”Making yourself comfortable, you say? ” ”Fine then, ” he said, fiddling with the edge of her scarf, and with a wave of his hand, the servants began serving the food. With their job being done, they excused themselves,

”Im beginning to like what I see, ” The other lady with gray eyes said that Rainers words were impressive. But Rainer was bothered by anyones impression.

”Why am I here, if I may ask? ” ”And when am I going home? ” Rainer asked with all seriousness. but all she got was a sudden eruption of laughter for the people at the table. She looked at the King, who had his lips slightly pulled up,

”Where are you calling home, sweaty heart? ” ”You mean the same people who wanted to sacrifice you, or do you have another home in mind? ”

”Stop teasing her, Sister Raven; she was clearly ignorant of her surroundings. ”

”I agree, Raymond, ” The lady named Raven scoffed,

”Im right here, so don talk about me as if Im not sitting right beside you. ” ”And what do you mean by me being ignorant of my surroundings? ” Rainer said sounding lost

” Sweat heart, I don want to be the one to do this, but I will. ” You see, this so-called family or home that you mention tried killing you by sacrificing you to the desert, but unfortunately their plan backfired. So tell me, is that the family you were talking about? ”

Raven smirked, seeing the downcast look on Rainers face. Rainer knew that her mom and sisters hated her, but hearing it from this woman made her eyes tear up. But Rainer tried her best to keep her tears at bay.

”Wh-where is my sister? ” Rainer managed to push the words from her throat. She directed the question to the king, who has been listening silently.

”Somewhere around ” was all he said as he continued eating.

”What do you mean by someplace around? ” Rainers voice became quiet and high as she spoke.

But instead of getting an answer to her question, all she got was a wicked smirk that formed on his lips. Rainers gloomy mood soon changed to anger, but she quickly took a deep breath to calm herself. She waited for lunch to end before asking any questions to the king.

Rainer had lost her appetite; her stomach had twisted, blocking any food from getting in. She just played with her food as her mind began to wander from one problem to another. All she wanted was to live her life. with her small family, but its like faith didn want that to happen.

” Eat, ”

The kings deep voice rang through the dining room, causing shivers to go down Rainers spine. His voice wasn loud, but it carried authority. Rainer looked up at the king, who was also looking at her with an impassive face.

”Eat your food or else you would fall sick. ” His metallic gray eyes looked at Rainer with an unknown emotion in them.

”I don feel like it; Ive lost my appetite, ” Rainer honestly responded.

”If you wish, then okay. ”

Rainer wondered what he meant by that. She noticed the gaze Catering gave her, but Rainer didn give a **; she had more important things to think about than worrying about Catering. She needed to find a way out of this place, but the problem was: how? Rainer thought about gathering information about this before making any move. She also needed to find her sister, so she needs to act smartly.

”Open up, ”

The king spoke, snapping Rainer out of her thoughts. Rainer raised her gaze when she felt something touch her lips. Her eyes widened as the king brought a decent amount of meat to her lips.

”Open, ”

Rainer didn know how to react to this. She looked at the people at the table, who were busy with their meals. Rainer hesitantly ate the meat, and indeed the food tasted heavenly.

She closed her eyes, savoring the incredibly tasty food in her mouth. But before she could enjoy her food, the king brought another meat to her lips. This time, Rainer wanted to decline, but before she could do so, he had already blocked her mouth with another heavenly meat. The king kept feeding Rainer until she could finally take no more.

”Won you eat? ” Rainer asked, feeling a little bit guilty for him not eating.

But then again, he was the one who insisted on feeding her, so it wasn her fault.

”I have, ” was all he said.

Rainer opened her mouth to say something but stopped. She doesn know how things work here, so she shouldn jump to conclusions.

”Walk with me, ” the king said, stretching his hands toward Rainer. Rainer looked at St. Hens face for a few seconds before placing her hand on him. But as soon as she made contact with his hand, she felt a spark; it wasn hurtful, but it was warm and inviting. She looked up at him and realized that he also felt it. His big hands held her small ones as he led her out of the dining room.

Rainers face lit up at the sight of a peacock that walked with its head held high with pride.

He didn say a single word as they walked, but Rainer was having a hard time staying silent. She had lots of questions in her mind that needed answering, and he was the only one who could give them to her.

They made their way outside of the castle and walked through the vast yards of the castle. Rainer was taken aback by how colorful and rich the fields surrounding the castle were. If she didn know any better, she would have thought that the castle was located near a rich and yielding soul, but it wasn . The surprising part of it all was that it was in fact located in the middle of a dead, dried desert.

The castle was beautifully decorated with palm trees, green grass, and some little trees. Walking proudly on the grass were a few peacocks, which spread their beautiful and colorful wings with grace. Not too far from where she stood, she saw a garden that contains various types and colors of flowers that attract insects, butterflies, and small birds to feed on their sweet nectar.

