Chapter 15

“There are candidates nearby? And they’re still alive?”

The director was surprised.

Although, besides a large number of examinees, there were also many patrolling martial artists who had gone missing in Myriad Beast Mountain.

However, most of the patrolling martial artists were only in the pulsing realm.

There were too many dead demonic beasts and demons here, and there was no lack of level nine Martial Apprentices among them.

In a one-on-one fight, the martial artists on patrol would definitely have the advantage, but this number was not something that one or several martial artists on patrol could handle.

Moreover, the fatal wounds on these demonic beasts or devils did not seem to be caused by humans, and the distribution of their corpses was irregular.

Therefore, when the chaos began, there shouldn’t have been any patrolling martial artists here.

It would be even more impossible after the chaos ended.

The most valuable things in this pile of corpses were the various materials from the demon beasts or devils.
The director did a rough check and found that no materials from any demon beasts or devils had been collected.

Therefore, in theory, no martial artist had ever stayed here.

Then, the only possibility was that it was the examinees.

After all, these corpses were free martial arts test scores to the examinees.

They didn’t need the materials, but they only needed to record their martial arts test scores.

“That’s great! These children might still be alive!”

The director was overjoyed and began to carefully search the area.

After a while, he found some stinger demon bees not far away.

From the scattered distribution, these poisonous stingers were all shot in one direction, but they were all blocked by some means.

There were even some messy-looking footprints.

He could almost imagine how flustered the candidates were when they fled.

“There are four candidates…”

The director judged the number of candidates from the footprints and was even more surprised.

He didn’t know what methods these four examinees had used to survive in I District, but it was obvious that the four little fellows were still alive.

“Hold on.
I will bring you all home!”

The director activated his ‘Swan Transport,’ and his body turned into a flying bird as he searched along the footprints.

Along the way, he found some damaged clothing fibers on some shrubs.
After a simple identification, he confirmed that they were made of materials used for high school uniforms.

At this point, the footprints were no longer messy, which meant that they were out of danger.

They’re all smart children!”

The director continued to follow the footprints.

However, it didn’t take long for the footprints to stop.

“What’s going on? Where did the children go?”

The director frowned.
The aura that was originally faint had completely disappeared here.

Here, it was already completely out of human control and had already entered the ‘mountainside’ range.

“All of you must survive! I will definitely find you!”

“I’m telling you, you must be careful when you’re surviving in the wild!”

Ji Ruo stood on the branch of a tree and said seriously, “When we walk on the ground, we will leave behind footprints.
This is equivalent to guiding the direction of those demonic beasts or devils that may be chasing us.
Therefore, we can’t walk on the ground.
Those monsters who may have discovered our footprints and followed them will definitely not think that we can climb trees!”

“I wouldn’t expect it either.” Liang Shixian agreed.

As they were walking, Ji Ruo suddenly told them to climb up a tree and walk through the branches.
They were slow, but they didn’t leave any footprints.

Presumably, those demonic beasts or devils who followed the footprints must be very confused when they saw the footprints stop abruptly.

Ji Ruo couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhang Quan rubbed his green face in disgust and asked in confusion, “I understand the logic, but why do we have to apply the sap of wild grass and leaves on our bodies?”

“We were all stained with the smell of blood when we were picking up the points.
Although it might be hard for us humans to notice it, it is the most obvious sign for some demonic beasts and devils with a keen sense of smell.
If we don’t cover it with the smell of plant juice, do you think we can still be so leisurely chatting here?”

In fact, what Ji Ruo didn’t know was that if he didn’t do so many things, they would be even more relaxed now.
They might even be drinking coke now.

However, if he had known, he would probably have still chosen to do so.

This was because he had just triggered a new achievement.

[Congratulations for unlocking the function and achievements: [Hide and seek expert.]

[Acquired skill: Disguise]

[Disguise: increase disguise effect by 40%, lasts until the disguise is removed, no cost.
(Able to grow)]

[Remark: Understand the environment, blend in with the environment, and become the environment!]

[Remarks: Hehehe! You can’t see me!]

“Ji Ruo, you know so much,” Liu Neng said.

“Hehe, not much, not much.
I just know a little.”

Liu Neng and Zhang Quan were both speechless and thought, “We don’t know anything at all.
We’re really sorry!”

Ji Ruo looked at the time on his watch and said, “It’s almost time.
Let’s find a place to have lunch.


They found a rock that was leeward as a temporary foothold and formed a circle, waiting for Ji Ruo to start cooking.

There was no water source nearby, and it was daytime.
Although the daytime creatures were not as bloodthirsty as the nocturnal creatures, they were not completely harmless.

For safety reasons, they didn’t peel the shells of the blood-red rice this time.

As a level six Martial Apprentice, even if he was still a high school student, he was not pampered.

Although the taste might be a little bad, it was not impossible to swallow rice that was not husked.

In this case, it was good enough that they had something to eat.

“What a pity.
I should have cut some meat and brought it here,” Ji Ruo said with regret while frying the rice with both hands.

There were so many corpses there just now.
He could just get some and improve his food.

Liang Shixian said, “What’s there to feel regretful about? We don’t have the means to deal with those pieces of meat now.
If we carry them with us, the smell of blood will only expose our location.
Ji Ruo, you said it yourself.

Ji Ruo laughed, “I was just saying.
As for meat, there’s so much in this Myriad Beast Mountain.
We’ll be here for another five days.
There’ll be plenty of opportunities!”

“It’s good that you have such a mindset.

Liu Neng stared at the shelled blood rice being stir-fried between Ji Ruo’s Red hands.
He was stunned.

“The teachers have repeatedly emphasized that the combat examination is extremely dangerous and that we must be very careful.
If we’re not careful, we’ll die.
Although I’m not good at studying, I still remember this sentence very clearly… But why do I feel like the actual situation is a little different from what the teachers said?”

Zhang Quan pursed his lips and said, “That’s right.
We’ve already had lunch.
And it’s even blood-red rice.
It feels like we’re here on an outing… I’ve heard that many people die of hunger in the martial exam every year.

He looked at his watch again and said, “Besides, didn’t the teacher say that the martial artists would arrive in two hours at most after the distress signal was sent out? It’s been a day.
Why hasn’t anyone come yet?”

Ji Ruo was also confused.
“You’re right.
I can’t figure out what the problem is.
It’s so strange.”

“Could it be a bug?” Liang Shixian asked after some thought.

Liu Neng checked his watch carefully, nodded, and said, “I think so.
Our wristwatches haven’t been receiving any signal for a long time.”

“Don’t think too much.
It’s fine if the martial artists won’t come.
We’re still safe for now, so we’ll just be more careful.

“That’s true.”

Ji Ruo said, “Let’s eat! Everyone, hurry up and eat.
We’ll leave this place as soon as we’re done.

Then, Ji Ruo grabbed the cooked blood-red rice with the shell and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing it.

As the young man ate, he muttered, “This time’s combat exam is too random.
We haven’t met any other candidates for so long.
I thought we were playing a single-player game.
I wonder how the other students were doing.
Are they eating well? Or are they starving?”

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