a throne on one side, surrounded by his men in a circle.

He was sipping his drink when he saw Aisha walking towards them. It was only a glimpse at first, but later, he found himself unable to avert his eyes or even blink.

The figure of Aisha walking under the moonlight was like a moon goddess who descended to earth. Her beauty was breathtaking.

”Your Majesty, I have brought the Priestess here. ”

Aisha forced herself to smile while curtsying at him. She learned before that this was how foreigners showed respect to those of higher status.

”Its my pleasure to be invited here. I thank His Majesty for his generosity and benevolence. ”

”Priestess Aisha, come forward and show me your face. ”

Aishas whole body immediately became tense. What was he up to now?

She was confused and worried, but with so many people watching them, there was no choice but to do as he said. Aisha gingerly walked up to him until she stood only two steps away from him.

Archibald extended his hand to her while maintaining that impassive expression. ”Closer. ”

Before she could respond, he caught her hand and pulled her closer.

Aishas pupils widened when he suddenly leaned in closer to her. He had one of his hands wrapped around her waist while the other cupped her cheek.

”Y-Your Majesty? ” Aisha panicked and quickly tried to push him. But his hold was very firm as he refused to let her go. His red eyes shone like a jewel as he stared at her forlornly.

Aisha was stunned and lost her mind for a moment. Her hand, which was on his chest, stiffened in place.

The flesh under her palm was hard and warm. His body was so big that she was sure he could easily envelop her in his arm if they got closer than this.

Archibald stared at her for some time with inexplicable emotion before he pulled her again and sat her on his lap. The sudden movement inevitably woke her up from her daze.

”W-wait, what are you— ”

”Since the guest of honor is here. Lets get this banquet started! ”

The soldiers cheered while holding up their glass. They acted as if Aisha wasn there and began to laugh and chat together.

”Did you doll yourself for me? Aren you the cutest? ” Archibald smirked while playing with her long hair on his finger.

Aisha had never been so close to the opposite sex like this, except when she gave them her blessing. She couldn control her heart from thumping loudly in her chest as a faint blush colored her cheeks.

Archibald laughed, seeing her innocent reaction. His chest was pressed against her arm, so she could feel the rumble from his chest.

Aisha blushed even more because their position was just too intimate. She repeatedly reminded herself that this person was her enemy, but her heart just had to decide to go against her brain.

”Look at you, sitting obediently on a barbarian lap you despise. Are you secretly enjoying this? ”

”Your Majesty, please let me down, ” Aisha said in a small voice.

”What if I don want to? What can you do? ”

Aisha bit her lips and tried to minimize her sense of presence as much as possible. She wished this banquet would end soon.

Someone came to deliver food and drinks to the Emperors table beside them. Archibald casually stabbed a slice of meat with the fork and pressed it gently to her lips.

”Open your mouth. ”

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