Ch 10 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Nix1

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If a week ago someone had told Yan Qin that he would be holding the Lin family’s little grandfather a night a week from then, he surely would have thought it was a senseless and nauseating pipe dream.

However, now that it was all real, the feeling in his heart was surprisingly exceptionally wonderful, there was no malice or even humiliation, there was only a brief moment of unimaginable bewilderment.

The young man in his embrace was not heavy at all, and he looked beautifully harmless with his eyes closed, so much so that no one would be able to guess the terror he produced in people once he opened them.

The corners of his eyes were slightly red from the influence of the alcohol, and the serene look on his face made Yan Qin inexplicably feel a little tired.

But how could the young master of the Lin family have this kind of cool and tranquil weariness? This kind of expression shouldn’t appear on him.

At that time, Lin Sui was communicating with the System: [He was the one who took the initiative to hug me, you saw it.]

The System was extremely angry: [Clearly you were the one who hinted at him.]

Lin Sui innocently said: [Don’t accuse me wrongly, when did I hint at him? All I did was look at him a few times, what was I supposed to do when he himself misunderstood?]

The System: […..inverting black and white.]

Although the System said that, it didn’t make any moves.

Lin Sui’s body relaxed more and more, he faintly knew how to handle the System.

He was carried by Yan Qin into the room, and opened his eyes when he touched the soft quilt, then stood on the ground and went to the bathroom.

The temperature of the water was just right, diluting the discomfort caused by the alcohol.

Many things popped into Lin Sui’s mind, some from his first life, and some from his second.

They were memories from a deeply buried past that would emerge once again when he was not paying attention, some were good, some were bad, and some were nothing special.

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He remembered Yan Qin would often bring him a kind of spiritual fruit, the fruit tasted similar to peach, and even though it wasn’t quite the same, the flavour was extremely good.

It grew in the miasmic forests of Tianqian Valley, and eating it could extend one’s life, so it could allow those cultivators whose cultivation was not high enough to extent their lifespan to live a little longer.

Even if that place was not easy for Yan Qin to get into, he still went and brought back a lot for him every time, only telling him that it was a kind of fruit that could be seen everywhere.

Lin Sui knew, Yan Qin was afraid he would die.

He was a consumable human cauldron, the process of dual cultivation could only bring him minimal benefits, but not dual cultivating would bring him no benefits at all.

He was bound to increase his cultivation base slowly, and might never be able to break through Golden Core, then die a few decades later due to being at the end of his lifespan.

Lin Sui sometimes thought that kind of death was actually not bad, but was very quickly angered and frightened by this way of thinking, not because he was unable to face death calmly, but rather because he was unable to face his own self who’d had his fighting spirit whittled down and his determination swayed.

During both his lifetimes he had been walking on a path to become stronger, but there would also be times when he would feel like slipping away and waiting for death.

As Lin Sui fell into this train of thought, his body gradually slipped down into the water.

The surface of the warm water swallowed up his earlobes, cheeks, and the tip of his nose, all the way until it returned to it’s undisturbed state.

The System was a little agitated: [What are you doing?]

Lin Sui had his eyes closed, letting himself soak in the warm water.

Yan Qin stared at the bathroom door and checked the time on his watch, it had already been a lot longer than the time the young master usually took to bathe, and when he remembered Lin Sui’s drunk appearance, his heart tightened.

If Lin Sui really died like that way in the bathroom, the people in the villa, and especially him, would not be able to escape the Lin family’s fury when the time came.

Yan Qin told himself this in his mind, clearing his conscience and quickly pushing open the door to the bathroom.

The surface of the water in the bathtub was still and undisturbed, and there was no trace of Lin Sui.

Yan Qin’s heart tightened up, and he approached the tub.

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He was preparing to look inside when the sound of breaking water rang out, and suddenly a young man appeared in front of him, looking like a mermaid from the bottom of the ocean.

His brows were wet, and the water dripped down to his cheeks.

Black hair stuck to his cheeks, revealing a bewitching, beautiful colour.
Between the red and the black, the white became more and more scorching.


