Chapter 1 (

”She is an abomination, a crusader, an outcast; we should kill her before she dooms us all. ”

”Yes, kill her. ”

”Burn her, ”

”Burry her life. ”

Everyone kept on yelling and cursing the girl who was chained to a huge tree, looking for the right and painful way to end her. But what hurts her the most is that the people she thought would always be her supporters were actually the ones who yelled the loudest for her execution.

But despite all the betrayal and chaos that was happening right in front of her, Rainer didn seem to be bothered by it; her head was still held high as before, her eyes held no fear in them, and despite the fact that she was bruised and in pain, she still refused to show any form of weakness, because she knew deep down in her heart that she was not at fault. Even with the angry mob before her, she knew that nothing would happen to her. She didn know how it would happen, but all she knew was that she wouldn die, especially not at the hands of her enemies.


”Rainer, Rainer, ”

A deep but soft voice called out to her. It was very close, yet very far. She stood in the middle of the desert, looking for the voice that kept calling out to her. The cold midnight air that touched her face gave her a strange sense of serenity.

She kept on wandering through the desert looking for him, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn find him. She wanted to go home but she couldn because she had lost her way, but strangely, she felt safe—safer than she had ever been.

Her eyes swept through the land, and finally, her eyes met with a pair of gray eyes that were looking right at her. She reached out to him, but a storm began to arise, and before she could touch him, he was no more. Then she saw another pair of golden eyes looking right at her. But those eyes don belong to a man but rather to a beast.

The beast strode further towards her with grace and elegance. She should have run away, but she watched it close in on her. But abruptly it stopped, and then everything went blank.

Rainer gasped as her eyes snapped open. Her long, dark hair clung to her face despite little to all her sweating. She quickly picked up the paper and pencil that were lying on her table, closed her eyes, and quickly began to sketch the beast and the man she just saw in her dream a moment ago. But as usual, she couldn remember all the details. All she remembered about the man were his gray eye, the scar on his left eyebrow, and his raven dark hair, and all she could recall of the beast were its white fur color and golden eyes.

Rainer sighed as she was defeated once again by her own dream. She had had this dream more than a hundred times, but anytime she tried to recall the dream, she always got the same result.

With a defeated spirit, she got up only to see her bed full of sand. Well, that was her normal. She dusted her bed and quickly cleaned and packed the sand. She was glad she didn have a roommate, or else life would be even harder.

Rainer stayed in a boarding school that is meant for witches; no one wanted to share a room with her because she was weird. The school is one of the best, and it isn easy to go there, but somehow she got in, even though she wasn as strong as the other witches.

She can even cast a spell without her spell book, despite all her effort; she just couldn cast a spell without her mini spell book. Its not like Rainer is dumb; in fact, when it comes to reading, studying, and physical combat, she takes the cake, but sadly, those things aren valued in the kingdom.

Already running late, Rainer quickly went to the shower, washing away all of the sand from her body. After a long, well-deserved shower, Rainer made her way to the dresser and got dressed.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, touching the silver and golden-like tattoo that looked like a blooming rose on her neck. It was no doubt beautiful, and it matched her hazel eyes, but it was still strange how she got it. She was born with a golden and silver ring-like tattoo on her ring finger. As she grows up, she sometimes sees strange marks that keep popping up out of nowhere on her body. They are nice, but it is becoming difficult for her to hide them from everyone.

She quickly got dressed in her uniform; she wore her jacket, which covered all her marks except for the one on her neck, so she styled her hair in a pigtail that she brought to the front, and with that she was ready.

She walked out of her room towards the main hall, where all final-year students would go to get and complete their last assignment as witches before graduation. Tony Rainers best and only friend was leaning outside Rainers hostel waiting for her,

He is one of the schools most handsome guys, who every girl wishes to have; he is undeniably a playboy, but he really cares for Rainer, as there were childhood friends.

All the girls who passed him saw him and wished that they were the lucky ones that he was waiting for, but unfortunately it wasn so, and all the girls cursed Rainer for being close to Tony.

Finally, Rainer walked out of the hostel. She knew that Tony was there, but she just chose to ignore him. Tony, on the other hand, was already used to Rainers morning grumpiness, so he just did what he always does, which is to annoy her.

”Good morning, beautiful, ” he said, but Rainer was already immune to his annoying self, so she did what she did every morning: ignore him. It was just like a morning routine.

Tony kept on trying his best to get a reaction from Rainer, but she was not going to give him that satisfaction. Rainer saw her little sister Mindy, who was talking to her friends cheerfully, and seeing her that happy just made Rainer smile for the first time that morning.

Mindy, who felt someones gaze on her, turned to find her big sister staring at her. She quickly ran towards Rainer, totally abandoning her friends. When she got closer, she gave Rainer a tight hug.

”Morning Rainer, ”

”Good morning, Mindy, ”

”Good luck with your final assignment; I know youll get it. ”

”I hope I do, ”

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