ows how much money to promote this kind of technology in his time, and the science and technology of this time were actually a little more advanced than that of his original time.
Lin Sui was a businessman, so he really didn’t understand anything about computers and biotechnology, but he could remember the reports and important data that was sent to him, he just needed a talented individual to help him reconstruct it.

Instead of being excited, Gao Jing sceptically looked at the things on hand, gradually appearing shocked, tightly griping onto the mouse and looking like he was going to pierce through the computer screen with his gaze.

“The ideas and some of these programs are especially great, I seem to clearly realise my mistakes…..
Although it’s only a part of it, this is too incredible…..
it’s a miracle…..”

Gao Jing skilfully wrote a new program on the computer, and Lin Sui observed him.

Human nature was indeed greedy, but there were always people who sincerely held fast to the things they loved.

Gao Jing looked into it for more than an hour before forcing himself to stop his excitement.
He looked at the young man sitting in front of him, and took a deep breath: “Sir, I don’t know why you came to me, there are really many outstanding talents and teams out there.

He didn’t care at all about the high salary the young man mentioned, his mind was filled with the knowledge he’d just learnt, which was only the tip of the iceberg.

“I need to build a kingdom that is entirely mine, and my existence cannot be made known to people.
I don’t want anyone investigating your past to come across traces of me, everything must come about because of you.”

“I can guarantee this is not a money laundering operation, everything is legally compliant, and you can withdraw at any time in case you discover something wrong.”

What Lin Sui needed was complete loyalty, so he would show the corresponding good faith.

Gao Jin was not without fears.
The other party was young, but he seemed to know his history like the back of his hand, and was offering him something he’d always longed for.
He had a feeling that as long as he nodded, his life would be changed forever.

Gao Jing spoke respectfully to the young man who was even younger than himself: “How should I address you?”

“Call me boss Qin.”

Lin Sui smiled as he closed his teacup, and the lid of the cup clinked against the rim of the teacup with the soft sound of dust settling2.


Yan Qin had been dreaming for the past few days.

His dreams were all about Lin Sui, but not the Lin Sui of this life.

He wore a gown similar to those of the people in ancient times, his long black hair hung down to his feet, and his passionate eyes gleamed like rippling water.

In his dreams, he appeared in all kinds of guises, his exquisite warm skin pressing up against him, tender beauty stirring up affection, making him lose control with just one glance.

That shamefully vulgar, filthy greed obtained it’s morbid satisfaction inside the dreams, the blue butterfly crumbled with a whimper, fluttering moon white as it dissipated.

How addicting were those dreams, and how unbearable it was after he woke up.

His thoughts were like foul black, distorted lines that caused him self-loathing.

As a result, he couldn’t help but avoid Lin Sui’s glance, stifling his own thoughts that should never see the light, fearing that he would fall into a delusion and do something he couldn’t control, causing Lin Sui to abandon him.

Lin Sui noticed that Yan Qin had been a little strange recently, acting absent-mindedly in front of him, as if he had done something to give him a guilty conscience.

Lin Sui specifically looked for traces on his own body after waking up to make sure, but he didn’t find any, and everything was normal.

If he could feel some strange soreness or swelling after waking up from sleep, he probably would have understood, but now he didn’t understand.

He also wasn’t planning on asking the System, with the System’s moral integrity, if Yan Qin had done something, there would be no need for him to take the initiative to ask, it would just have told him first.

After Lin Sui finished his bath, he looked at Yan Qin, who was wiping his feet with his head lowered, and stuck the arch of his foot against Yan Qin’s cheek.

He used his toes to lift up Yan Qin’s chin and looked into his eyes.

“Where’s your mind at?”

Yan Qin’s heart subconsciously tightened, thinking Lin Sui could see through his filthy fantasies.

How should he answer?

On top of the soft ice-jade couch, inside the warm pavilion in the sky, next to the Ten Thousand Demon’s Blood Pool?

He just had to hide his unspeakably absurd, strange dreamlands.

He could only speak without meaning it with a stiff expression: “The college entrance exam.”

It was almost time for the college entrance exams.

Lin Sui puffed out with laughter, his shoulders shaking.

Yan Qin rarely saw him with such an unrestrained appearance.
Lin Sui actually didn’t smile much, and sometimes his smile carried a bit of hypocrisy and derision.
Even if he encountered something that pleased him, the corners of his mouth didn’t rise too much.

Yan Qin also didn’t know what about the matter of him thinking of the college entrance exam was worth Lin Sui’s laughter, but if was fine if it made Lin Sui happy.

Lin Sui was really laughing so hard he was almost in tears, and he waved at Yan Qin, indicating that he could leave.

Yan Qin put the bath towel back in the bathroom, Lin Sui covered himself with the blanket, but couldn’t stop from laughing again a moment later.

The System didn’t understand, and curiously asked: [What are you laughing about?]

What on earth was so funny about this?

[That look in his eyes…..
Every time he looks at me like that, is because he wants to do me.]

Lin Sui’s benevolent answer to the System’s question, combined with Yan Qin’s previous answer, was something he would probably find funny for a long time to come.

This couldn’t help but remind him of his and Yan Qin’s first time.
The Ghost King inside the Blood Pool was incomparably fierce, and Yan Qin had resorted to using all of his spiritual power to kill it, and wanted to escort him out grasping his sword and covered in blood from head to toe.

But he was already clearly exhausted and at the end of his road at that time, and wouldn’t be able to use spiritual power any more, so he would have to use the flesh on his body to defend him from the attacks of the small demons.

Lin Sui made a decisive move.
He had plenty of theoretical knowledge, so in Yan Qin’s flushed cheeks, he transferred his spiritual energy into his body.

The sky was filled with blood, qi, and the cries of ghosts, and Lin Sui was almost done away with in that place.

The System: [There’s no need to give me such detailed memories, thank you.]

The System went offline in the next second.



1 恃寵生嬌 A specific type of pride/arrogance that comes from a person knowing they’re being favoured by sb.
else. Top.

2 An idiom that means something has been sorted out or finalised. Top.

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