Ch 7 – Second Generation Ancestor x Illegitimate Child: Swimming Fish

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All the students in Senior Class One, as well as the head teacher, finally experienced for themselves the legendary arrogance of the little grandfather within just ten minutes of his transfer.

“Teacher, I’ll trouble you to call an ambulance for them and then continue with the class.
I hate school bullying, and I hope this kind of thing doesn’t happen again in the future, okay?”

The corners of the young man’s mouth were held in a gentle smile as he stood besides the bodies of those people who were laying flat on the ground, crying.
His tone was light, but it did not allow for refusal, and he seemed like a completely different person from just now.

The head teacher’s handkerchief was already completely soaked with sweat, and he nodded repeatedly as he hurried to call an ambulance.

The sound of the ambulance’s sirens attracted the attention of the entire school, in addition, the few people being lifted out were famous bullies in the school who came from rich families, so the story spread like wildfire amongst the students.

Some people said that the little grandfather ordered his hound1 to attack them because they bullied him at school, but all their classmates in Senior Class One knew everything happened because Lin Sui was defending Yan Qin.

Chu Feng and Tao Ting looked at each other in dismay, suddenly thinking that things didn’t seem to be so terrible, Tao Ting even thought that things might be heading in a good direction.

Perhaps they were.

She2 had never met someone who could be so arrogant as to make people think it was as it should naturally be, he seemed to have been born that way, standing at the top and looking down on all living things.

After the chaotic scene, the class was simply tidied up and the physics teacher returned to continue the lecture, but the vast majority of the student’s minds had not been on the teacher for a long time, and they stealthily glanced at the young master seated on the back row.

He wasn’t wearing a school uniform, and two of the buttons on his shirt had been opened as though it was too hot, exposing a beautiful collarbone as he leaned back on the chair, his expression flat and undisturbed.

Lin Sui was somewhat irritated by the peeping, so he kicked his desk, the ear-piercing sound resounded especially clearly in the classroom, and everyone turned to look back one after the other.

“If you don’t want to learn, don’t learn.”

Everyone calmed down and behaved, continuing to take notes of the teacher’s lecture.

Lin Sui remembered the topic the teacher was talking about as soon as he heard it, so he didn’t need to study.
He closed his eyes and, as though he were listening to folk stories in a tea house, began reviewing his high school knowledge.

The original owner’s grades were bad, but the Lin family had a way of letting him attend university, however Lin Sui wouldn't need it, the college entrance examination wasn’t difficult for him at all.

Yan Qin looked at the young master dozing off next to him, and pursed his lips as he absent-mindedly listened to the class.

His mind unconsciously recalled the scene from a moment ago, and every frame made his heart throb in a peculiar way, made his blood flow and gush, and made his fingertips feel numb.

It was only later that Yan Qin found the right words to describe his youthful palpitations.
It was the urge of wanting to push Lin Sui to the altar of the gods and prostrate himself in worship, but also of wanting to grab him by the ankles and drag him down into the abyss to tear him apart and devour him.
It was the criss-crossing of humiliation and delight, the intermingling of love and loathing, the greed for a prideful display, the futile attempt to embrace him and own him.

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That night, the stars were dim.

The servants seemed to sense the master’s mood wasn’t good, and it was so quiet inside the villa that it seemed to be uninhabited.

Lin Sui’s mood was indeed very poor, he seemed to be very calm at school, but the residual anger in his heart had still not faded.

He waited for Yan Qin to take the initiative and admit his mistake, but instead Yan Qin seemed like a block of wood, not saying a word.

Inside the tightly closed door of the room, Lin Sui untied the thin chain on his hand and threw it at Yan Qin.

“I don’t want to see what happened today again, I don’t like rubbish.”

Lin Sui hated circumstances in which he didn’t, or perhaps couldn’t, fight back, for instance him in this moment.

For not letting him live in peace and allow his soul to scatter away, and instead making him atone for his crimes by bowing down to others, what Lin Sui hated was not Yan Qin, but rather the System.
Perhaps this was the price he paid for being the villain.

Anyone could come and bully his person without having to consider whether they’re worthy or not.

