d of heels moved lightly across the marble floor.
“It’s been a while, D, Duke, and…long time no see, Citrina.”
Few people could intrude into the space between Desian and Citrina.
Besides, there was only one person she knew with that cheerful tone.

“Your Highness the Princess?”
“It’s been a while.”
“I greet you, Your Highness.”

After Aaron and Desian, Citrina grinned at Princess Iana and greeted her.

“…the three of you are together, right?”

Iana was certain.
The delusion in her heart was correct.
This…was love.
Even if no one believed it, this was definitely love.
Princess Iana smiled unexpectedly.

“Your Highness, it’s good to see you…”
“It looks like you get along well, Citrina.”

As I said in the garden last time, we are childhood friends.”
Iana covered her mouth with her hand as she watched Citrina.
Her gaze swept by Desian, then Citrina, and then Aaron.
The blue diamond bracelet Citrina had gifted him was visible on his wrist.

“Then, it’s a love triangle…”

Citrina looked proudly at the bracelet and missed Iana’s mutterings.
Aaron shuddered with an inexplicable chill.

“Yes, Your Highness?”

Citrina asked.
A flash of enlightenment struck Iana’s mind.
Twin brothers, one woman, in a relationship, together.
She gulped.
Although she was covering her face with a fan, her gums were getting dry from smiling too much.

‘Hey, what shall we do? Should I support Desian, or should it be Aaron?!’

But Princess Iana was clear-cut.
She decided to support Desian.

“Ah, it’s nothing, Citrina.”

Citrina couldn’t figure out what the princess was talking about.
Desian was the only person who heard the word love triangle.
Desian laughed softly.

‘This could become interesting.’

He tucked a lock of Citrina’s hair behind her ear with a seemingly friendly face.
Her earrings glistened as a few strands of hair fell from past her ear in front of the gemstones.
The small earrings were made of opals.


Citrina calmly accepted Desian’s touch.
Fortunately, everyone was staring at them, so Citrina was starting to feel that bringing Desian as a partner was a successful marketing move.

“Don’t mention it, Rina.”

Iana, who was looking at them with a wavering gaze, asked carefully.

“Yes, it’s a nickname, Your Highness.”

Iana’s eyes grew so big, they couldn’t get any bigger.
This was love.

Her belief was correct.
Anyhow, Desian really liked the princess’s attitude.
It was a new harvest for him.
Note: Basically, this is a lucky break for Desian.]

“Th, then enjoy it, alright? I’ll be rooting for you.”
“…rooting for me?”

Iana went back to her seat.
A handful of frozen aristocratic ladies were gathered around there.
They were not the low-ranking ladies that were present at the princess’s earlier homecoming party.

‘I can feel their stares.’

Because of her friendship with the princess, her future was more secure.
From now on, things would depend on Citrina’s capability.

No matter how much she thought about it, Iana’s attitude was too much.
What exactly was it about Citrina that Iana admired so much?

“Rina, what are you thinking about?”

Desian asked Citrina, handing her a glass of wine.

“Um… I was thinking I was going to get rich?”
“That’s a great thought, Citrina!”

Aaron chimed in and raised his wine glass.
Citrina also raised her glass.
Their glasses clinked together.

“Then can I show off my sleeve garter now?” [T.
Note: This sounds weird, but it phonetically says “sleeve garter” in Korean.
How are you going to show it off?”

Aaron clenched his fist and flexed his arm up.
Maybe it was because he was a knight, but his bicep swelled up a lot.
Wasn’t it unfair that he had such an innocent face and such a good body?

“Like this.”

Aaron smiled bashfully.
Citrina looked around with a smile on her face.
Some men were looking over with jealous faces, while women looked with elated eyes.
That’s a success.”
She had Desian’s sponsorship, and they frequented her shop.
With all of this, the ball could end perfectly.
But there was one surprising variable.
This variable erupted right at the end of the ball.

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