Chapter 24

Li Nannan recalled the sword stance displayed by Ji Ruo when he fended off the last stone that changed direction and shattered.
Suddenly, a strange feeling welled up in her heart.

She suddenly mused, “It was as if the stones had hit Ji Ruo’s sword on their own.
Ji Ruo’s sword moves was light and swift, and the first to strike.
It was precise and elegant.”

She felt that it was absurd and continued thinking, “I’m a pulsing realm martial artist, and yet I’m rendered speechless by a college entrance examination student.”

Moreover, Ji Ruo’s sword technique did not release any sword energy.
He was just using his exquisite sword moves.
In other words, Ji Ruo’s sword technique was only at the beginner level.

Zhang Quan and Liu Neng, who were behind her, also felt the same way.

They also wanted to learn, but they felt too embarrassed.

Li Nannan pursed her lips and suddenly asked, “Student Ji Ruo, this sword art… Where did you learn it from?”

“Where did I learn it? Teacher, I created this sword technique myself.” Ji Ruo chuckled.

“You self-created it?” Li Nannan was shocked again.

“Teacher.” Liang Shixian said hurriedly, “This sword technique was indeed created by Ji Ruo himself.
He’s very talented!”

The class president was also thinking of Ji Ruo’s circumstances.

Ji Ruo was an orphan, so he did not have as many resources as a normal student.
However, if Ji Ruo could be favored by the martial artist who was on the examination team, and even be taught some martial arts, it would be a good thing for him.

If that were the case, not only would Liang Shixian not be jealous, but he would also be happy for Ji Ruo from the bottom of his heart.

If Ji Ruo knew Liang Shixian’s thoughts, he would definitely be impressed.
Liang Shixian was the most responsible class monitor he had ever met.

“This isn’t talent.
You’re a genius…” Li Nannan stammered.

“It’s nothing.” Ji Ruo chuckled.

Li Nannan couldn’t help but ask, “Ji Ruo, can you tell me how you created this sword art? It’s no exaggeration to say that this sword technique is the most exquisite sword technique I have ever seen for Martial Apprentice.
It’s hard to imagine that a high school student created this.”

The process of creating a martial arts technique was a secret.
Li Nannan regretted it as soon as she finished her sentence.
She added, “Of course, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.
I won’t force you.”

Ji Ruo pretended to be embarrassed and scratched his head.
He had already expected that someone would ask him similar questions in the future, so he had already prepared the answer.

“It’s not really a secret.” Ji Ruo explained, “When I was young, there was a date tree in front of my house.
Every autumn, when the date tree was ripe, my father would take me to climb the tree to pick the dates.”

He continued, “Sometimes, my dad would kick the date tree a few times and then collect all the dates that fell off with his body technique.
Occasionally, my dad would make fun of me and let me get hit by the falling dates, while he would stand aside and laugh.”

Ji Ruo did not lie, there was indeed such a scene in the original host’s memory.

There was indeed a date tree outside previous home.
However, after Ji Ruo’s parents died in battle, the young Ji Ruo could not live on his own, so he was sent to a welfare home by the education division.
After Ji Ruo entered high school, they gave him a new house.

Liang Shixian knew the inside story and felt slightly worried.
“Ji Ruo…” he said.

Ji Ruo shook his head slightly, “Don’t worry, class president.
I’m fine.”

Ji Ruo continued, “In short, my sword technique was created at that time.
In order to avoid falling dates, I discovered some patterns after much observation.
Later, I went to the welfare home.
Because I was weak at that time, I was bullied by some mean children.
My memories was deepened by their help when they throw stones at me sometimes.

With that, he said, “Thus, I concluded and perfected it bit by bit.
Finally, I formed this sword technique.
I call it Solitude Nine Swords broken arrow form.”

Li Nannan was stunned.
She said apologetically, “I’m sorry.
I didn’t know…”

She knew very well what ‘went to the welfare home’ and ‘bullied by some mean children’ meant.

Ji Ruo was an orphan.

“It’s fine, teacher.” Ji Ruo grinned.
“It’s all in the past, isn’t it? People always have to look forward.
We can’t always live in the past.”

Li Nannan was embarrassed that she accidentally exposed the student’s wound.
The atmosphere grew awkward.

Seeing this, Liang Shixian pondered for a while and changed the topic.
“Solitude Nine Swords? In other words, there are eight other similar sword moves?”

“Not yet.”

“Then why…” Li Nannan was confused.

“Teacher, don’t you think the name ‘Solitude Nine Swords’ sounds cool?” Ji Ruo said with a smile.

Li Nannan was rendered speechless.

She cleared her throat.
Deep down, she was marveling at Ji Ruo’s talent.
However, Li Nannan also felt that it was even more commendable that Ji Ruo was able to maintain a sincere heart for martial arts under such circumstances.

She couldn’t help but praise, “Ji Ruo, you are the most outstanding student I have ever seen.
If I had experienced what you have experienced, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to take it.
You are much stronger than me.”

Ji Ruo chuckled and was about to say something, but he suddenly stopped.

[Congratulations for unlocking a special achievement: The first sincere praise from an elder.]

[Reward obtained: Level up *1]

[Upgrade: You can select an unlocked achievement to upgrade its special effects.]

[Current stage: 1/10]

[Remark: Your affirmation and sincere praise is my honor and motivation to become stronger.]

[Remark: I will not let you down!]

Ji Ruo’s smile suddenly stiffened, which stunned Li Nannan and Liang Shixian.

Li Nannan thought she had said something wrong, so she asked carefully, “Student J-Ji Ruo, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

When Ji Ruo came back to his senses, his expression of joy did not seem to be fake.

“No, no.
How could you say something wrong, teacher? You didn’t say anything wrong!”

“Then, Ji Ruo, why did you…”

“I’m overjoyed.
Teacher, please praise me a little more!”


Li Nannan was a little dumbfounded.
This was the first time she had heard such a request.
After all, who would take the initiative and asked to be praised?

However, seeing Ji Ruo’s face full of anticipation, she still said, “Student Ji Ruo, you’re good…”

Unlike Liang Shixian, who always had a physiological toothache, Li Nannan was really having a toothache.
Now that the poison in her body had almost been resolved by her vitality, her previously numb body was gradually recovering.
She had lost two teeth and the anesthetic effect had worn off.
Certainly, she felt the pain.

Moreover, the sympathy and admiration that had just risen in her heart suddenly disappeared because of Ji Ruo’s actions.

Hearing this, Ji Ruo was a little disappointed.

The progress of his current achievement did not increase.

He did not know if it was because he was not sincere, or because one elder could only bring him a little progress.

“Thank you, teacher,” Ji Ruo said disinterestedly.

Li Nannan was even more confused.

“What’s wrong with this child? Why did he suddenly become dispirited?” she wondered.

She could not figure it out.

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