What Lin Sui wanted was not an obedient, good dog, there were already many such people in the world, but not Yan Qin.

“I understand.”

Yan Qin responded, his voice had changed to be a little youthful and deep, and his eyes looked cold and deep under the light.

“Take the things and come over, I’ll help you rub on medicine.”

He said he was applying medicine, but Lin Sui just wanted to mess around again because he felt the bruises were an eyesore.

The thing Yan Qin was carrying was a ball of ice wrapped in gauze, which had been prepared by a servant just a moment ago.

Lin Sui’s rolling movements were not gentle, and it wasn’t until he saw Yan Qin’s brows twitch unnaturally with pain that his mood finally improved a little.

But as he rubbed, his eyes looked elsewhere.
Because of the area covered by the ice ball, a section of the young man’s thin lips were also inevitably rolled under it.

Water from the ball of ice had soaked into the gauze, leaving behind a faint wet spot on top.

Lin Sui recalled the way Yan Qin looked when he used to kiss him, and his eyes darkened.

The ball of ice tumbled to the ground, Lin Sui felt the coldness left behind on Yan Qin’s cheeks after ice had been applied on his bruises, as though they had been frozen, and turned to the other side.

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Yan Qin was stunned by the soft touch on his bruises, but Lin Sui was already making trouble elsewhere.

His lower lip was stained with water, and the tip of Lin Sui’s tongue was like a swimming fish, when Yan Qin inexplicably opened up his lips in an attempt to capture it, it had already vanished without a trace.

Lin Sui’s voice was soft, as though he were whispering into his lover’s ears: “You were still too light-handed before.”

The wounds on those people were just minor injuries, without mentioning a broken arm, they were to the extent that they would be able to come out of the hospital after laying down for a few days.

Yan Qin’s mind had gone blank, so he spoke a bit mechanically: “For what they did to me, I still did more than enough.”

Yan Qin’s blood had rushed into his head, leaving his mind blank and his thoughts in a whirl, and he didn’t know whether to blame his moodiness on his attempt at capturing it, or on the fact that he hadn’t been able to.

“You really are kind, ah, the people that try to insult me never end well.”

The warm air Lin Sui exhaled fell on Yan Qin’s lips, making that feeling of an itch that he couldn’t scratch emerge within Yan Qin’s heart again, it palpitated as though something was nibbling away at it, annoyed and frantic, clamouring with nowhere he could vent.

In the world of cultivation, Lin Sui’s reputation had not been small at all, because he was a vicious and merciless human cauldron who refused to be harvested.

Lin Sui had run away from the sect that tried to keep him, and did everything he could to hide his whereabouts and get away from those who were after him.

Because he couldn’t cultivate, he began to use other methods to draw spiritual power from his body, and specialised in the formation of talisman arrays.

A disciple from a sect once saw through his identity and took a fancy to his face, wanting to capture him for cultivating, but because he looked down on him for being a human cauldron, he was backstabbed.

He trapped that person in a magical array and watched as his spiritual root was destroyed until he was no different from a normal person.
Lin Sui searched his soul and found that the man had used his cultivation to rape other female cultivators.
Lin Sui was so disgusted by this kind of trash that, after he wept bitterly and confessed his sins, Lin Sui controlled him into cutting of his own thing and made him slice into little pieces himself.

He didn’t force him to eat it, but rather let nature run its course.
Ordinary people couldn’t practice inedia, so after a few days of hunger, that person lost his mind and ravenously devoured it.
At that moment, it was as though Lin Sui had seen an extremely interesting drama, and he put the scene into recording pearls and scattered them in front of every sect.

Everyone in the cultivation world knew Lin Sui was extremely crafty and vicious, so there were much fewer people with plans to attack him as a result.
After all, anyone would find it hard to react to Lin Sui after seeing those images, and would only be able to feel their scalp going numb.

The System was a little terrified due to his memories, so it stopped electrocuting him.

“Take me to the bathroom.”

It was only because of Lin Sui’s instructions that Yan Qin discovered his complexion had become frighteningly pale, as if he had been enduring something extremely painful, and his back was covered in cold sweat.

