The World Below Surface 8 ☆ Where did he go?


People like them have no sympathy for people from the same world as themselves, let alone NPCs from another world.
It was only fitting that he sat inside the living room and watched Lu Yan go about his business.

Huang Mao hooked up the footage to the TV, and everyone sat ready to watch.

The picture started a little shaky.
They watched Lu Yan pass through the checkpoint, enter the door and round a few corners.
Into view was a tall glass wall, behind which were bubbling deep blue waters and countless colourful ocean fish.

“This is the largest viewing area of the Oceanarium.” The voice of Lu Yan's introduction came over the screen.

As the screen moved, Lu Yan could be seen walking along the glass wall, and he seemed to be admiring this beautiful sea view.
Immediately afterwards, he stepped back, presumably to allow the camera to capture the panoramic view.

“In the past, when I followed, I topped out to the door for fear of him finding out, so I didn't know where he had gone to visit, so I had to film the entire view from the Oceanarium.
Please judge.”

Lu Yan crumbled as he stepped back, and he seemed to adjust the satchel strap so that the camera was aimed at the glass wall.

There seemed to be only uncountable fish and various underwater creatures.

A sea turtle that had been alive for who knows how long slowly swam by.

They have to say Lu Yan's photo-taking skills are still good.
Suppose they don't consider the pressing circumstances right now.
In that case, they could still appreciate some of the beauty of the ocean he had captured.

But now ……
who wants to see the view?

To make sure to get all the key information, they also had to sit down and look carefully for fear of missing some clues.

After about five or six minutes, the sound of frying in a pan came from the kitchen, and the TV screen was finally planning to change to a different screen.

“Now, I'm going to the next slightly smaller viewing area, and I'll see if ……
has any staff I can ask.”

The camera screen pans as the owner walks, but unfortunately, the Oceanarium was empty and cold.
It's still a weekday, so he only runs into a few people.

At some point, several people in front of the television began to stare at the picture with rapt attention.
Their heart rose and fell closely with the movement of the camera.

It was as if ……
it was as if something was going to happen the next moment.

A song was playing in the Oceanarium.

Soft, soft female voices, with unknown dialects, sang never heard before the song……
make for a fascinating listen.

Lu Yan seemed oblivious and was still looking around.
Still, the faint sound of the song he recorded had wrapped itself around everyone's heart and soul in a silky way.

It's sad ……

That pain, sadness, the resignation of being betrayed ……

Why do you do this to me? Why? What have I done wrong?

Why do I have to put up with this? Why can't I have a peaceful life?

The song eventually became increasingly shrill and harsh, and the water in several tanks in the Oceanarium seemed to splash up.

The few people in front of the TV had become wholly absorbed in the woman's painfully sad song.

At the end of the song, at last, the lyrics appeared that they could understand.

It was the three words that appeared over and over again :

Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell, go to hell, go to hell ……

In the kitchen, chopping vegetables gradually overlapped with the song, forming a strange beat.

Lu Yan seemed not to hear the singing outside, his eyes were tearing up, but his clothes were deceased mound lamp coins (4) taken.

Another ticket has been invalidated.

Lu Yan was busy stir-frying.
A plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes was ready.
He pushed open the kitchen door and set the plate carefully on the table while blowing on his burned-red hands.

The living room had been completely transformed, except for Li Fang Yu, who was still sitting, and the others were all crying and wailing.

One of their limbs had already stiffened a little.

Lu Yan dodged the group of demons about to bash their heads on the floor and went to the television.

The camera, which had only been filming scenes from various scenic spots, was suddenly raised.
Immediately afterwards, the camera aimed at Lu Yan's own face.

The familiar face showed a smile on the screen, “Did you hear that?”


Lu Yan turned off the television, copied a vase from the side with his hand, and smashed it against it.

In an instant, the glass shattered.

The song came to a screeching halt, and a loud bang caused the bodies of the few people crying in pain to stiffen and slowly calm down.

He Lou shook his head, he was the earliest one to come to his senses, and after recalling what had just happened, his pupils shrank: “The song just came back?”

Joy, anger, sorrow, the next song will most likely be ……” Lu Yan did not say it explicitly.

“I was frying in the kitchen and didn't hear the song, then it got louder and louder, so I rushed out and had to turn the TV off.” Lu Yan's face was a little pale; the ends of his eyes were red with tear stains, so he was obviously affected by it.

“Is everyone okay?”

