ur, totally unaware that the book he’d casually thrown at him contained such important knowledge, even treating it as some bedtime reading.

For a split second, he wondered whether Lin Sui knew and was using it as a way to test him, but then felt it was unnecessary.
Considering Lin Sui’s position and status, there was no need for him to do more than was required.
He might just think this kind of business knowledge was tedious, so he had fetched it to help him sleep.

Yan Qin’s voice carried an unusual raspiness as he began to talk, low and reserved.
The small nightlights by the headboard were soft, Lin Sui closed his eyes, really feeling a little drowsy.

He hoped Yan Qin would live up to this well-intentioned gift with his abilities.
These cases were actually things Yan Qin would not be able to find in this world, they were part of the things he had experienced, even things he had done, and he hoped he wouldn’t let his teachings down.

The corners of Lin Sui’s mouth rose, looking forward to a future Yan Qin who knew everything for a long time.

Yan Qin looked at Lin Sui, sleeping soundly, and his voice gradually fell.

He gazed at the page of the book in his hands, trying to penetrate through the writing and touch the soul of it’s nameless senior.

He could make out the person’s temper from their way of speaking and their style of commentary, and adding onto that their way of handling the cases, this senior was a ruthless person who sometimes used the most extreme and radical methods to bet small and win big2.

——Astute and unwavering, a gambler with exuberant ambition.

This book required careful study and repeated analysis, like a game of chess.
Yan Qin analysed each case from three angles, the point of view of a spectator, the black pieces, and the white pieces, which was extremely time-consuming.
In the midst of this immersion, the sky unwittingly turned into twilight.

There was still an hour before he had to go to school, Yan Qin noted down the page number, closed the book, and put it aside, planning on closing his eyes and getting some rest.

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As he glanced at the large bed, his line of sight paused.

Lin Sui didn’t sleep neatly.
The weak, pale light of the sky travelled across the quilt and encased his skin in gentle radiance, and the lines from his shoulders to his legs flowed smoothly.

Yan Qin didn’t know what to do with his hands, he wavered between just ignoring it and wanting to pull up the quilt for Lin Sui.

The corner of the quilt was lightly pulled up.
Yan Qin was worried this temperamental master would be roused awake, so he covered him little by little.

It was at that time, that he discovered Lin Sui had a small blue birthmark on his thigh that looked just like a butterfly.

Lin Sui turned over, still fast asleep, and that butterfly brushed past his palm, and in that fleeting instant it was like it swept across his soul.

Yan Qin pulled back his hand as though he had been scalded, looking at Lin Sui’s face slightly flustered.

The young master still had his eyes closed, his beautiful face looked gentle and harmless, like a deceptive, poisonous butterfly at rest.

When he lay still again he was no longer pressing down on the quilt, so Yan Qin smoothly helped cover him with it, and returned to his own bed.

His body was clearly tired and sleepy, but for some reason he couldn’t fall asleep.

He still had a remnant of that satiny touch on his hand, as if the blue butterfly had been trapped in the palm of his hand.

The sun was high in the sky, but it was hidden by a thick layer of clouds.

When Lin Sui opened his eyes it was already 10 o’clock, but the sky outside was overcast, and it looked like it was dusk instead.

“The Weather Forecasting Office has issued a yellow warning for a torrential rainstorm predicted to approach within twenty-four hours.
In five hours, most areas are expected to experience over fifty millimetres…..”

The mechanical female voice echoed indoors, Lin Sui pushed down the button, and the room became quiet.

Lin Sui flipped through that book, and the corners of his mouth slightly rose as he saw the marks left behind on it.

Yan Qin was a very diligent, studious person.
In the past, he used to go into the library pavilion to borrow books to bring back, and could spend countless days reading the jade slips inside the cave.

Thinking about the past, Lin Sui pressed down the corners of his mouth again.

He washed his face and rinsed his mouth to go eat, then returned to his room afterwards and turned on his computer.

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The System looked at the data and asked: [What are you doing?]

Lin Sui: [If you really are stupid don’t come out and announce it to the world, be quiet.]

Actually, Lin Sui was not too willing to use ‘Will of Heaven’ to refer to the System, because it was only the Heavenly Law in a narrow sense.
It existed in the book he had transmigrated into, and it was the guardian spirit of the plot, so it was actually not too smart.

At present, Lin Sui didn’t feel like arguing with it, he had things to do and didn’t want his attention to be scattered.

The System was frozen by Lin Sui’s words, but thinking that Lin Sui seemed to be properly completing the mission, it just fell silent.

Cold gusts of wind blew away the dead leaves on the road.

Inside a small villa, Yan Zhou listened to Song Yunqing with wide eyes.

“Are you saying A-Sui is keeping that person by his side, and that person is doing well?”

Song Yunqing nodded: “Help me investigate his history, he looked to be a teenager about the same age as A-Sui.”

“No need to investigate, nobody knows who that bastard is better than me.
As expected of a outsider-born dog, he’s no different from his mother, truly shameless and desperate to get close to A-Sui.
No wonder A-Sui helped him vent his anger before.”

Yan Zhou’s expression warped in anger, and he sneered.

“I reckon A-Sui is doing this on a whim, is he worthy of being by A-Sui’s side? Yunqing, we’re brothers, you have to stand with me.”

“Don’t go too far.”

Song Yunqing pointed out, his eyes carrying a thoughtful look.

Lin Sui had been fickle in the past, but the current Lin Sui was even harder to pin down.



1 The term in chinese is 乾貨 lit.
dry goods, it refers to a collection of practical knowledge that is simple and relevant, without any extraneous information.
Exactly what you need to know, no more and no less. Top.

2 以小博大 lit.
use small to obtain big, which means to take a gamble on something small in the hopes of getting something bigger.
Looking for an equivalent english idiom got me ‘to throw a sprat to catch a mackerel’ but i’ve never heard that before in my life lol. Top.

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