Yan Qin had been preparing to explain his reason for coming in, but his neck was hooked by an arm covered in water droplets, and in the next moment his sight was submerged in water.

Suddenly coming in contact with the water surface made him subconsciously want to struggle, but the arms hugging him tightened more and more.

Light refracted on the ripples of the water, he was given a breath of air, then felt a slight pain on his lower lip.

The sound of crashing water, everything seemed to happen in a flash.

Dripping water stained Yan Qin’s clothes, he urgently gasped for breath, his heart still throbbing violently.

Like a drowning man who had just been rescued, in a moment of life and death, he accepted the gift of the powerful and mysterious mermaid, his mind was disoriented, even though he was fully aware that his fall into the water had been the work of this nix.

His rationality and emotion mixed together until they became an unclear, muddy mess.
The still remaining sensation seemed to have taken away his heart and soul.

He couldn’t help but look back at the person that started it all, Lin Sui leaned against the edge of the bathtub, his downcast eyes not looking at him.

The same indifference as always, as if it had just been done at random, neither teasing nor longing, with passion as fleeting as a fire burning in the night, like it was an illusion.

But Yan Qin quickly found that something was wrong again, Lin Sui’s expression was a little wan, and even the colour of his lips had paled as though he was in pain.

He seemed to be hurting again.

“Do you want help?”

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Yan Qin’s voice was hoarse, and he coughed unnaturally a few times, staring at Lin Sui.

“Get out.”

Lin Sui didn’t open his eyes, pressing his fingertips against the side of the bathtub until they became white.

Yan Qin walked away with slightly heavy steps, his body cold due to his wet clothes, but underneath the cold surface of his skin, he couldn’t stop the heat.

What did Lin Sui want to do?

He didn’t understand.

Holding his heart, he frowned and went to the other bathroom to change clothes.

Lin Sui stayed in the bathtub for too long, and his fingers wrinkled from the water.

The System had already been scared witless from time to time by Lin Sui’s unpreventable actions, so it didn’t even feel like speaking a single unnecessary word after it finished electrocuting him, falling silent.

Lin Sui wiped his body dry, and touched his lips with his hand.

Everything he did was improvised at the last moment, urgent and hard to control, and the feeling of getting what he wanted was truly wonderful.

Unfortunately, this time of doing as he pleased didn’t last long, and Lin Sui fell asleep rather regretfully.

Yan Qin opened his eyes, looking at the back of that young master on the bed not far away, his expression cryptic and uncertain.

As usual, Lin Sui didn’t go to school.
It seemed as though his transfer that day had just been for fun, as had been him sitting in class for two days.

Yan Qin went to Chu Feng’s house at noon, since Chu Feng said that computer program still needed some optimisation.

“Are there computers in the Lin house? It would be more convenient for us if you could use one, then you wouldn’t have to run around.”

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Tao Ting couldn’t help asking, she always felt that little grandfather was pretty good towards Yan Qin, not because of Lin Sui’s actions that day, but rather because of Yan Qin’s state.

It was clear to the naked eye that his current state was much better than before, and not just physically.
Tao Ting couldn’t quite say what, it was just a feeling.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a little troublesome.”

Yan Qin’s eyes didn’t move away from the screen, he didn’t trust Lin Sui, and he couldn’t reveal his abilities in that place.

That afternoon, at the end of the school day, Lin Sui’s car still didn’t come.

He seemed to have been forgotten, or rather, from the beginning he had just been a disposable existence Lin Sui brought to pass the time.

This was what he had wanted.

Yan Qin felt the bracelet inside his pocket, and slowly returned to Lin Sui’s house.

An unfamiliar car was parked at the doorway of the Lin house, Yan Qin briefly looked at it, then entered the password and went into the house.

In the living room, there was a young man with long silver hair and glasses, he sat next to Lin Sui and was briefly surprised when he saw him, then smiled.

“A-Sui, you have a guest.”

His attitude was calm and quite familiar with him, even wrapping his arms around Lin Sui’s shoulders.

Yan Qin’s black lacquer eyes met his as they looked at each other face to face, his expression serene and indifferent.



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