Several other people came to their senses one after another, as for the one with stiff limbs ……
He Lou asked, “Do you have any glutinous rice at home? Quickly bring some.”

According to the information he searched, Lan Zhiyu wasn't raising brats.
What she was growing was simply zombies!

After He Lou posted some posts on certain specific websites.
A user who called himself a Wu Wei Taoist replied to him with the answer.
To prevent a person from becoming a zombie, all one had to do was bring him into the sunlight when he was unformed, sprinkle glutinous rice and chicken blood, and have a copper coin to suppress it.
If there was a wound, it should also be washed with glutinous rice.
After the blackness has dissipated, he should be allowed to straddle a fire bowl, sunbathe, or eliminate the yin energy from his body.

This reminds He Lou of the zombie series he saw as a child.

The man whose limbs were gradually stiffening and whose face was turning blue was Huang Mao.
He Lou, Li Fang Zhi and Feng Chu Chu held him down, controlling him in the sunlight as he struggled with ragged breaths.

The nails on his outstretched hands were gradually darkening and sharpening ……

“I'll find it right away! Wait for me!” Lu Yan immediately ran to the kitchen and rummaged around.
At the same time, He Lou held the man down while yelling, “Is there any chicken blood? You can use chicken blood!”

Lu Yan responded equally loudly, “No!”

“Hurry up!”

“Right away! It'll be ready soon.”

Saying that Lu Yan had already found a bag of glutinous rice, “Glutinous rice found! How do I use it?”

“Just sprinkle it! Align it!”

Lu Yan hurriedly ran with a big bag of glutinous rice in his arms, grabbed a handful and sprinkled it on Huang Mao's head.

It was like a few drops of water poured on hot oil, and the sound of stinging and stabbing rang out continuously.

Seeing it was working, Lu Yan hurriedly sprinkled more, from head to tail.
When the white glutinous rice was spotted on the stiff body, white smoke suddenly rose up.
The sound of nuisance did not stop; when it landed on the ground, it turned into a black, unknown object.

“Go on! Quickly!”

The struggling Huang Mao finally quieted as the bag of glutinous rice was about to be scattered.
The dark blue that had flushed his skin gradually faded away, the skin tone belonging to a human slowly revealed itself, and his breathing slowed down.

He Lou breathed a sigh of relief.

Ever since the tall, thin man had been burned at that unknown station and turned back from a zombie to a human instead, he had suspected that the transformation of a human into a zombie could be reversed for a while and that burning with fire was too extreme.
He was unwilling to use such a method until it was indispensable.

Therefore, he used the clue from Lan Zhiyu as bait and posted the message on several unique websites, which garnered a large number of responses in a short time.

Now the method provided by that person was correct.

Huang Mao's soul was going to fly when he was pinned underneath three men, his head full of black and white glutinous rice grains that fell down when he moved.
Huang Mao said with a bitter face, “Brother Lou, can you let go of me now? I feel like I'm recovering.”

Only when he heard him speak did He Lou really let go, and a few people stood up to pat the dust and look at Huang Mao, lying on the floor gasping for air.

“I'm much better now.
I just still don't feel too well.
I'll stay here in the sun for a while longer.” Huang Mao said, drained of energy.

Lu Yan brought him a chair and took a broom to sweep up the glutinous rice scattered on the floor.

Frankly speaking, Huang Mao's conscience was a little uneasy at this point as an NPC.

“So what? Can you please bring the rice over for me later? I'll eat here.” Huang Mao tried.

Do you eat spicy food? Is there anything you should avoid? I'm afraid my cooking is not to your taste.” Lu Yan smiled warmly and gently.

He was always patient when dealing with people who were about to die.

“Just feel free.” Huang Mao could already smell the food's aroma and thought it should be alright.

What's more, how could it be worse than mouldy bread full of maggots?

He wasn't sure if it was the after-effects, but Huang Mao felt that the sunlight was particularly blinding.
Still, he was afraid of the sun when he thought of zombies, so he forced himself to sit in the sunlight, turning around every now and then to ensure that his body got plenty of the sun.

The group settled, cleaned up and sat at the lunch table.

The video was definitely not to be watched again, and He Lou had to ask himself.

Lu Yan was also confused and said, “But ……
I didn't hear the song when I was at the Oceanarium.”

Then ……
where did this singing come from?

Lu Yan's answer made several people's hearts chill a little.
Especially Huang Mao, who was almost turned into a zombie, and now his body had no strength.
If he heard singing again without notice, the first one to mutate would definitely be him!