They walked further together, looking at the beauty of the castle from the streams to the plant nursery and so on. At that time, Rainer felt so at peace with herself that she almost forgot where she was and the problem she had. The King just enjoyed the emotions that kept radiating from her.

Rainer had a wide smile on her face that radiated. Rainer had almost forgotten the last time she had smiled so much. Slowly, the smile on her face died when she remembered home.

”When can I leave this place? ”

Rainer finally spoke out, looking up at him. He stopped on his track upon hearing her question. Rainer held her breath, waiting for his reaction, but to her surprise, his lips pulled up into a wicked smirk.

”Took you long enough to speak, ” he said as he began walking further.

Rainer felt as if she was dealing with Tony. With the thought of Tony, Rainers eyes felt hot and watery. She removed the moon chain from under her dress before tightly holding on to it as a lone tear fell from her eyes.

She really missed him a lot. She wished he had never followed her that day, or if she had tried harder to chase him back, he wouldn have ended up like that. Rainer swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as she tried to find the one person that she had left.

”Who did you lose? ”

He asked, making Rainer jolt away. Rainer looked at the person who was standing right in front of her. She wondered how she didn notice his presence earlier,

”Some close, ”

Rainer said looking at the mans eyes that could put any person under his spell just by looking at them. This close to him, Rainer could see how sharp his feathers were and how tan he was; his raven-dark hair was now messy due to the wind, which played with it, but he still looked dangerously handsome. Rainer wondered how many hearts he had broken in his life,

”You can , ” he said, turning his back on Rainer.

”What do you mean? ” Rainer was confused by his words.

”You can leave here, ” he said, making Rainer snap her head at him.

”What do you mean by that? ” and why can I leave from here? ” Rainer stood in front of him, blocking him from taking any further steps.

”Ahhh, I was beginning to wonder where that firebird was hiding, but now she had finally decided to join the fun, ” he teased, mint dancing in his eyes. But Rainer was in no mood for games.

”Tell me why I can leave and where my sister is right now, or else. ”

”What, or else what little birdy? ”

He spoke with a glint in his eye as she watched Rainers expression change. Rainer, on the other hand, didn know how to feel or react to his question. She had to answer his question with something solid to be able to convince him, so she said the first thing that came to mind,

”Ill cast a spell, ” Rainer mentally facepalmed on hearing herself say those words. She bit her lips as she knew she sounded crazy.


”Really! ” He sounded almost surprised. But looking at his face, Rainer knew that he wasn . ”Fine, then do it, but before you do that, look over there. ”

Rainer watched his finger that pointed in the direction of the two giant scorpions that had their metasomal and patella chained with massive chains that were deeply connected to the ground. The scorpions were so large that they could be measured against a tree. One of the scorpions was black with a red stinger, while the other was a mixture of red and brown.

Rainer felt his hand on her shoulder, and before she knew it, she had materials in front of the scope. Rainers complexion abruptly turned white with fear. Rainer quickly hid behind the king, holding him as tight as she could for life. The king just chuckled upon seeing Rainer.

films reaction,

”Scared? Well, you should be, because if you ever tried to use magic, they would chase you. After all, these scorpions react when they see or feel magic. That was why I came to you to tell you to undo your spell if not, who knows what would have happened to you? ”

Rainer couldn believe her ears. There was a freaking scorpion that could detect magic. Then why did he bring her this close to it? Was he planning on killing her? The black scorpion lowered its head before the king. The king touched what seemed to be the head.

Rainer had never felt so much fear in her entire life as she did now. But her soul seemed to have left her body and returned when the beast looked at her with its bug-like eyes. Rainer heard the chain being pulled as both scorpions grew closer to her. A cold sweat fell from Rainers back as her legs gave way, but thank the king who caught her before she landed on the ground.

He held her by the waist as he sniffed her silky hair. He fiddled with her hair, enjoying the way it felt between his fingers. Then he gently pulled them away, exposing her soft and creamy neck. Rainer took in a sharp breath as she felt his fingers travel from her neck and stop on her shoulder before taking in her intoxicating scent. His eyes settled on her pulse, while his lips moved to her ear to whisper.

”Don fear; they can smell fear and use it against their victims. ” And before I forget, little birdie If you have the crazy idea of escaping this vastly, I advise you to forget about it because Ill find you. Do you know the saying that a person can never run from their shadow? ”Well unfortunately for you, Im your shadow. ”

The King had a smile on his face as he said those words, but his words had a deeper meaning in them, with his eyes that were as cold as ice but also as hot as the flames from hell. Rainer shiver. Rainer realized that this king in whose arm she was was even more dangerous than both scorpions.

”Why did you bring me close to them? ”

”To get your scent, ”

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