d to have prevented him from becoming a villain to some extent.
She felt at east thinking that her days were numbered before she left the duchy.
“Yeah, I guess so?”
Citrina nodded half willingly at his words.
Her words had been shortened.
However, her neck was not cut off.
It was a tremendous feat.
“I understand what to do now.”
Desian’s eyes glistened.
Citrina Foluin made the memories that Toloji had ingrained into his skull disappear.
Every time he listened to her, he felt alive.
At the end of Desian’s speech, Aaron picked up the conversation.
Citrina! What do you want to do when you grow up?”
“I want to make pretty jewelry.
With jewels…”
Desian’s voice dropped.
In another empire, I want to study under the dwarves and spirits in the mountains and learn the craft.
So…I’ll succeed for sure.”
She knew what she wanted to do for the first time in her life.
As she thought about it, her eyes shone and her breathe became a little rough.
Desian watched calmly as Citrina’s face turned red.
This scene where her casual face lit up was his favorite.
It was obvious to him that he liked Citrina.
It was a little more than like.
Although he couldn’t figure out what was above liking.
“Um, you know what?”
Citrina coughed shortly and changed the subject.
Citrina thought it wasn’t a good idea to discuss her future when they were still stuck in the duchy.
Besides it was a little awkward to speak informally.
“Summer is coming to an end, right? The imperial palace has a summer ball at this time of year.
It’s at the Lection Flower Garden.”

“Summer Ball?”
Isn’t it amazing?”
“Do you want to go?”
“Yeah, that’s my dream.”
‘To be exact, I want to be high class enough to be invited to the summer ball.’
Citrina responded moderately as she didn’t want to show her love of money.
The Summer Ball at Lection Flower Garden hosted by the Imperial Palace was supposed to be beautiful.
There were also many consumers there that would want to buy jewelry.
“You’ll definitely be able to go.”
Desian smiled coolly.
As if it would really happen.
“Thanks, Desian.”
Citrina nodded her head modestly.
“You like to dance?”
“To a certain extent.
Desian, do you?”
“I’m interested now.”
Curiosity and interest were a good sign.
He would be able to get out of the languor eating away at his life.
“Do you want me to teach you how to dance?”
“I’d be honored.”
Desian’s smile was as beautiful as a painting.
His smile was too skillful around her, which made her feel somewhat strange.
The original work’s Desian Pietro had rarely smiled at anything.
But now he was smiling.
She could be happy that she would not die.
Somehow she felt a bit closer to him when she talked with him.
She was glad Desian looked a little happy.


Meanwhile, there were also many ladies who frequented society in the cafe where they were sitting .
Among them was Tahani, a knight in training at the academy and a lady of a county.
And she knew Citrina and Elaina were sisters.
Elaina’s older sister was Citrina Foluin, a baron’s daughter, who continued to work without making her social debut.
So when she returned to the academy, she went to find Elaina.
“Elaina, Elaina!”
“I saw your older sister.”
“Citrina? Where was she?”
Elaina’s voice became a little shrill.
She had not received a response to her letter asking for a true sword.
She was still having to train with a practice sword.
“She was at the capital in the city square with two men.”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah, it’s true.”
“Why, Older sister?”
Her older sister with two men.
It was unfamiliar.
Was her older sister also someone who felt desire? No, there was something more important than that.
‘Did Older sister ever talk about any relationships with people other than me?”
Citrina never mentioned her relationships with other people to Elaina.
That was because she was always working.
Somehow Elaina was displeased by the idea of her older sister being approached by foreign entities other than herself.
“First of all, they were handsome! I wanted to talk to them, but I felt a chill and heart sped up…”
Elaina’s eyes tapered down.
“What the matter, why was my older sister with men?”
She replied nervously.
“Yeah, so I went to a cafe and …”
“No, where did she get the money from?”
Elaina had asked Citrina for the money to buy a sword.
Elaina eventually had to practice with a false sword.
Her performance was also worse than expected.
She didn’t know if she could get the scholarship or not.
“I don’t know either.
Anyway, so you don’t know the men that were with your older sister?”
“I don’t know.”
Hani shrugged her shoulders at Elaina’s simple answer.
Elaina who was looking at her, closed her eyes.
Her eyelashes curled down in a wooden manner.
‘I should probably ask home to see what Older sister is doing.”
Elaina was a woman who was quick to move once she made a decision.
Elaina began to write a letter.
Elaina Foluin addressed it to Baron Foluin.

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