“Didn't you encounter anything unusual in the Oceanarium?”

Lu Yan shook his head: “No, there were very few people at the Oceanarium today, so I didn't meet anyone.
Before coming back, I went around all the places, even the gents.”

He looked at the time, lowered his voice and pointed upstairs, “He should be passing soon too.”

The group fell silent.

After a tasteless meal, the hour hand slowly turned to two o'clock.

According to the pattern Lu Yan had discovered, the neighbour should be going out.

He ……
wasn't right, it, would it see the body at the door?

The soundproofing of this flat was quite good.
If the sound was not loud, like the kind of meat chopping in the middle of the night every day, the everyday sounds couldn't be heard.

He was unsure of the species of his upstairs neighbours, so he did not dare to open the door to confirm, so he asked everyone to listen with their ears on the wall.

The sound of the door slamming shut reached his ears with an unmistakable thud.

Was he the one who had gone out?

The door to Lu Yan's room faced the lift, and He Lou called Feng Chu Chu to stare out through the cat's eye.

A short while later, Feng Chu Chu shivered and came down the door.
Lu Yan was standing by the window next to Huang Mao, sitting lazily in the sun.
After a moment, Lu Yan said, “He's gone.”

He saw the man's figure striding away, still carrying an oddly large bag.

At that, He Lou and the others immediately gathered at the window.
They watched together as the tightly wrapped black figure left.

Somehow, He Lou always felt that this figure was a bit familiar.

“Gone? Is he really gone?”Feng Chu Chu glanced up at the cat's eye again, a glance that caused him to instantly fall into an ice cave and fall heavily back onto the floor.

“Then why? Why is it still red when you look through the cat's eye?”

“Red? Where's red?” Lu Yan walked over in surprise and darted a glance towards the cat's eye, “No, are you looking at it wrong?”

He helped Feng Chu Chu, who was shivering with cold, up, “Could it be that you didn't sleep well last night or were too stressed out and misread it?”

Lu Yan looked straight into Feng Chu Chu's eyes as he spoke, his voice carrying a slightly strange taste.

“Impossible, I clearly saw it just now ……
I saw ……” Yeah, what did I see? Feng Chu Chu shook her head, “Maybe I was stressed out, and I was the one who saw it wrong.”

Lu Yan said peacefully, “Then do you want to return to your room and rest? I'll call you when it's time to eat.”


Feng Chu Chu couldn't help but feel a little grateful to Lu Yan.

He was a bit stupid, but he was really too kind.

Feng Chu Chu couldn't help but ask, “Won't anyone usually bully you in life like this?”

Lu Yan seemed a bit confused: “Bullying me? Why? Everyone is very nice to me.” He waved his hand repeatedly, “Just like you guys have been to me, you've been so kind to me and saved my life.
Of course, I have to repay.”

He spoke so earnestly that Feng Chu Chu did not know whether his words were sincere or sarcastic.
Seeing that there was nothing else to do for the time being, he turned around and went back to his room to sleep.

Lu Yan's past observations were correct.
At 5pm, the figure appeared in the small area on time, but the difference was that the large parcel he was carrying was gone.

On the third floor, several people crouched behind the curtains and saw the figure walking towards the flat.

This time Feng Chu Chu said nothing to look into the cat's eye.
Everyone listened against the wall and heard another thud, the sound of a door closing.

Night came quietly.

Huang Mao had spent the afternoon in the sun and felt like he was practically tanning.
However, he was still a little uneasy and intended to continue basking in the moonlight by the living room balcony.

Moonlight was also a refraction of sunlight, so it should be helpful……, right?

Early the following day, Feng Chu Chu woke up and found that Huang Mao's comforter, who lived in the same room, was empty.

“Brother Huang? Brother Huang?”

He was first to get up and call out, but he searched every room and couldn't find him.

He felt panic for no reason and shook Lu Yan, who was sleeping on the sofa, awake.

“Have you seen Huang Mao?”

“Huang ……
Huang Mao is missing?” Lu Yan was confused for a split second and then suddenly stared wide-eyed.

“Yes, he's gone.”

“Could it be that he went out? There's no rush.
You call him on the phone.” Lu Yan immediately sat up.

At that, Feng Chu Chu immediately dialled Huang Mao's phone number.

“Die to love ……”

A ringing sound, through a layer of the ceiling, came from upstairs.


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