Chapter 13

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s hold hands.
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go traveling.”

After escaping from the stinger demon bees, Ji Ruo and the others slowed down.
After all, if they kept running, they would make a lot of noise and attract unnecessary trouble.

Ji Ruo was in a good mood and even started to sing a nursery rhyme.

He had collected a total of thirty-five stinger demon bees ‘stingers.
According to the market price, he could sell them for about thirty-five thousand dollars.

A single stinger could only be used to create one special arrow with deadly poison.
The stinger itself could be sold for 1000 dollars.

This price was not exaggerated.
Although the toxicity of this poisonous thorn may not have much effect on some higher level demon beasts or demons, it would still have a little effect.

At a critical moment, it could turn defeat into victory because of this little effect.
Therefore, this thing never lacked a market.

In other words, there was no lack of market for any materials, precious medicine, and minerals obtained from the bodies of demonic beasts and demons.

All the people valued martial arts, and all materials related to ‘martial arts’ were in urgent need.

“Ji Ruo, your sword art…” After hesitating for a long time, Liang Shixian finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked hesitantly.

He knew that this might be Ji Ruo’s secret and it would not be good to ask about it, but he could not help it.

That sword skill was too exquisite.
It actually blocked all the poisonous stingers, and none of them broke through the sword defense.

Liang Shixian had never seen or heard of such a sword technique.
Now that he was safe, the curiosity in his heart was like dozens of kittens scratching at him.
It was really hard to bear.

He knew how to take care of Ji Ruo’s feelings and that it was not good to ask about other people’s secrets, but Liang Shixian was still a young man.

Curiosity and the desire for knowledge were natural.

“I created it myself.
Isn’t it amazing?” Ji Ruo laughed.

The young man wasn’t lying.

Although the sword technique was still named the Solitude Nine Swords by the young man, it was not very similar to the original version.

The buff [sword appreciation (beginner)] was ridiculously strong.
Ji Ruo only had to recall the description of this sword skill in the original novel, and he immediately understood and mastered the corresponding sword skill.

Not only that, but his swordsmanship was so skilled that it was as if Ji Ruo had practiced it for many years.

For the first time in his life, Ji Ruo could control the sword with ease.

‘Increase comprehension of sword-related methods to the current level to the maximum.’ This simple description meant the maximum level of comprehension of sword arts.

Ji Ruo had comprehended a sword technique with just a few words.
How terrifying was that?

There was nothing wrong with him saying that he had created this sword style.
After all, other than the theory of the sword style, all the sword moves and sword techniques had been created by Ji Ruo himself.


Liang Shixian’s eyes widened.
Even though he had already guessed it, he still found it hard to believe that he had really gotten the answer.

There were many martial arts techniques in the apprentice stage, but most of them had the word ‘foundation’ in them.

It was really just the ‘foundation’.

Powerful martial arts techniques could only be cultivated after one had the power of vitality.
Otherwise, it would only be for show.

Take Ji Ruo’s Iron Sand Palm as an example.
Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for a martial apprentice to cultivate to the master level.
Even if one could cultivate it to the advanced level, it was already a sign of talent.

The high temperature, or even the burning property, required the support of vitality.

Martial Apprentices had a relatively weak understanding of martial arts.
It was theoretically impossible to create their own martial arts techniques.
Even if they did, they wouldn’t be very strong.
At least, they wouldn’t be much stronger than those ‘basic martial arts techniques.’

After all, all ‘basic martial arts’ were what humans had concluded over the years.
In theory, they had already reached a certain limit, and it was very difficult to make any further breakthroughs.

The higher-ranked martial artists had enough understanding and perception of martial arts to create some powerful apprentice-level martial skills.

However, he was already at such a high level, so wouldn’t it be better to comprehend a higher level martial technique?

The Marital Apprentice level was just the transition stage before becoming an official Martial Warrior.

“That’s not true.” Ji Ruo raised his chin and gave himself a thumbs up.”Have you forgotten what I told you before? I’m knife and sword ambidexterity!”

