e it was meant as an insult.
If Lin Min hadn’t seen Yan Qin, she would have thought the other was an object.

Lin Min frowned, helplessly looking at Lin Sui and saying: “An-An, this type of joke is going a little too far.”

Although she personally thought that there was nothing wrong with her brother keeping a plaything, she felt that there was no need to be so insulting out in the open.
Not to mention the fact that even if Yan Qin was considered the Yan family’s illegitimate son, he was still a member of the Yan family.

Lin Min thought about the transaction between Lin Sui and the Yan family again and sighed in her heart, forget it, Yan Qin’s own father didn’t even care.

She couldn’t help but look at Yan Qin, but discovering his expression had remained undisturbed and that he didn’t seem any different, her heart felt a faint, strange uneasiness.

Lin Sui didn’t contradict her words, simply asking: “Jie, have you eaten? If not, let’s eat together.”

“I’ve eaten, I’ll just leave first.
I’m going back home to tell our parents about the matter with your college entrance exam.”

As for this so-called priceless treasure, Lin Min didn’t plan on saying anything at all.

Lin Sui watched as Lin Min left, calmly eating the seafood congee delivered from the kitchen.

Yan Qin also had a bowl, he sat in front of Lin Sui and very carefully observed hs reaction.

They usually didn’t eat together at all, he was very self-conscious, waiting until after Lin Sui had finished his meal to go into the kitchen and eat something.

This was the first time they sat at the table and ate together.
He was prepared for Lin Sui to smash his bowl in disgust and ridicule him by asking how a master could eat at the same table as his dog, but Lin Sui didn’t do that.
He didn’t even give him a second look.

He had guessed him wrong once again.

After finishing their meal in silence, Yan Qin couldn’t help but stroke the thin chain on his neck.

The chain hung around his neck, and Lin Sui’s bracelet was also on his person.

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The day before yesterday, when Lin Sui had gotten angry, he’d taken it off and thrown it at him, and he hadn’t asked for it back.

Yan Qin wondered if the young master had already gotten bored of him, thinking about the words ‘priceless treasure’ again left him a little absent-minded.

How could such words come out of the young master’s mouth? Lin Sui was too contradictory, so much so that it was hard to say how much his mind changed.

Lin Sui went upstairs with a bad complexion, his head still ached dully due to his nap, and and he was in a very unpleasant mood.

Because he had just eaten something, the blood in his stomach was moving around to digest it and he got tired again, but he didn’t want to sleep, so he wrinkled his brows in irritation.

At this moment, someone began massaging his temples, and Lin Sui’s forehead relaxed a little.
He didn’t open his eyes and just let the person continue serving him.

He was too familiar with Yan Qin’s scent, so there was no need for him to open his eyes to know who it was.

Yan Qin watched the young master’s ruthless aura diminish as he silently massaged him.
He often used to do this to help with his mother’s headaches, so now he was fairly skilled at it.

As Lin Sui got drowsy from the massage, he heard the young man ask in a somewhat hoarse voice.

“Young master, can I go see my mother?”

As soon as Yan Qin discovered his mother had been transferred, he’d wanted to go see her as soon as possible, otherwise he couldn’t feel at ease.

Lin Sui had long since known Yan Qin would raise this request, but he hadn’t expected him to hold back for so long.
Still, he had cleverly chosen such perfect timing.

Lin Sui was comfortably massaged by him and agreed.

The next day, he brought Yan Qin to the hospital and watched as he entered the ward.

He wasn’t too interested in watching the tender scene of their mother and child love, so he sent a bodyguard to go buy him something.

Yan Qin talked to his mother, who was in a slightly better condition than before, for a while.
He looked around the ward for a bit after she went to sleep, then quietly left.

The young master was seated outside with a drink in his hand.

Yan Qin watched as he took a sip and swallowed, his face revealing an unbearable expression, but he still took a second sip anyway.

“Do you want to taste it?” Lin Sui shook the thing in his hands at Yan Qin, and curved his lips, “It’s sweet.”

Yan Qin sat down beside him, seeing that the thing inside the cup was passion fruit, and silently took a sip.

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This was the kind of sourness unique to passion fruit, it was even more sour than normal because of the amount of flavouring put into it, and it wasn’t even close to being sweet.

Yan Qin swallowed, then replied: “Very sweet.”

Lin Sui gave him a carefree smile, seeming to like his way of answering.

He knew he was drinking passion fruit, and he knew it was sour.

Lin Sui couldn’t stand eating sour things, and he was even more incapable of standing sour fruit, but passion fruit was an exception.

The first cup of milk tea he drank in his life had been bought for him by a kind big sister, she had teased him by saying: “It’s sweet.”

Lin Sui had never eaten sweets before, and he’d also never had sweet food.
He could only eat leftovers in that home, and he didn’t know what sweet was, so he used that flavour to define sweetness.

After he was returned to his parents, he was tricked into eating a cake with extra added lemon and passion fruit juice, and it was sour to the point of being bitter.

When they asked him if it was good or not, he said it was too sweet.

Those people laughed, and he also laughed.

Stopping his recollection, Lin Sui looked at the cup Yan Qin was holding, and used his hand to take the snowy topping cream from the milk tea and smear it on the tip of Yan Qin’s nose.

He pressed close to Yan Qin, took the cream he had smeared on him again and put it into his mouth, leaving behind a trace of wetness on his lips.

“Calling a deer a horse, the taste of it is really not bad.”

Lin Sui sucked the cream from his fingertips, his words holding some sort of meaning, and he looked at Yan Qin’s rippling eyes.

The faint milky colour between the young man’s lips and teeth contrasted with his bright expression, in addition, the residual moist feeling on the tip of his nose mixed together with the scorching summer heat, feeling like a sharp blade, making Yan Qin feel like a knife had cut through his heart.



The author has something to say:

Yan-ge: Wife is so precious!


1 Idiom that is used to refer to deliberate misinterpretation, to call a thing something it is not (literally being: point to a deer and call it a horse). Top.

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