Genfiros, who was watching her sympathetically put a hand on her shoulder.

“Oh, Elaina.”
“Anyway, you didn’t do a very good job.”
Genfiros patted Elaina on the back.

“Let me help you.”

Genfiros laid his wrinkled hand over Elaina’s smooth one.

“How? She has the duke and princess’ favor.”
“You mean the ducal family.”
And Her Highness the princess as well.”
“Huhu, don’t worry, Elaina.
Their patronage will end soon.”

Genfiros raised his hand.
In the image sphere he held, the jewelry store merchants of Dartrin Street wailed in torment.

It’s plain to see that Citrina Foluin is on the rise, but don’t you see that every light is accompanied by shadow?”

In the video, tears formed in people’s furrowed faces, though it was unclear why they were crying.

“Are these people crying because of Citrina?”
“I don’t know.
But they say that the success of Citrina Foluin’s atelier has put some of their jewelry stores out of business.
Huhu, and did I mention Feinmann…….
They also say that some of the nobles that run the top shops are fed up with it.
So we can capitalize on that.
This will naturally cut off the duke’s patronage and the attention of the princess.”

Genfiros laughed hollowly.

“But proper seasoning is essential.
Right, Elaina?”
“What do you mean proper seasoning?”
Elaina asked sharply.

Something neither the duke nor the princess could touch- that was the rumors coming from outside the empire.
In particular, rumors from the Holy Kingdom.

“You’ll know tomorrow.”
“Don’t mess with my prey without my permission.”

It’s mine.
Fire sparked in Elaina’s eyes.
For the person who had ruined her life, she would retaliate with her own hands.

“I’ve already played my hand.
By tomorrow, the tides will have turned in your favor.”

Genfiros pulled out a speech written in the language of the Holy Kingdom.
It was a small piece of writing that demeaned elementalism as a vice.
Holding it out, Genfiros slowly lit the scented candle on the table.
He grinned.

“It’s easy to belittle elementists since there are so few of them in the world.”
“You’re doing all this for me?”

She asked, strangely relieved.
Elaina’s voice softened somewhat.

“For the world to be filled with the blessings of God, there must be perfect chaos and perfect sacrifice.
Driving all of the other species off the land is part of my plan, Elaina.”
“…to cleanse the land of all the insidious species, that is the mission of the paladins.”

Genfiros’s wrinkled eyes still looked exceedingly good.
Genfiros looked at Elaina fondly and clutched the orb tightly in his hand.
Genfiros found this moment exhilarating, joyful.
The destruction of the sisters’ friendship was a mere side note, but he fed on chaos.
That was enough for him.
Genfiros smirked.
Even his form seemed alien in his saintliness.
Genfiros thought.
Everything will go according to his plan.

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