Chapter 18

The spider queen’s body was huge.
Just the length of its head to its rear court was nearly three meters.

Its eight sharp legs were even more terrifying, leaving deep holes in the ground and rocks along the way.

As the spider queen’s spiky legs intersected, the huge spider queen seemed to be floating in the wind, not the least bit heavy.

The surface of its body had a large number of burnt mottled traces, and its intense anger had even made the nine blood-red eyes on its head somewhat distorted.
Its ferocious mouth kept opening and closing, and only God knew how many nine-eyed magic spiders Ji Ruo had burned to death with a single fire.
These magic creatures were afraid of fire for a reason.
They had very weak resistance to fire.

Because their spider silk was extremely flammable, once the spider silk came into contact with a little fire, it would not stop burning and would continue to burn.

Moreover, unlike demonic beasts, after devils reaching a certain level, all aspects of their body’s quality and resistance would be strengthened.

Their advancement would indeed increase some of their corresponding resistance, but the increase would not be much.

The devils would still be afraid of fire, and be unable to stand the heat like before.

Looking at the spider queen’s sorry state, it was clear that she had forced her way out of the sea of fire.

For this fire-fearing devil to chase after Ji Ruo’s group even though it had to cross the sea of fire, it was obvious that its offspring had suffered heavy losses, to the extent that it had lost its mind.

The spider webs in the cave were extremely dense, and the fire was abnormally fierce.
The low level nine-eyed magic spider had probably already died in the sea of fire, and there was no need to mention the spider eggs.
There definitely would not be many left behind.

Ji Ruo lay in the mud and analyzed.

The spider queen had already reached the edge of the swamp and was standing beside Ji Ruo.

However, it did not find Ji Ruo and the others.

They were hidden too well, as if they had completely blended in with the environment.
Of course, this was not the only reason.

In the middle of the swamp, the tentacles that looked a little lost were still shaking, as if they were wondering where the fluctuations they had just sensed were.

Perhaps because of the demonic spider’s poison, the devil’s reaction was a little slow.

The angry spider queen did not notice Ji Ruo and the others, but she sensed the aura of her descendants on the tentacles.

Looking at the extremely faint purple on the tentacles, how could it not know that some of its descendants had already become food on the other party’s plate?

If it was any other time, the spider queen might not have done anything.
However, at this moment, her descendants had suffered heavy losses, and she was burning with anger.

After losing track of Ji Ruo and the others, and sensing the aura of her descendants on the tentacles, her intense anger suddenly had an outlet to vent.


It neighed in anger, and Ji Ruo, who was lying beside it, almost covered his ears with his hands.

Fortunately, Ji Ruo held back.

The spider queen leaped high into the air and spun her body in mid-air.
A deep purple web-like substance spurted out from her back.
In the blink of an eye, a huge spider web had been laid out over the entire swamp.

Lying in the mud, Ji Ruo’s eyes were wide open as he exclaimed in his heart, “I can’t tell if it’s a male or female…”

The next moment, the tough spider silk dropped down and accurately stuck to the tentacles that were sticking out of the swamp.
Then, as the spider queen hissed, the thick dark purple spider silk shrank and dragged out a fat catfish from the swamp.

Those thick tentacles were the tentacles of this fat catfish.

When it was dragged out, the fat catfish’s eyes were still a little dazed.
It seemed like it had intentionally poisoned itself.
Perhaps to it, the nine-eyed magic spider’s poison was like intoxicating wine.

The spider queen, who was already on top of the fat catfish, did not care about anything else.
With a hiss, the spider web wrapped around the fat catfish and bound it in the air.
Then, it opened its ferocious mouth and bit the fat catfish.


The fat catfish looked at the spider queen with its slightly blurred eyes, as if it still did not understand the situation.

Perhaps it was because it was too fat, but the thick fat prevented the fat catfish from feeling much pain.

The spider queen’s nine scarlet eyes flashed with an ominous glint.
It injected its poison.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

A sound similar to the opening of a bottle of cola rang out.
The highly corrosive poison instantly melted a big hole in the fat catfish’s body.

The pain finally woke the fat catfish up.
It roared and began to fight back.

And so, the two powerful devils began to fight on the spider web.

The fat catfish was forced into the air and left its home ground, but it was not at a disadvantage.
It seemed to be stronger than the spider queen.

Liang Shixian had already closed his eyes and waited for death.
However, he did not feel the excruciating pain that he had imagined after a long time.
He only heard angry hissing and whimpering.

Puzzled, he opened his eyes and saw two devils fighting above him.

Liang Shixian was dumbfounded.

“Ji Ruo?”

He did not dare to move, and he wasn’t sure if his companions were still alive.
He tried to speak in a low voice.

“Shh! You can’t speak when you’re hiding,” Ji Ruo said in a low voice.

Liang Shixian heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt that it was extremely absurd.

They actually managed to dodge the two demons’ attacks.

He could not figure out the reason for this, and could only attribute it to their good luck.

From Ji Ruo’s voice, Liang Shixian knew that Ji Ruo was lying next to him.
He looked at the two powerful magical beasts fighting above him and turned his head to see if Ji Ruo was okay.

Then, Liang Shixian was stunned.

Although Ji Ruo was lying in the mud like him, he had put his hands behind his head and crossed his legs.
He was so comfortable.

“These demons have a bad neighborhood relationship.” Ji Ruo smacked his lips and sighed.

Liang Shixian was left speechless and mused, “Does he really think he’s here for an outing?”

There was no such thing as stopping in a battle between devils.
Once a conflict occurred, it was bound to be a situation where one side would not rest until the other side was dead.

The higher-level devils might have higher intelligence and knew how to stop losses in time.

However, the spider queen was already furious, and the fat catfish was suddenly attacked.
Both sides were in a bad mood.

In addition, injuries were inevitable in the battle.
Under the intense pain, both sides were in a rage, so how could they care about reducing losses?

Both sides were intoxicated.

But if Ji Ruo had to say it, the fat catfish would probably feel more aggrieved.

After all, it did not know anything and was suddenly hung up by the spider queen to be attacked.

Even if it had eaten a few nine-eyed magic spiders, it shouldn’t have ended up like this.

Usually, it would eat its neighbor’s offspring a lot, using the poison of a low-level nine-eyed magic spider as a nerve-numbing wine.
The spider queen didn’t seem to be angry.

Although the fat catfish’s eyes were also red, it also felt a little aggrieved.

Therefore, it would not and could not stop attacking.

A fight had broken out at its home.
Although it was at fault in the first place, the spider queen shouldn’t be so angry, should it?

It would be fine if it won, but if it lost, it would be too embarrassing.

Liang Shixian said softly, “Ji Ruo, we are not out of danger yet.
Can you stop analyzing the minds of the two devils?”

In fact, the fat catfish’s mental activities were all imagined and described by Ji Ruo.

Ji Ruo replied unhappily, “What else can we do? Shall we just lie here? Also, don’t you know that for such a match between experts that is open to the audience, there will usually be a dedicated live commentator to help the audience analyze the situation?”

Liang Shixian was left speechless.

He mused, “What kind of expert battle was open to the audience?! What f*cking live commentary!”

Zhang Quan and Liu Neng listened to the conversation between the two people beside them, not even daring to breathe loudly.

The two of them were not very brave, and they did not dare to speak at this time.
They were afraid that the two devils that Ji Ruo had analyzed would notice them.

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