Chapter 22

As Li Nannan’s face was full of disbelief, the blood-red rice was gradually cooked by Ji Ruo with Iron Sand Palm.

“Teacher, eat it while it’s hot.” Ji Ruo picked up the blood-red rice and handed it to Li Nannan.

Although he was a little hungry and there was only this much blood-red rice left, Ji Ruo knew who should eat the blood-red rice to maximize the benefits.

Allowing a pulsing realm martial artist to recover her strength was more important than anything else.

“Okay, okay.
Thank you, student Ji Ruo,” Li Nannan said in a low voice.

Speaking of which, it was all thanks to Ji Ruo that she was able to escape this time.

As a martial artist who patrolled the exam, she did not fulfill her responsibilities and did not protect the candidates in her exam area.
Li Nannan did not even know where her exam area was.

She felt ashamed.

However, she continued to gobble down the blood-red rice that Ji Ruo had cooked with Iron Sand Palm.

At this moment, the poison in Li Nannan’s body had not been detoxified.
Although she was hungry, she did not have a strong appetite.

In addition, the blood-red rice had not been husked and was still stained with mud, so the taste was really not that good.

However, Li Nannan knew very well that she had to eat her fill and recover as soon as possible in order to protect these students.

So, Li Nannan swallowed all the blood-red rice despite her nausea.

A moment later, Li Nannan felt a warm current rising in her stomach.
The familiar feeling of strength gradually returned.
Her numb body was recovering quickly.
She heaved a sigh of relief.

When Li Nannan regained her strength, she would go out to hunt.
“I can’t always rely on the students to find food, can I? I’m the teacher!” she mused.

“Teacher, are you thirsty? Do you want me to get you some water?” Ji Ruo asked.

Li Nannan shook her head slightly.
The blood-red rice in her stomach was being refined quickly.
The speed of her vitality circulation was gradually returning to normal.
In a few hours, she would be able to regain her combat strength.
Besides, Ji Ruo had given her all the blood-red rice they had left.
How could Li Nannan have the face to ask others to take care of her?

“Thank you, student Ji Ruo, but there’s no need.
I’ll be fine after a short rest.
The poison in my body has almost been diluted.”

“All right, then.
Have a good rest, teacher.
I’ll walk around the area.”

“Be careful, don’t run too far.”

Hearing this, Ji Ruo suddenly experience the feeling of parent asking their child to play on the side.

“Okay, teacher.”

Ji Ruo turned around and left the valley.

He did not plan to go too far.
In fact, he left to get new equipment.
The small wooden stick that Ju Ruo had picked up before was broken, so he was going to find a new one.

Liang Shixian glanced at Liu Neng and said to Li Nannan, “Teacher, I’m going with Ji Ruo.”

“Okay, the current Myriad Beast Mountain is not very peaceful.
You should all be careful.” Li Nannan had started to accelerate her recovery.

“All right,” he said.

However, before Liang Shixian could catch up to Ji Ruo, Ji Ruo’s cry of surprise came from outside the mountain depression.


Liang Shixian’s expression changed and he said anxiously, “What’s wrong, Ji Ruo? What happened?”

As he spoke, Liang Shixian prepared to rush out.

Li Nannan also tensed up and was ready to attack.

However, before she could do anything, Ji Ruo’s excited voice came from outside the valley.
“What a straight wooden stick! I’m so lucky to have picked up another sword.”

Li Nannan was confused and thought, “What stick, and what sword?”

As soon as Liang Shixian rushed out, he saw Ji Ruo holding a straight wooden stick in one hand and admiring it.
If one did not know better, they would think that Ji Ruo was holding a rare treasure.

Liang Shixian stumbled and almost fell.
He could not help but say angrily, “Ji Ruo! Can you not be so childish!”

“How is this childish?”

Ji Ruo waved his two sticks happily.
“This stick is so straight! It’s not easy to see! Hehe.
Look at my dual-blade style!”

The young man brandished a small wooden stick, learning some of the dual-blade style moves he had seen in his previous life, and struck at Liang Shixian.

Of course, he did not use much power, he was just playing around.

Liang Shixian slapped the wooden stick away and frowned.
“Stop it, Ji Ruo.
I know you like to play, but can’t you distinguish the occasion?”

“Ah, class president.
You’ve misunderstood me.
I looked for a wooden stick for you, “Ji Ruo said, feeling wronged.

“For me?” Liang Shixian was stunned for a moment.
Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and his expression changed.
“Ji Ruo.
I won’t fight with you using a wooden stick, so just give up on that idea!”

“Ah, I didn’t mean that.
Class presdient, didn’t you want to learn the broken arrow move?” Ji Ruo took out a wooden stick and said.
It just so happens that we’re waiting for teacher to circulate her vitality to treat her injuries.
There’s nothing much for me to do, so I’ll teach you properly.

“You’re teaching me now?” Liang Shixian was stunned.

Although Ji Ruo had briefly explained the basic theory of the broken arrow move to Liang Shixian, martial arts could never be learned just by listening to the theory.

He had to put it into practice.

“Of course.
We’re safe now and have the time, so why not?” Ji Ruo smiled.
“It just so happens that a teacher is here too.
If there’s anything wrong with my teaching, I can ask the teacher to help correct it.”

Li Nannan nodded.
“You’re right.
We’re safe for now.
I can give you some advice on martial arts.”

In fact, if Ji Ruo had asked, she would have taught him some martial arts techniques.

No matter their identities were, a life-saving grace was a life-saving grace.

“This…” Liang Shixian looked at the small wooden stick that Ji Ruo handed to him and subconsciously glanced at Zhang Quan and Liu Neng, who were sitting behind Li Nannan.
He was a little hesitant.

It was not that he did not want to learn it, but this was a technique that Ji Ruo had created himself.
If he were to teach it here, he was afraid that Zhang Quan and Liu Neng would learn it.

It was not that Liang Shixian was stingy, but Liu Neng’s words from before made him dislike Liu Neng.

It was common to dislike something with involvement with something you dislike.
Subconsciously, he also disliked Zhang Quan, who was from the same school as Liu Neng.

Liang Shixian wanted to learn, but he did not want Zhang Quan and Liu Neng to learn.

He felt uncomfortable.

However, Ji Ruo did not care at all.
He stuffed the stick into Liang Shixian’s hands and said, “You’re a man.
Why are you so pretentious? You’re taking so long.”

Of course, Ji Ruo knew what Liang Shixian was worried about.

However, he did not care.

Although he did dislike Liu Neng, it was not that Ji Ruo looked down on them.
They had not even learned the basic knowledge taught in school, so what if he taught them in front of them?

“Will they be able to learn it? That’s funny,” he thought inwardly

Ji Ruo grinned and said, “Class president, do you still remember what I told you before? Solitude Nine Swords broken arrow form is a sword technique specially used to block ‘flying objects’.”

Liang Shixian’s mouth twitched.
Although he had already heard the words ‘flying objects’ from Ji Ruo’s mouth again, he still felt a little speechless.
“Can’t he just say that hidden weapons? It’s as if he is playing a game,” he thought.

Ji Ruo continued, “This sword skill doesn’t have any specific moves.
The main focus is ‘listening to the wind to determine position’ and ‘prediction’.
Class president, you should have no problems with your listening.
The main thing is to predict.”

He went on, “During a battle, you need to make a quick judgment of the situation and determine the order of the ‘flying objects’ through ‘listening to the wind.’ At that time, your sword moves will produce a unique rhythm, or rather, a rhythm.
At that time, you can be considered to have mastered this sword technique.”

Li Nannan could not help but frown as she listened.

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