“He really is knife and sword ambidexterity.” Liang Shixian’s mouth was wide open.

Ji Ruo’s swordsmanship was already incredible in his eyes, but this was just ‘Sword Art.” Liang Shixian looked at the unsheathed standard sword behind Ji Ruo and could not help but gulp.

Liang Shixian suddenly felt that his class president position had been overshadowed.

However, Ji Ruo was the one who had surpassed him, and he was convinced.

After all, Ji Ruo’s family background was no secret.
He was able to maintain his grades, be the best in his class and even his age, and even create his own powerful sword techniques.

Talent was important, but hard work was also indispensable.

His parents were both dead, but he was able to reach this level just by relying on the government’s relief funds.
This was no longer something that could be expressed by pure talent.

No matter how talented he was, practicing martial arts required resources.
Ji Ruo’s family situation meant that it was difficult for him to obtain any resources other than the most basic ones.

At the very least, even with the annual scholarship, it would not be enough for Ji Ruo to buy the necessary medicinal liquid to cultivate the iron sand palm.

If someone else was stronger than him, Liang Shixian might be jealous.
But if this person was Ji Ruo, Liang Shixian would be convinced.
He would only feel happy for Ji Ruo.
At the same time, he would be encouraged by Ji Ruo to work harder and catch up!

Liang Shixian said sincerely, “Ji Ruo, the sword technique you created is really amazing!” I really want to see your sword technique.
It must be very powerful, right?”

“Hehe! There will be a chance.”

Ji Ruo chuckled and didn’t continue the topic.

He didn’t know how to use the knife yet.
Not only did Liang Shixian want to see it, but Ji Ruo also wanted to…

Liang Shixian thought about it and hesitated.
“Ji Ruo, your Sword Art is so powerful.
Will you consider selling it after the martial exam?”

He was thinking from Ji Ruo’s point of view.

If they were able to get a good result in this martial arts examination, the school would definitely reward them with some money.
If the results were better, Yonkers’s education division might also reward them.

However, although the money was more than enough to pay for his college tuition, it would not improve Ji Ruo’s family situation.

As for selling self-created martial skills, even if it was only a martial apprentice skill, it was enough to let Ji Ruo live a good life in the future.

After all, the sale of martial arts techniques was not a one-time deal.
There would be a share of the copyright revenue in the future.
The Martial Apprentices were known as the reserve martial artists.
Everyone had to go through Martial Apprentice before they became a Martial Warrior.

In theory, once Ji Ruo chose to sell his Sword Art, his customers would be everyone in Bactria.

The revenue from the copyright was bound to be an unusually huge figure.

However, not everyone would sell martial arts techniques.

The appearance of each martial technique was the result of the creator’s painstaking efforts.
Whether to sell or not, it was entirely up to the individual’s will.

Not everyone loved money.
Even in this era, there were people who cherished their own belongings.

Liang Shixian was doing this for Ji Ruo’s sake.
Of course, there was another important reason.

He also wanted to learn this sword technique.

He could block flying tools without relying on his vitality.
His swordsmanship was exquisite, light, and ethereal.
How handsome would that be!

If Ji Ruo agreed to sell it, he would ask his family to buy one for him as soon as possible.
It was a reasonable way to help Ji Ruo, killing two birds with one stone.

Liang Shixian was worried that Ji Ruo would not sell it.

In that case, even though Liang Shixian would be disappointed, he would not try to persuade Ji Ruo.
After all, it was his own choice.

“Yes, of course I’m selling.” Ji Ruo didn’t have any opinion on this.
After all, he now had the blessing of [sword appreciation (beginner)].
He could create as many similar sword skills as he wanted, so why not sell them?

Liang Shixian was pleasantly surprised, “Really? That would be great! Ji Ruo, I wish you a fortune in advance!”

“Class president, you want to learn, don’t you?” Ji Ruo looked at Liang Shixian with a faint smile.

“Ah, I…” Liang Shixian was a little embarrassed that his thoughts had been exposed.

However, Ji Ruo chuckled and said, “You want to learn? I’ll teach you! I won’t charge you.

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