next to her showing her a sword, took it out and handed it over.
“How much is it?”
She took the sword and asked haughtily as she imagined a rich person would.
“It’s 800 ceril for one.”
The shop keeper’s reply back was a bit harsh, but she smiled awkwardly and commented.
“Let me look a little more closely.”
‘Ah, that’s at the end of my budget.
That sword is certainly expensive.
I have to buy a gift for Desian too, so I have a tight budget.’
As she thought about the money inside her fancy dress’s pocket, Citrina frowned.
‘But this one is the prettiest.
It has significance too.’ The blade of the short sword flashed sharply in Citrina’s hand.
The sword was quite sharp from expert grinding, and the sword handle was also sophisticated.
‘It’s a pretty sword that even a beginner would be interested in owning, but buying it would delay my leaving the estate.’
Citrina pondered for quite a while.
She was stuck agonizing between her money and buying a significant gift.
Suddenly, a good idea popped into her mind.
‘Shall we haggle a bit?’
“Can you lower the cost a bit, please?”
Citrina raised her head.
The shop keeper rubbed his hands with a smile full of capitalism.
“Ah, the cost is already….”
The shop keeper looked at Desian, who was standing behind Citrina.
He shut his mouth in a hurry.
Abruptly his words stopped and an embarrassed Citrina asked back.
“Ha ha! Are you surprised?”
“I have no idea what I should be surprised about….”
Citrina was puzzled.
What’s so surprising?
“It’s free of charge.”
“Yes? Really? It looks like a valuable sword.”
“It’s free of charge.
There’s a special event at this time.
One-plus-one, so I’ll give you two.”

“Oh, I happened to need a sword.”
Citrina gave a little whistle.
The shop keeper was constantly wiping the sweat from his forehead.
The handkerchief that had been used to wipe his sweaty brow was soaked as if they were his tears.
‘Why is he sweating so much? His body is trembling.’
She thought he had caught a cold since his shivers seemed serious.
Anyway, the shop keeper’s health condition was not important right now.
Citrina scanned the entire body of the sword.
‘It’s suspicious that it’s free.
Is it a magic sword?’
If they were selling it this cheap, she thought there surely must be something of that sort.
A magic sword could cause the male lead Aaron to blacken.
That sort of development was a no-brainer.
She already had an immense amount of difficulty turning the villain into a law-abiding person.
Citrina opened her mouth.
“I appreciate that it’s free, but this isn’t a magic sword, is it? It’s a magic sword that you are trying to pass off on me.”
From Citrina’s view, she had to calculate everything precisely.
The shop keeper jumped up and down in frustration.
“F, Fraud! It’s not a magic sword.
Do you know how expensive that would be….”
“Really? Then thank you.”
Citrina gave a little shrug of her shoulders.
Well the sword was pretty.
The shop keeper handed her two swords in their sheaths.
With swords in hand, Citrina turned around.
“Yes? Is there something else….”
The shop owner looked like he was about to cry.
“Can I get one gift wrapped?”
The shop keeper’s lips froze.
“That should work.”
Desian, who was standing next to her, pointed out.
“Of course.
Ha, ha , ha.
Our shop specializes in gift wrapping.
You came to the right place.”
Citrina nodded vigorously as she heard the shop keeper’s voice tremor.
As they left the shop, Citrina spoke briskly.
“My luck is pretty good today.
I got a free sword for myself and one as a gift for Aaron.”
“Congrats, Rina.”
Citrina tried not to be too giddy with joy.
Desian’s calm voice was a contrast to her own.
Next up is….”
Nevertheless, she couldn’t hide her glee.
Citrina hummed as they walked past the shops.
‘Now I need to buy Desian’s present.’
As Citrina was walking along an alley, she suddenly stopped.
Fragrances lined the shelves of a huge, colorful boutique.
Various bottles of fragrance glittered under the colorful lights.
The huge building was called Meloque Boutique.
“I found it.
Your present.”
Desian’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he heard her words.
“Yeah! Let’s go.”
Citrina didn’t hide her excitement and smiled broadly.
As soon as they entered the boutique, she saw the fragrances on the shelves.
The clerk who was supposed to help them test perfumes seemed to be away.
So they could look around comfortably.
Citrina was struggling with a big display that was twice as long as her height.
‘Is there a strong, drowsy, indifferent, yet sophisticated scent?’
As she thought about it, she laughed inwardly.
When she worked as a jewelry designer in her previous life, she saw many clients who wanted a simple yet fancy design.
She used to curse those types everyday while working, and now she had become that sort of client.
“What are you thinking about?”
She heard Desian’s voice from behind her.
He was waiting for her a few feet back.
“Yeah, I’m thinking about a fragrance that suits you.
Forest scent is definitely a no.”
Citrina sang without looking at him.
She heard laughter behind her.
‘It’s not a mandarin or a citrus scent.
Oh, what could this be?”
Every other perfume was labeled with the top note down to the base note.
However this fragrance bottle had nothing written on it.
Curiosity flared up.
‘It’s open, so I think I can test it…but there’s no test paper.
Can I spray it directly on Desian? No, what if it’s a scent that doesn’t suit him?’
Citrina came up with a brilliant idea as she pondered this.
‘I can spray it on my wrist and let him smell it.’
This would teach him how to wear scent, so it was killing two birds with one stone.
She looked around.
The store clerk still showed now signs of coming.
Citrina approached a full-length mirror with the fragrance in her hand.
“I’m going to spray this perfume because I’m curious about it.”
Desian took a leisurely step towards her from behind.
She could see his reflection in the mirror.
“Del, listen, perfume once behind the ear.” -spray- A sweet smell spread behind her right ear.
“Spray it once on your wrist.”
She sprayed the fragrance on the inside of her wrist.
Citrina winked at him in the mirror.
Desian’s expression became odd.
“How is it? Is this scent okay?”
The air was mixed with the scent.
She could see Desian standing behind her in the mirror.
He showed no sign of smelling the fragrance.
Citrina decided to turn around and show him her wrist.
However, before she could gather her thoughts, he slowly bent his head towards her ear.
Slowly, inch by inch.
“…it’s sweet, Rina.”
A little more slowly, his face moved towards her neckline.
His nose brushed the scruff of her neck.
Citrina’s body froze.
Slowly raising himself, he laughed low.

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