The World Below Surface 16 ☆ The stairs that never end


It took a long time for the rustling upstairs to die down, and then it was utterly silent.

Lu Yan looked up at the ceiling.

“What are, what are you thinking about?” He Lou was afraid of him, and worried that the bastard would make another mess.

“I was thinking, what was ……
upstairs just now?” Lu Yan breathed deeply, suppressing the urge to laugh.

“I also want to ask you, an extra layer, you ……
really, do not know?”

“Don't know, really don't know ……” Lu Yan muttered, “not before he moved here.”So, why did he need such a space? And surprisingly, they never found it either.

What was this place used for?

No, this space had never been discovered, even from the outside, and one could not help but overlook it.
Master Lin had said before that there were no ghosts there.

Was there a better place to hide than that?

Suddenly thinking of this possibility, Lu Yan's heart shook.

Coincidentally, this question also occurred to Li Fang Zhi at that moment.

He Lou suddenly blossomed into a smile, and the two of them looked at each other and immediately rushed over to pinch and scratch the man so that he could quickly come to his senses.

“We, have to go upstairs and have a look.”

“No, not upstairs, it's that ……
extra floor.”

“How do we ……
er, how do we get in?”

Master Lin had said that the thing upstairs was gone, meaning they wouldn't be facing the ghosts directly even if they went over there now.
It wasn't confident there would be any other dangers yet, but they couldn't care less about that.

“Whatever, let's go up there and check it out.” Lu Yan gave a brutal twist to his thigh that showed no mercy at all, and the pain caused his eyes to clear over, “Let's go to ……405 first.
Maybe we can find a clue.”

better than going outside.

Lu Yan cast his gaze out the window.

Outside the window was a thick fog of blood.
People laughed obsessively and wildly in the blood fog, twisting and turning their bodies to move downtown.
Even if they were knocked out of control and crushed into mush by the wheels, they still got up and squirmed, and their bloody faces could still be seen laughing obsessively.

He definitely, did not want to look like this!

At the moment, he was glad he had taken out the others first.
Otherwise, with their minds, they could easily have turned into zombies, and they wouldn't have been able to leave the flat, and it would only have been his own bad luck.

There were only two of them, and even if they suddenly mutated, he was still sure of himself.

He Lou was already standing at the door, took a deep breath, wrapped his head and face, and then opened the door with one hand!

The blood mist, so thick that it could almost drown a person, slowly poured in, and the large amount of fishy-sweet aroma mixed with the smell of blood made people want to vomit.

The moment the door was opened, He Lou had already crouched down.
The other two did the same, wrapping themselves up tightly and avoiding the area where the blood mist was thick as much as possible.

The talisman paper in their pockets glowed faintly, and their dizziness improved as they stumbled and helped each other towards the stairs, each covering his mouth and nose to death.
He Lou pounced on the lift and pressed the button desperately.
Amid blood, the numbers on the lift display moved up a little, and the door opened with a ding.

But they stopped in their tracks in unison.

There was a small child in the lift with an uncharacteristically dopey smile on his young face.

Lu Yan knew him.

It was the child of the young couple on the ground floor.

He Lou immediately pressed the button on the ground floor to send them away.

The lift was out of the question, so they had to take the stairs.
They turned to the stairwell.

The stairs were used as a fire escape, and hardly anyone came.
The stairwell doors were typically closed.
Plus, after the man moved in, everyone ignored the unreasonable floor level even more.
He Lou banged hard a few times and finally got the door open, and then froze.

On the floor, a trail of blood had been dragged upwards.
When he looked downstairs again, he saw that all the bloodstains were also on the fourth floor.

He Lou suddenly wanted to laugh, it turned out that the clue was there all along, but they just didn't find it.

The fourth floor, no, that extra floor was where it used to store the food, right? Just now, they heard the rustling sound of those corpses stuffed in the mezzanine moving around!

Only, the bodies had moved to who knows where, to the centre of the city, he thought?

The blood mist had thickened, so they could barely see anything around them.
Even opening their eyes, they could feel them seemingly trying to get into their eyes.

They all closed their eyes and groped a little along the railing, heading upstairs.

In fact, it was useless to open their eyes.
It was already completely dark, and all the lights in the building had been destroyed.
Even with their eyes open, they couldn't see anything.

And the usually ordinary hallway seemed extraordinarily long today; no matter how they walked, they never felt their way around the corner.


At the other end, the old adult boy and his sister arrived at one of the corners of the city.

This was the “Orchid Jade Pet Hospital”.

“Let's go, the third one.” Master Lin couldn't confront the soon-to-be-revived Lan Zhi Yu head-on, so he had to find a way to start from somewhere else, such as – destroying a part of its formation.

Now that Lan Zhi Yu had presumably reacted, the nearby residents had changed direction and were coming steadily towards where they were.
The smiles they wore on their faces gradually stiffened, their faces turning a little green and white, their skin drying out a little.

And as their skin dried, the blood mist surrounding them grew even thicker.

Luckily, they had two zombies, which had been refined for many years.
Their killing power was naturally not comparable to that of the inhabitants of the first mutation.
Protected by the two zombies, the two entered the Orchid Jade Pet Hospital.

The pet hospital was no better, all the animals had been drained of their flesh and blood, and only white skeletons remained in the cages.

“Brother, I ……
I've wanted to ask you for a long time.” Senior Sister Li suddenly asked, “Is it true that what you gave them was a charm to make them resist?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What do I mean? Senior Brother, you should know very well.” Senior Sister Li said, “Are you really destroying the formations? Why do these formations look so familiar to me? Why did you not allow the other uncles to go out of the mountain when they obviously said they could? Saying that you can solve it yourself, yet you only brought me and two jumping undead?” Senior Sister Li did not evade and looked straight at Senior Brother Lin, “You chose me because you think I am still the same senior sister who is not good at formations, right? Thirty years ago, you suddenly returned to the village with a broken heart, then cultivated your body and concentrated on cultivation.
Your uncles and aunts all thought you had changed your nature, but who were you changing your nature for? What have you been studying all these years? Although I'm not good at some of the arts, I can see that you're not destroying the great formation, you're clearly releasing it!”

With every word, the old mature teenager's face became more gloomy.
At this moment, where was the pitiful demeanour he had when he first arrived? The lights inside the pet hospital were dim, illuminating his face in obscurity.

Master Li said bitterly, “You're going against the ancestral teachings! The Ancestor will not forgive you!”

“As long as she can live.
We can live with the heavens, why do I need anyone's forgiveness?” Master Lin had regained his composure, “I wanted to keep you until the end and let you go in peace, but now it seems that ……
cannot keep you.”

At this moment, the three, still feeling their way up the stairs, had been walking for a long, long time.
How could they not feel their way to the corner of the railing?

They all couldn't help but wonder: were they ……
really going up the stairs?

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