puddled out, he rolled on the ground as best he could.
He issued a plea for help in a voice that was already hoarse from the fire.

“Help me.

To his despair, the big guys were too far away for anyone to save him.
When they saw him struggling to roll his body to tumble over, the yellow-haired youth snatched the iron bar from Lu Yan's hand and stabbed the other man further away.

With his hands still sweating, he subconsciously turned his head and said, “Brother Lou, he he is soft.”

The touch coming from the end of the iron rod was different from the cold, rigid, metallic feel of the zombie before.

He had really ……
become human again.

Should we save him?

Everyone subconsciously avoided the question.

“How can he become human again when we've obviously watched him turn into a zombie? There must still be some curse on him.”

“Yeah, that's right.
He's already turned into a zombie, so who knows if something tricked us?”

“Besides, even if we were to save him now, it's too late.
There's no fire extinguisher here.
How can we save him?”

They untutoredly found an excellent reason to keep an eye on their surroundings while keeping a close eye on the whole process of the zombie being burned.
This experience might come in handy later.

Lu Yan spoke up, “Or else ……”

The other man stopped him, “Or else what? Are you going to save him? Who knows if it's a human or a zombie now?”

So Lu Yan had to shrink back.
He inclined his head and covered his nose.
Several other people thought he had never seen it before and didn't pay attention to him or care.

Under the brim of his hat, a hint of mockery darted across his eyes.

“Save ……
me …….”

The struggling humanoid kept screaming miserably but at last ran out of struggle, gradually shrinking into a dark, unidentified mass, bubbling with grease, dripping down drop by drop, splashing into the flames.

The air smelled like charred meat.

You won't save me?

Why didn't you save me?


If you want to die, let's all die together!!!

The tall, thin man tried to recall the scene's layout he had seen earlier.
His eyeballs had been scalded, and he could not see.
With the last bit of strength he used, he got up and rushed towards the nearest pole beside him, hugging it with his body full of flames.

Soon he was motionless, but the corpse was still clinging to the pole with flames.

No one knew that the last expression on this corpse's face before it died was a smile.

The others didn't care if he died or not.

The only thing they cared about was that – on the pole – were two flyers of that woman.

“Fucking crazy! Why drag us into your own death?!”

They were really going mad.

The flyers were smeared with a black, oily, unknown substance.
The edges burned by fire and began to yellow and curl inwards ……

Not just one, but almost all of the flyers began to show signs of curling before the fire.

It's over ……

This was the thought of almost everyone present.


The crowd scattered and fled.

Running was useless as the woman's expression grew twisted and grim as she glared at everyone sternly.
In the next instant, she opened her mouth, and her long, bright red tongue protruded from two rows of thin, white, sharp teeth.
It looked soft but was so fast that it pierced the chest of the young man who had thrown the lighter before and then pulled back!

The young man didn't even have time to scream before he was dragged into the woman's open mouth.

There wasn't even a chewing sound this time, and a man had disappeared.

Worse still, the blood mist became incomparably thicker in an instant.

Through the thick layer of blood mist, Lu Yan saw that the woman's expression was not happy that she had eaten one person.
Instead, her cold and gloomy gaze darted over the others as if she was wondering which one she should eat next.

The only redeeming feature was that the woman did not need to devour the others through the blood mist now.
It preferred to use its own tongue to get a good taste.
For this reason, Lu Yan felt no more than breathless in the smoke as he struggled to dispel the sticky, bloody fog and went carefully to find what he wanted.

This ……
doesn't seem to be entirely up to snuff.

But let's try it first.

Lu Yan stepped away and walked in a particular direction, picking up whatever was on the ground.

Instead of fleeing as far as the others, he advanced inside the station, dragging a black mass in his hand through the heavy blood fog and straight to the ticket window.

Behind him, a man raised his knife ……

Lu Yan suddenly turned around.

The blood fog was utterly unable to affect him.
As the two were separated by a close distance, Lu Yan quickly spotted who it was.

“What do you want?!” He let out a terrified shout.

If the man had been able to see his expression through the blood mist, or at least see his eyes clearly hidden under his hat, he would at least not have chosen to offend him.

The next second, the noise returned to silence in the blood mist.

“Cackle cackle ……” the sound of chewing rang out.


At the other end, the blood fog grew thicker and thicker.

Everyone ran apart, with only the scarlet hue so thick in their eyes that they could not see clearly around them.
Their nostrils were equally filled with the heavy smell of blood as if, instantly, the place had become a blood prison on earth.

Behind the figure, a long, slippery tongue slowly emerged.

The tongue slowly rose up and was about to wrap itself around the figure's neck.
The next moment, it stopped as if making a difficult decision and gradually disappeared into the same place.

The blood mist came and went quickly, and in no time, the space returned to the original scene as if the blood red in front of them was an illusion.

“What's going on here? Are we saved?”

The yellow-haired young man was in a state of shock and disbelief.
He had just run far, far away, and when he opened his eyes, he found himself back in his original position, standing in front of the station.
Not far in front of him was an electric pole with an unknown black substance, still giving off a burnt smell.

All the women's posters regained their composure with gentle looks on their faces.

Lu Yan came out of the station.
He seemed a little frail, greeted the yellow-haired young man when he saw him and asked him in a sad tone, “Are you all okay now? How many of you are still there?”

The yellow-haired young man sighed, “I don't know, just wait.
They'll be here later.”

And who broke the game? How on earth did he find his way to life?

Was it Brother Lou? Or the Lai sisters?

He didn't count out the rotten and timid youth in front of him.

“That's strange.
Where's that guy's ……?” The yellow-haired youth was scrupulous and didn't say the word corpse out loud.
He raised his chin, indicating that the charred mass of the corpse under the pole was gone.

Lu Yan was equally surprised and shook his head, “I don't know, I didn't see it when I came over just now either.
Could it have been ……” he made a slight allusion to the poster on the pole.

“Didn't expect that, and with a barbecue.” Yellow hair muttered.


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