He frowned in his mind and wondered if the young master Lin had some sort of hidden illness.
He had also seen him with a sudden look of enduring something before, but he had never seen Lin Sui take medicine.

The young man’s build was slim, and Yan Qin steadily carried him as he walked to the bathroom.

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“You’re more useful than Wuyun.”

Lin Sui’s tone was lazy, and his closed eyes seemed a little tired.

The System said it would electrocute him if he kissed Yan Qin again, and it really hadn’t held back at all.

Unfortunately, he was naturally rebellious and did whatever he wanted.

The bathtub had been filled with water by the servants ahead of time, when Lin Sui stepped on the ground, he gestured to Yan Qin with his eyes.

Yan Qin didn’t react, there was confusion written in his left eye and bewilderment in his right.

“Do you need to attend a training class to learn how to serve people?”

Lin Sui was just like a young master from feudal times, issuing the question to his personal servant in a voice filled with impatience.

Yan Qin was a little stiff, not knowing where to put his hands and feet as he walked in front of Lin Sui with exasperating slowness.

His shirt slid to the floor, the young man was like a snow-white spirit laurel3, Yan Qin stared fixedly at the floor and did not raise his eyes.

“By the time you’re done, I reckon it will be tomorrow morning.”

Lin Sui was annoyed by Yan Qin’s dawdling, so he simply waved Yan Qin away after he regained some strength.

When Yan Qin lifted his eyes, he saw the young man’s half-bent back, the line of his spine jutted out alongside the young man’s movements, looking like a crescent moon, youthful and graceful.

The swimming fish seemed to have escaped from his mouth, swimming from his eyes into his heart.
Yan Qin hurriedly looked away and left the room.

Lin Sui paused when he heard the sound of the closing door, his expression a little baffled, but this time there was nothing on his mind, having long since stopped thinking due to the electric shocks.

The System was very tired, it asked: [Why were you taking your clothes off in front of him?]

Lin Sui: [Do you want me to bathe with my clothes on? Don’t you have common sense?]

The System was shocked: [You’re inverting black and white4, how can you say this kind of thing?]

Lin Sui: [I can still do more, do you want to see?]

How could the System make Yan Qin act blind on the spot when it was a matter of one word for Lin Sui?

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The System was fully aware Lin Sui could do what he said he’d do, so it firmly shook its head: [No.]

Lin Sui bathed comfortably, relaxing so much he didn’t even want to lift a hand.

He stepped on the ground with his bare feet, leaving behind wet footprints.

Water rivulets snaked down his back, and light lengthened his silhouette.

“If you want to take a training class instead of the college entrance exam, just keep standing there.”

Even Wuyun knew to hold up the original owner’s clothes and shoes, but Yan Qin could only stand dumbly.

Yan Qin slowly recovered from his stiffness, he took out a towel from the closet and and wrapped Lin Sui up in it.

Lin Sui was rolled up with this extremely crude technique and placed down on the bed.
Yan Qin crouched underneath and used the towel to wipe his feet.

The young master’s feet were slender, light veins winding upwards, following the movements of his slightly curling toes.

Lin Sui struggled free of out of the rolled towel with great difficulty, not even tired anymore, and stepped on Yan Qin’s chest, sneering: “Those who know would understand that you’re my dog, but those who don’t would think you’re a bandit trying to snatch me away.”

The towel had slipped down with Lin Sui’s movements, revealing smooth, pale pink shoulders.

“Raising Wuyun was still easier.”

Yan Qin hung his head at the bright sarcasm, but he couldn’t feel any humiliation.

He seemed to be getting more and more strange.



1 走狗 can mean both hunting dog (hound) and lackey. Top.

2 Minor correction.
Tao Ting is a girl, I should’ve known from the name but I wasn’t paying attention lol.
In my defense this is the first time pronouns are being used for either of the friends. Top.

3 桂魄 also a literary way to refer to the moon, since there’s a legend that there are laurel trees in the moon. Top.

4 顛倒黑白 means to deliberately distort the truth and misinterpret facts. Top.

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