y face, and I still think I went too easy on them.”

Lin Sui shook the liquid inside his cup, his tone was cold.

When Yan Zhou heard these words, he felt there was something wrong.
This was certainly in keeping with the young master’s style of doing things, Yan Qin became his dog, and other people touching him without permission would indeed provoke him, but when he sent Yan Qin over he wasn’t hoping for him to have an easy time, so why was it that now they weren’t allowed to touch him?

But the young master had always been overbearing, Yan Zhou could only console himself by thinking that, in light of the young master’s temper, Yan Qin would surely be having a wretched time.

“Why is it that I hear about fighting just as I come in? Who made our young master unhappy?”

A clear and bright male voice was heard from the doorway, and a young man pushed the door open and entered.
He was wearing casual clothes and his long, silver hair was tied behind him, he seemed to have a refined temperament.

“Yunqing! Come and sit here!”

Yan Zhou waved, pointing to the seat next to Lin Sui.

“Irrelevant people.”

Lin Sui responded lazily, leaning against the sofa and watching the man sitting near him.

Song Yunqing had a good appearance, out of their crowd of rich kids, he was the most outstanding person.

As far as the original owner was concerned, they were good brothers, but regarding Song Yunqing’s opinion, that may not necessarily be the case.

Song Yunqing’s disguise was not careful at all, and the moment he leaned over, he was able to detect the ice floe underneath his smiling expression, even though it had been fleeting.

In the plot given to him by the System, the original owner would frantically look for trouble with Yan Qin later, and in the end become cannon fodder for Yan Qin, and this good brother contributed much to it.

Of course, from Song Yunqing’s point of view, he was naturally just renouncing the darkness and seeking the light.

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Lin Sui actually had no problems with his actions, after all, in the later stages the original owner had been a bad character, and Song Yunqing’s choice had been the right one, but now the one sitting here was Lin Sui, not the original owner.

Since he didn’t like the original owner’s behaviour, but was still able to patiently coax him, he really had been suffering in silence.

Song Yunqing looked at Lin Sui under the lights, cold indifference written all over his black eyes, and his heart leapt inexplicably.

“What’s wrong, A-Sui? You look depressed.
I was gone for a little longer this time, but I didn’t forget to bring you gifts.”

Song Yunqing pulled out a box wrapped in black velvet from his bag, and inside there was a pair of diamond stud earrings.

This face was Lin Sui’s own, but his body retained the traits left behind by the original owner.
The original owner had pierced ears, but never particularly wore anything, which was the same for Lin Sui.

If it had been Yan Qin who gifted these to him, Lin Sui most likely would accept, but not so from Song Yunqing.

He looked sideways at Song Yunqing and carelessly said: “Nipple piercings? Maybe I would have thought they were a gift if you had put them on yourself.”

The original owner had this kind of nasty behaviour, but he usually toned it down when it came to Song Yunqing.
Lin Sui would not, if he was playing the character anyway, he might as well just go all out.

The surrounding people couldn’t help but cheer, and some even urged Song Yunqing one: “Young master Song, did you hear? Young master Lin suggested you should throw yourself at him.”

Song Yunqing laughed: “All right, young master Lin, lie down first, I’ll be there.”

Lin Sui raised his eyebrows: “Forget it, I’m afraid your words are a little hard to follow.”

His contempt was written all over his face, Song Yunqing controlled his smile and helplessly said: “Are you still joking with me?”

But Lin Sui didn’t feel like bickering with him: “To tell you the truth, you’re not my type.”

Yan Zhou saw the atmosphere was stiff, and was afraid those two would start fighting right then and there, so he immediately urged them to drink.

“Okay okay okay, Yunqing just came back, let’s drink everyone, let’s drink.”

Yan Zhou grabbed his cup and muttered to Song Yunqing: “You were away for so long this time, A-Sui is upset, and it’s also normal for him to be a little vulgar, don’t argue with him.”

Song Yunqing’s eyes were cold, and he smiled: “How could I be angry with him?”

He was actually thinking that tonight’s Lin Sui was particularly interesting.

Everyone drank and drank, and someone brought up the matter of Lin Sui skipping a grade.

“The Seniors are about to graduate, young master Lin, you skipped a grade, where are you going to study?”

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Lin Sui casually answered: “Wherever the exam results take me.”

Once these words came out, everyone in the private room went quiet.

Everyone seemed to have heard a joke, but didn’t dare laugh, and no one dared mock him.
The person who asked bit the bullet and said a few words of praise, and the atmosphere eased a little.

“You skipped a grade? You’re taking the exam?”

Song Yunqing was unable to conceal the amazement in his eyes, it seemed that something had really happened in the time he was gone to make the young master have such a change of heart.

Lin Sui propped up his head and looked at him: “Do you want to make a bet with me?”

“The same bet as before?”

Song Yunqing spoke in excitement.
Their bets in the past had been that the loser would be the winner’s servant1 for a month, Lin Sui had never won, but he refused to admit defeat and loved making bets with him.

“Let’s make a new one.
You can make a request to the other party, within limits.”

Lin Sui knew Song Yunqing would be interested in this wager.

Song Yunqing lit a cigarette with a smile on his face: “I’ll bet with you.”

At 11 o’clock, Lin Sui returned to the villa.

The alcohol made him stumble a bit, a servant went to help him, but Lin Sui waved him away and walked in on his own.

Yan Qin went downstairs when he heard the car, and supported Lin Sui’s unstable figure.

A servant opened his mouth, but seeing the young master didn’t reject the other, closed it again.

Yan Qin originally wanted to help Lin Sui go upstairs, but seeing Lin Sui’s fixed gaze on him, he didn’t move his feet.

Yan Qin pondered for a second, and an unbelievable idea emerged in his mind.

He tentatively embraced the young man’s flexible waist, then picked him up into his arms.

Only then did the young master withdraw his gaze in satisfaction, and tiredly closed his eyes.


端茶倒水 lit.
serve tea and pour water.
It means to help someone with their daily tasks (e.g.
serving their tea and then pouring out whatever is left) but is can also be used to mean being an ‘errand person’ for someone. 



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