Chapter 19

[Disguise]’s remark was very interesting.

This was the first time that Ji Ruo had obtained a skill with two remarks.

[Remark: Understand the environment, blend in with the environment, and become the environment!]

[Remarks: Hehehe! You can’t see me!]

Although the content of the remark was a little strange, after thinking about it carefully, the second remark was a little similar to the first remark.

‘Understanding the environment, blending in with the environment, and becoming the environment.’ This was what Ji Ruo and the others were doing right now.

They were covered in mud and were still lying motionless in the mud.
Even if they did not have any skill effects, it would be difficult to notice their existence at first glance.

After all, although they were only at the edge of the swamp, the mud was still four to five centimeters deep.
They had rolled a few rounds in the mud and were covered in mud.
If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to tell.

They blended into the environment and became the environment, so the devils could no longer see them.

Of course, part of the reason was that the spider queen had lost her mind.

In short, as long as Ji Ruo and the others did not do anything out of line, they would be able to see the end of this ‘show.’

If he was lucky, he could probably get two ‘out-of-class questions.’

Li Nannan’s aura fluctuated.
After all, she was a martial artist in the pulsing realm.
The poison did not seem to be from the spider queen, or the spider queen did not want to kill her directly.

Although the poison could be fatal, Li Nannan was a martial artist in the pulsing realm.
She had opened up the meridians in her body and had perfect control over her body.

It was easy for her to move her vitality, or use her muscles to seal up some small wounds.

However, the poison also had a strong numbing effect.
Otherwise, she would have expelled the poison out of her body through the circulation of her vitality.

Previously, when she was trapped in the spider silk cocoon, the nine-eyed magic spiders would inject poison into her every once in a while.
As a result, Li Nannan’s strong physical fitness as a pulsing realm martial artist did not have the corresponding effect.

Now that she had been saved by Ji Ruo, although she was still not fully conscious, the residual poison in her body was being diluted by the circulation of her vitality.

If it was not for the spider queen personally poisoning not, the poison of an ordinary nine-eyed magic spider would not be able to kill her unless the dosage was especially large.

Powerful martial artists were immune to all poisons.

“How are the students? Did they manage to escape?” she thought.

Although her body was still numb and weak, Li Nannan was gradually waking up.

She could feel that she was lying down somewhere, motionless.

Recalling the scene when Ji Ruo turned around and ran with her, Li Nannan, who was not fully awake yet, felt a little bitter.

“They probably thought I was a burden and left me in the wild.
This is good too.
The exam patrollers are supposed to protect the exam candidates.
How can they drag the students down…”

Although she thought this way, she felt a little disappointed.

After all, who didn’t want to live? She was still young.

“They’re just martial apprentices.
They won’t be able to run far if they bring me along.
Everyone will die.
If they abandoned me, my corpse can still attract the attention of some nine-eyed magic spiders.
Someone had to be sacrificed, and not everyone will die… I didn’t fulfill my responsibility as the exam invigilator, and I can’t drag the students down,” Li Nannan comforted herself in her heart.

However, she still couldn’t help but feel sad and afraid of death.
She sobbed softly, as if she was crying in a low voice.

Li Nannan gradually got used to the strong tinnitus and dizziness.

Although she was still very weak, she could already hear some things.

“…Wow! This catfish wagging its tail is truly amazing! Earlier, the fat catfish had been using its head and whiskers to attack.
It looked clumsy, but it was actually using psychological tactics to numb the spider.
When the spider revealed a flaw due to its carelessness, the fat catfish’s tail whipped the spider’s mouth, causing it to tilt.
Good luck! Catfish brother! You’re the fattest!”

Ji Ruo was explaining in a low voice, but Liang Shixian and the other two did not care about him anymore.
The two devils above their heads were already killing each other, so they could not expose themselves for a while.

“The big spider was not to be outdone either.
Although it was caught off guard and its mouth was slanted, it did not care at all.
It treated it as if it had bought a limited edition skin for a game.
Eh? Teacher, you’re awake? Uh… Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Just bear with it a little longer, we’ll be able to go eat soon,” Ji Ruo, who was in high spirits, suddenly heard a low cry beside him, turned around, and asked.

Li Nannan, who was crying, was stunned.
The sadness that she had been brewing suddenly became incoherent.

She was lying right next to Ji Ruo.
When she was unconscious, Ji Ruo had helped her roll in the mud, so her head was tilted to Ji Ruo’s side.

Li Nannan opened her eyes in a hurry.
“You didn’t manage to escape? I told you not to worry about me.
Why didn’t you listen?”


Ji Ruo looked at Li Nannan seriously.”Teacher, you can’t be too loud when you’re hiding or watching a show.
It’ll affect other people’s experience!”

“Hide and seek? Watch a show?”

Li Nannan turned her head stiffly and looked up.
Two devils that were obviously much stronger than her were fighting on a huge dark purple spider web.
Both sides were covered in wounds.

The six-tentacled catfish was covered in tiny holes, which were caused by the spider queen’s ferocious mouth and sharp legs.

Some places were even corroded by the highly corrosive poison, leaving large potholes that were still emitting green smoke.

Many of the wounds were bleeding, and the blood was a strange black-purple color, emitting a strong fishy smell.

It was obvious that the poison was not shallow.

The spider queen that had defeated and captured Li Nannan was not in a better state.

Half of its ferocious mouthpart had disappeared without a trace.
No one knew where it had gone.

The spider’s sac behind it was slightly shriveled, and three of its eight sharp legs were broken.

Li Nannan felt that it was extremely absurd.

They were lying under the two devils, but the two devils did not attack them.
They were fighting to the death, and it seemed that they had been fighting for a long time.

“Now… what’s the situation?” Li Nannan asked in a daze.

“I don’t know either.” Ji Ruoxi smacked his lips.
“They just started fighting for no reason… However, this situation was not difficult to analyze.
It was nothing more than love at first sight.
It’s one-sided love.
Unobtainable love, hate born from love, and so on… Maybe the six-tentacled catfish cheated on her, so the spider queen was so angry that she came to beat him up.

Li Nannan was confused and thought, “Love at first sight? Hate born from love? What the hell is this? The two of them were not of the same race!”

“Teacher, how’s your body? I saw that you were quite seriously poisoned before, how do you feel now?” Ji Ruo asked.

Li Nannan thought for a while and said in a low voice, “The poison has almost been diluted by my vitality, but I still need some time to recover…”

“I see.
Then, teacher, you should lie down and rest.
We’re not in a hurry.
We’ll wait for you to slowly recover.”

Li Nannan opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

“How could this student say it so easily? This was Myriad Beast Mountain’s Secret realm that had undergone a huge change.
Even her, a martial arts invigilator, had almost died.
Why did this student not seem to be worried at all?”

Suddenly, Li Nannan felt something strange in her mouth.
She touched the strange place with her tongue subconsciously.

“Why did my teeth fall out?”

She was stunned.

Then, she felt that her face seemed to be a little swollen, but the poison in her body had not disappeared, so she did not feel much pain.

At this moment, Ji Ruo suddenly said, “This spider is too much.
She went behind six-tentacled catfish’s back and fooled around outside, giving birth to a bunch of small spiders.
It has the nerve to come here and blame the six-tentacled catfish for cheating! This is too much!”

There was a deep doubt in her heart.
Li Nannan was speechless and mused inwardly, “Why did I lose two of my teeth? I’ve never heard of the nine-eyed magic spider’s poison causing teeth to fall off.”

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