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Yes, yes!

“Ohmy, Miss Mary, you must be in a good mood!”


Bonita and other maids, who are especially helping me go out today, looked at my bright expression and asked me if I’m feeling good.

Of course!

Because Lucas said we are going out to town today to buy a dress for me! To be honest, this will be the most exciting event of my life as Mary.
I kind of had a fantasy of wearing a pretty dress.


Since it’s the Grand Duke of Conler, are we going to a dress shop that has a pretty good reputation?

I nodded with a happy expression as I thought it would be good to take a good look at what dresses are popular and make them as a reference when I do business later.

“You’re so cute when you smile like this!”

“Your eyes look like cats, so you look cute even if you don’t smile.”

“Oh, I want to be next to Mary like Bonita.”

Embarrassed by the compliments of the other maids, I scratched my cheek.
Ha Sohee in my previous life also had cat eyes but I only hear people saying I’m cursed and unlucky.
Maybe it’s because they’re employees, but I feel better because they say I’m cute even if it’s empty words.

I have to laugh even if the one in front is a dead fish. 

“Ask him to buy you a lot of pretty and nice things, miss.”

Bonita, who came close to my face to put a pin in my hair, whispered in a friendly voice.
The warm smile made me nod and tilt my head for a moment.

But can I just ask him to buy it for me?

It’s not like I begged him to go to the dress shop, but…….
I know you spent a lot of money trying to find me.

Mary’s downfall in the novel came to my mind.

She behaved ferociously and lavished her ridiculous luxury as a compensation for the time she spent in the orphanage.
She was eventually shunned by her family.
She was sent to the northernmost part of Nicor.
I don’t want to go to Nicor and meet polar bears.
Polar bears tear people apart…….

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As I was shivering with frightening thoughts, I remembered one of Mary’s ridiculous luxuries.

A gem necklace that Astina will get for her birthday.
It was the Undead Ruby necklace, which is famous for being the best gem.
It was not cut artificially, it was naturally crafted by the flowing water of the Dais River, the sacred river, which means it has an explosive mana. 

How did Mary know that the Second Prince, who was attracted to the female protagonist, was going to give it to Astina as a gift? She bought it for more than five times the price…….

But Mary doesn’t have the money in the first place so she bought the necklace by squandering the budget for buying the iron ore of the Conler family.

Anyway, this is how she was hated by his family, same with the second prince.  By the way, where on earth do villains get that information?

I might be able to access such information later on.
If they come, I’ll… slap them on their cheeks.
Anyway, I’ll have to be careful when shopping.

Let’s focus on what Lucas buys.….

No, it’s not polite to refuse too much.

“Lady, let’s go to the carriage.”

“Uh… I see.”

When I left the mansion holding Bonita’s hand, Lucas was waiting for me in front of a huge, colorful carriage.

The carriage’s body was in luxurious black and covered with colorful platinum stone ornaments.
And the eagle, the symbol of Conler, was embossed with luxury.

Wow, this looks more expensive than most foreign cars.….

When I came out, Lucas came up to me with a bright smile and slightly raised my chin with his index finger.

“No matter how surprised you are, you have to close your mouth.”

Sheesh, I guess I was so surprised that I left my mouth open.
I wiped my mouth with my sleeve, wondering if my saliva had come out.
Lucas, who was looking at me looking with a smile, reached out to me.

I’ve never had an escort like this before……?

I hesitatingly put my hand on Lucas’s and he carefully escorted me to the carriage door.
The interior of the carriage decorated with black and red was so colorful and delicate that I wondered if I could dare go in.

“You have to sit down so I can go in.”

If it weren’t for Lucas’s words, I would have kept standing.
Before I sat down, I gently pressed my index finger where I would sit and it bounced right away.

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Look at the elasticity.

When I sit down carefully, I feel like the seat is wrapped around my body.

Crazy, is this what riding comfort feels like?

Lucas sat across from me and the carriage moved cautiously.
When I looked out the window blankly, Bonita and other maids bowed their heads to see me off.

You don’t have to be so polite to me.
Maybe it’s because of Lucas.

Looking at them, I waved my hand carefully.It’s been a while since someone saw me off.

You’ll be waiting for me when I come back, right?

Anyway, at home… I also have a ‘dad’.  I only thought of my dad, but I felt like my cheeks were getting hot like they were burned, so I wrapped my hands around my cheeks.

When I met and talked to my golden-spoon dad, he told me to go shopping to buy something.
The unrealistic thing suddenly became reality. 

Although I’m going to be a hindrance in the main characters’ love story later, I left Astina a good memory when I was in the orphanage, so I just have to do well in this house.

Come to think of it, it’s not that difficult because I’ve already done it in my previous life.
Maybe it’s better than then.
I can ride a nice carriage because I’m a golden spoon.

Seeing the passing scenery moving quite fast, the speed seems to be fast, but the carriage doesn’t rattle.
I guess the carriage must be really good. 

I pulled my hips toward the window to look at the scenery.
The sunlight shining through the green trees was dazzling.

Lucas, who was looking at me like that, said.

“Should I close the curtains if it’s too bright?”


“Oh, no.
I like to look outside.”

“When we arrive in town, tell me if you want anything.”


“Of course.
Let’s buy a dress and look around.” 

I tried to nod to Lucas’s friendly voice, but suddenly, I thought of Mary’s ending and lowered my head.

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“What’s wrong?”

Lucas said, putting his hand on the top of my head, which was sharply depressed.
I didn’t know what to say, so I wiggled my fingers, and Lucas stroked my head as if telling me it’s okay.
The touch encouraged me to speak cautiously.

“Well… you must have spent a lot of money.”


“You must have spent a lot of money looking for me.”




Lucas frowned as if he did not understand what he heard and then he suddenly burst laughing.

What the hell is funny?

“Why did you think that?”


“Who told you that? Of course, it’s not Bonita.
Did you meet Baron Albany?”

“No, no.
I don’t even know him.”

Lucas’ bright smile suddenly became serious and I waved my hands as hard as I could because he was about to find the criminal who would say such a thing in front of me.

I can’t say no one told me about it, I just read it in a book. 

I was afraid he might catch an innocent person because I made a slip of the tongue for no reason, so I brought it up quickly to fix it.

“It’s just… It just came to me.”

“Anyway, I guess you’re a little money-conscious.”


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“You were like that when we first met.”

Of course, isn’t money the best?

Growing up in a poor environment.
Of course, whatever you do, “How much are you going to give me?”’ pops out first.

“Yes, Taratra is my first love…….”


Taratra is the god of wisdom engraved on the gold coins of the Britina Empire.

When Bonita first told me that the name of the god was Taratra, which was majestically engraved on the gold coin, I was so happy to finally know the name of my first love.

Of course, I respected Shin Saimdang in my previous life and King Sejeong’s face was my ideal type. 

Lucas, who was laughing for a long time, smiled and grabbed my cheek and said,

“The Grand Duke is so extravagant.
You don’t know how much he spends.”



“With the blessing of your first love, it’s okay for you to ask me to buy anything you want; it won’t affect the next three generations after you.”

Then how much did Mary spend in the book…….

Well, she bought a necklace with the money to buy iron ore.

Whatever you do, you do it right.
If a child smoked, he would be a chain smoker, and if he drank alcohol, he would be an alcoholic.

If they have that much money…… they will give me money for my business, right?

“Did you feel better?”


“That’s great.
Let’s go to town and buy whatever you want, miss.”

I nodded my head violently.

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